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Chinna Pilla | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

‘Viewers of Wirally, please find and hit
the bell and never miss any notification from us.’ ‘Hurry up!
Do you think they did hit the bell?’ Bujji, take your legs off me!
And we’ve to share this blanket. Sujji and Bujji, wake up!
You know what the time is? You didn’t have to wake us up just to ask the time.
– Stop being sarcastic and get up. This is because you yelled at me1
– Cut it! Why in the world did you put your leg on me? Didn’t you both hear me?
– Yeah, coming. You’re still asleep? Get up!
– How cunning! He is still sleeping. Mom, brother is still sleeping?
– A few good kicks and he’ll be up. Get up! I said get up!
– I just landed for poaching. Don’t disturb. I thought you’re asleep. You’re playing PubG all night?
– Don’t kick me! – Why are you both yelling? Mom, she isn’t letting me sleep even on Sundays.
– Didn’t you say he’ll wake up if I kick him? And he was playing PubG all night.
– Is it? – Of course, not. Check his phone.
– My phone got switched off last night and still she kicked me! She is a kid. Let her be.
– What? She is a kid? Stop it you both.
Come on out and have breakfast. Mom, I’m going out to a party.
– Alright. Take her with you. – Why? She’ll get bored at home. Take her too.
– She’ll take hours to get ready. – I’m ready. How did you get ready in such short notice?
– I knew mom would ask you to take me aswell. Whose top is it?
– Yours. We’re getting late for the party. Let’s go. But on one condition. At the party, behave.
– Sure. Will there be karaoke? – I don’t know! Sister, I need your laptop.
– You won’t be getting it. Get lost. Tell her, mom.
– Why would a kid like you need a laptop anyway? I’m a kid to you, not to my professors.
I should finish my project. Lend her your laptop.
– Fine, it is in my cupboard. – And the password? Password.
– Yeah, what is the password? – Password is password. She doesn’t look like she is working on project.
What are you doing, Bujji? – W-Working on my project. What about?
– Modulation of sound. – Very apt, isn’t it? W-Well, sister, since it is Sunday..
I thought a little bit of entertainment is good. Oh, I see. Wait, I’ll call mom.
Mom! You know what your kid is upto?
– She is finishing the project like she said. And why are you bothering her?
– She is binge watching serials! Let her be. She is a kid.
– A kid? Served you right!
Take back your stupid laptop. Yes?
– I’m done with my errands. Come pick me up. Wait for 30 minutes, will you?
– I’m feeling weak already. I’ll take a cab instead. Cab! Don’t do that.
– It is just a cab. – She’ll never pay heed. Share with me your live location and also send
the cab details. Right away. – Alright. Your sister? – Yeah.
– What does she do? – She is in 1st year of B.Tech. She is in 1st year of B.Tech, you needn’t be scared.
– Yeah, but to us, she is still a kid. Why didn’t she send the details yet? Don’t go to the schools. Schools have holidays now.
– Brother, brother.. Hell with your pronunciation. Try getting it right.
– Who cares about pronunciation? Whatever! What is it you want?
– I want to have an ice cream. Shall we go? I’m too busy to step out. Let’s place an order online.
– Fine, place the order then. What do you want?
– Chocolate! – Ask mom and sister what they want. Mom, brother is placing ice cream order. What anything?
– No, I’m good. Won’t you ask your sister?
– Forgot about her. Sister! What an ice cream?
– What is it you’re ordering? – Just answer the question. Get me strawberry. Hey, give me my phone back!
– Wait! The order hasn’t been delivered yet! Ma’am, here is your order.
Ma’am, could I get a 5 star rating? You’re late and still you want a 5 star rating?
– I’m only a little late. – A little? Do you have any idea? Do you even know when I placed the order?
You’re late by 15 minutes. Please, don’t mind her. She still is a kid.
– No problem, ma’am. – You get in. Hello? Yeah, bro. I’ll be right there.
– It is your turn. You missed your turn.
– Where did my ice cream go? It is ice cream, it must’ve melted by now.
– Or it must’ve been eaten by you. How did he find out?
– Wipe your mouth clean. – You dumbo! Bujji, I need a small favour.
– Well, I’m a dumbo. Why would a guy doing PG take my help?
– She took it to her heart. – What is it? I need some money.
– Why would a kid like me have money? Well, the money I gave you on Rakhi?
– You want the Rakhi money back from me? Not all of it! You can keep Rs. 500.
Just, give me Rs. 1500. Why do you need it anyway?
– W-Well, my friend wants it. I mean, there is a college tour..
– Is it? I need it to apply for the supplementary exams.
– Fine. Clear the paper atleast this time and make me proud. Didn’t I tell you never to use my lipstick?
– You used mine that day when you went out with your boyfriend. Don’t yell! Mom would hear you.
– I know. – You aren’t a kid, you’re a demon. Mom, since it is time for holidays,
let’s go for a trip to Ooty. You rather focus on your studies.
– Mom, who studies during holidays? Tell her, sister.
– Let’s go mom. – So, you got her support? Still, no. It’s been long since we all went out somewhere. Let’s go.
– Please! Well, if you three want to go,
who am I to say no? Where do we go? Let’s go to Ooty?
– You don’t get to decide. You’re still a kid. I’m last born, not a just born. So, guys..
– Not you. You’re still a kid. If you liked this video.. Do let us know in the comments.
– Am I not a kid? – You can say now. Like, share and subscribe to Wirally!


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