CHINESE newspaper “breeze” 9 US weapons in THE SOUTH CHINA SEA response (PART 1 )

CHINESE newspaper “breeze” 9 US weapons in THE SOUTH CHINA SEA response (PART 1 )

Sina propaganda about “Logic hegemony” of
the United States in the South China Sea. Chinese website Sina February 17 has an article
that the current propaganda for the ruling team of the New President Donald Trump is
a “hawkish team” completely, including Defense Secretary James Mattis and Try Top issues
Stephen K. Bannon White House. James Mattis his attitude was evident during
a visit to Japan, and the intention of President Donald Trump showed more direct when meeting
with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe February 10. Meanwhile, Donald Trump declared, the United
States focused the entire military strength including conventional weapons and nuclear
weapons to protect Japan, this commitment “does not change”. So, Donald Trump has abandoned the policy
of “ambiguity”, reflected the attitude confront China militarily. These modern weapons and
equipment of the new high-tech US is gearing up around China. The armament includes: short-wave X radar
deployed in the Korean peninsula; early warning aircraft E-2D Advanced Hawkeye bases deployed
in Iwakuni, Japan; 16 stealth fighter F-35B has been and will be deployed in Iwakuni base;
deploying fighters fifth generation F-22 the most advanced in Kadena Air Base and Okinawa,
Japan; considering deploying new stealth destroyer Zumwalt in Jeju region. Analysts have said that the US administration
of President Donald Trump might actually want to focus resources on responding to the challenges
from China – including territorial claims absurd, illegal in South China Sea , activities
in the East China sea and the construction of rapid modernization of the Chinese Navy. US forces continued to perform combat doctrine
“maneuver and engagement in international waters around the globe,” a theory developed
on the basis of “no unification warfare, navy”. The US government identified the front SCS
is an “international waters of the world” to implement this doctrine. In the future,
the challenge of China’s first action is the freedom of movement of the US Army. According to Sina, the US real intention is
to continue to continue to use the South China Sea to contain China, including intervention
in the Paracel Islands region (under the sovereignty of Vietnam, being China occupation) – a very
important region for China in the South China Sea. According to Sina, in fact, only the internationalization
of the South China Sea issue, the United States has no reason to intervene often. Behind this
“hegemonic logic” of America. According to the strategic US national security, the US
will continue to help countries to operate in international waters around the globe,
promoting security and ensuring long-term use of resources in international waters. Under the leadership of new boss Donald Trump
White House, the US can continue large-scale rearmament, as during President Ronald Reagan.
In addition, the US will seek the benefits based on the strength, such Japan has vowed
to “contribute” to the US $ 150 billion to US security guarantees for Japan. The natural resources and strategic location
of the South China Sea will surely be a special US concern. Intervene in the South China Sea
has become an important step in major US chessboard.


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