22 thoughts on “China's hidden camps – BBC News”

  • It's ironic and hypocritical Muslims are crying when China's using the same techniques they do with Jihad and how they treat Christians and Jews throughout the Islamic world.

  • Well the uk and Germany and New Zealand get bring them to their country Muslim are free to practice their ideology because the Quran is not a religion they have a warped ideology

  • Raisha Hasan says:

    It's reminding me of Aushwitz 😓.. May Allah protects Muslims,Hindu, Christians, Jewish, Sikhs and everyone all over the world… May Allah protect the humanity from the Evils 😓😓😓😓😓

  • China just seems shady as fuck , i wish them all the best if this is what is happening was nothing learned from WW2 goddamn this is real news MAKE IT KNOWN

  • How horrible it is!!! England please save these poor people! Open your gate to these refugees as Germans did. If you want, we Chinese will raise money to send all those so called "freedom-fighters" to England.

  • Patrick Zhang says:

    These compulsory reeducation camps gone up very quickly in number in the past few years in satellite images? Very heavy police presence in the region? Perfectly understandable. Radical Islamic attacks flared up globally in the past few years. The Chinese government is clearly determined not to let incidents like the July 5, 2009 Roit recur. And I sympathize with the goverment position. Not even a major suicide bombing or mass shooting incident is allowed to re-occur. What was commonly behind these violent attacks globally? Radicalized Islamic teaching. To counter radical teaching, you use reeducation or thought control if you would like to call it that. And it has to be compulsory, so at least the government believes.

    As for heightened police presence, I don't think they have much of a choice if they are determined not to let another incident occur. If you begin to wear a veil where previously you never did, I think the government has a legitimate reason to believe which direction you are going.

  • 1:47 is this Chinese note for real?😂😂omg I used to think such "chinese" can only appear in Western movies like <Arrival>
    our expectations are low but holy fuck😅

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