100 thoughts on “Chris Cuomo to John Yoo: How is that espionage?”

  • Hmmm… I think I smell BULLSHIT!! Yoo looks like he was quickly trying to come up with excuses in his head while blabbering a so called explanation, back tracking on what he spewed out on FOX-COVERUP-FOR#45-NEWS!! Nice try with your your "180 tactic"!! YOU SO SMART!!… NOT!!… NEXT!!!

  • It is part of Vindman's job description to advise foreign governments as part of implementing US policy, you dumb f**ks.

  • Something needs to be done to hold Fox News accountable for lies and manipulation of those who have hurt others and committed crimes because of their false reporting.

  • Jeffrey Ferguson says:

    Pradel confuses f*** right now don't know what to say didn't know what to think you figured this is going to be just another one of his yuppies Bound by his every whim thinking that this guy was on his side turns out he's neutral Fredo don't know how to f**** handle that s*** like when he has to take a dump what is chewing bubble gum and you just can't figure out how to do both dumb ignorant bastard oh well by their ratings he ain't got a job much longer anyway nor is anybody in their right mind even going to ever pick him up he might might have a slight chance I'm getting some small part it is local news station from where he was born running down stories for the big dog cuz he ain't going to be the big dog no more all because you just can't tell the damn truth I hate to see the country doing so well under President Trump you know what they used to call people like that a traitor you know the guys who got the black hoods put over their head before they were shot in the forehead lucky for Fredo we're not quite as barbaric as that anymore but you better quit pushing his luck just an ignorant fool

  • JustWasted3HoursHere says:

    I wish Chris would get Gregg Phillips back on there and get an update. Gregg was the guy who originally made the claim that "3 to 5 million people voted illegally in the 2016 election" (that Trump then ran with as though it were proven). He was on Chris' show a few years ago and, when pressed, said that he and his team would have the evidence "within a few months". That was over 2 years ago. What happened to that supposed evidence?

    By the way, I find it an interesting coincidence that the number of people who supposedly voted illegally in the 2016 – Trump says they voted for "The other side" (Hillary) – is about the same number of people that voted for Hillary OVER Trump. It's obvious these guys just pulled this one out of their ass to justify the embarrassing truth that MORE people voted for Hillary than Trump, and this has been Trump's obsession ever since.

  • Las Vegas Free Press says:

    I know you think you understand what you thought I said but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
    -Alan Greenspan

  • Peter Newbranch says:

    Respect to John Yoo. However, fox & cnn should be shut down! Now CNN & Fox are trying to use John Yoo in their fake news proxy war!

  • Peter Newbranch says:

    CNN is not reporting that Ukraine is in a proxy war against Russia. To spot fake news, look at what they are NOT reporting!

  • It's hard to believe that this idiot John Yoo is a law professor!
    The realization that morons like this are teaching our lawyers of tomorrow is downright depressing!
    It's bad enough that he shows his ignorance on FOX, but then he makes matters worse by reaffirming his stupidity on CNN to Chris Cuomo and the world!

  • The Republicans was the ones that changed the rules in 2015 for closed doors investigations! Quit whining you have representation on the committees, unlike the Democrats had when the Republican's had majority. The constitution says that the majority House has all authority for impeachment! Try to defend the President when he's done wrong,if you choose; but quit trying to stop the constitutional process. You wanted an open process,now that isn't good enough for you either. The citizens of the United States want our government to uphold the rules of the constitution and the rule of law. No one is above the law, including our President!

  • Yoo, you, or maybe that should be yoyo, are just another spinning plastic toy of tRump's. You just can't clean up your BS by pretending you didn't know what she was talking about. I didn't know doesn't cut it any more.

  • Broadcasting the president's phone calls without permission is called spying and working against the state , I don't know what they pretend that it's called .

  • Giuliani is definitely guilty of violating the Logan Act, namely conducting US diplomatic business as a US Citizen. A President's private lawyer is neither elected nor appointed by any type of government agency, let alone vetted to have access to the sensitive information necessary for the job. This lawyer definitely needs to lawyer up – while praying for one of Trump’s preemptive Presidential pardons.

  • Jesus Christ! Chill out Cuomo and let the man backpedal in peace. He already seems afraid of you, no need to hammer him while he’s trying to get his very believable story together.

  • You and Dershowit. A fine pair to talk about a Career veteran. Dershowitz had a massage from a young girl without removing his pants. That's all you got Laura?

  • Yoo, like many other republican politicians, are intimidated by their party and Trumps into going along with their Zombie follower crap. Someone there needs to grow a pair and end the circus.

  • CNN bullshit , Cuomo is a pseudo thug this is so transparent its sad and laughable … CNN you are the enemy of the people …

  • Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was born Aleksandr Semenovich Vindman in Kiev, Ukraine in 1975 which was at that time the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic of the Soviet Union. Ever hear of something in the world of espionage called a MOLE?

  • So you want to eat out at Gloria Ingram, but at the same time you want to give Chris Como a blowjob.. dude you can't do both pick a side

  • Backpedaling a tad. Libtards hardly do that at all. Lmao. You libtards do like to point the finger and gloss over shit you did yesterday. Hey dipshit. The sleazy ass Bidens should be investigated.

  • "I tawt I taw a puddy tat!", "I did! I did taw a puddy tat!" Sounds Like John Yoo is star struck by Laura Ingram, She made me say it!


  • John Yoo has never looked so bewildered in his life. He is used to being this quiet somber brainiac who is known as someone who will give factual responses to anything and everything. But here he has been shook and is just trying to get out of there intact. WHAT A JOKE, THATS WHY THEIR CHANNEL IS DISINTEGRATING BEFORE OUR EYES.

  • Cuomo is a sorry ass and a CNN cook suckers, The ex Vice president have use is position to push is son in a corrupted position and he declared in national television but CNN is worry about Trump try to expose how corrupted Biden is and was, if the democrat are going back in power WE ARE FUckt

  • I, have never had an affair with a married man. because l think that is so wrong. nothing good will never come out of it. a married man will never leave his wife. for hardly anyone. l have been single all my life
    but l have children. l started to marry one time but l ended up having cold feet.b y the way l really want trump to be impeached, because he is a horrible person. he stole the election. l have never called him president trump , like everyone else
    has. l am die hard Democrat.

  • l Google you coumo you have pretty family. your wife is a nice looking woman. you have it all in her , she is a Christian woman.. that's cute y'all have twin names
    Chris and Cristina, stay home be faithful to your wife, beautiful children be a good father don't mess it up
    these women out here will break up your happy home. because in the end of the day your wife is gonna be there for you.l hear good things about her. please don't blow it.stay with your wife.she your best bet.

  • asha rangappa you waiting coumo to leave his wife, but he ain't gonna do it. his wife is awesome. she have a real good name. you just wishing for something that's never gonna happen. rumours going on about you and coumo. ask God to forgive you.. and just let him go face it he married.l don't mean no harm by saying this.

  • Do many of the legal people in the USA buy their degrees from Walmart? There seem to be a lot of them who have no idea about the law.

  • John Yoo got a lot of complaints and his job was on the line, so now he changed his tunes, he is another GOP, the only thing he is most consistent about is the love of money, truth does not matter.

  • This guy Yoo is a former DOJ Lawyer, but to me it sounds like he doesnt know what the hell he's talking about. Everything is uh, uh. He sounds like he was listening to Laura Ingraham without looking at the info himself and trying to make a judgement about what was going on. Problem is Ingraham was trying to assinate the character of the Lt.Colonel, and that's why he had to apologize. It was obvious he didnt know the facts of the case. And Guiliani is an Achilles heel to the Prrsident. Yet despite all of this some voters are still stuck in the 2016 election debates. This stuff that Trump is doing is not helping anyone but himself. Yet we keep hearing about rallies where Folks are cheering and what not. It's just absurd!!!!

  • Freido sounds like a friggin idiot! Fox destroys his show in ratings and he comes off as some winery little kid in the back of the class that desperately needs attention or in his case…viewers! The biggest CNN tool award goes to……… Freido Cuomo!! Congrats puppet!!

  • BenNuttinYahoosreel says:

    Project Veritas exposes sexual harassment cover up at CNN. Also, #epsteindidntkillhimself

  • Somebody get this narcissist "Cuomo" a bigger mirror – he's a talking head that puppets whatever is provided in his earpiece. I remember when he wasn't scripted on GMA – what a buffoon.

  • Vinman probably shouldn't have revealed WH conversations to the whistleblower. That is both a leak and a felony, of which he was certainly aware. If he was concerned he should have gone through legal channels and not committed a crime instead

  • No such thing as 'A good person' who defends or supports Dennison, oops, Adolf Trump, oops, Rick Perry's buddy Donald Hitler.

  • First, one day Joe denied knowing about Hunter's business on trip. On another day Joe said they never talked about it at all. Then on another day Joe comes clean with truth and says "I hope you know what you're doing" to Hunter on that trip. THEN a picture shows up on FOX News showing Joe, Hunter, and the Ukraine Energy guy golfing! So Joe has lied a couple times about it so far. If you don't think there's more going on then you're nuts – nuts I tell ya. You just wait until it comes that there was corrupt stuff with Joe soon. Then you'll throw your hands up in the air and feel stupid.

  • Is it me or does John Yoo say what is convenient at the time? He is either lying, really confused or weak. He is NOT being clear here with Chris Cuomo. I wish that Chris would have had Mr. Yoo state clearly and without interruption, what he REALLY & TRULY feels and then send that 'official' statement to Laura Ingrahitler @ FOX and see if he sings a different tune to her. I just don't feel authenticity from Mr. Yoo during his interview with Chris Cuomo.

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