24 thoughts on “China Watch: 'Never telling the whole truth' | ABC News”

  • Thanks ABC, I didn't even know about CGTN until I watched your report. Any alternatives to the western media narratives is refreshing!

  • When your source of information is narrowed to a single outlet, particularly sponsored by a communist state, be careful. As a Chinese tax payer I object to the practice of wasting our money, hiring foreigners and yet servicing foreigners.

  • Be careful, the 50 Cent Party, or 50 Cent Army, hired by Chinese authorities in an attempt to manipulate public opinion to the benefit of the Chinese Communist Party.

  • ABC is fake news.
    It has become a chat show network broadcasting twisted opinion rather that facts and simply omitting stories that they don't want us to know. Israel'Palestine slaughters.
    Yemen-Saudi slaughters with our assistance continues. Our blind support for the Apartheid terrorist state of IsraHell that you refuse to publish anything negative about this Zionist state.
    All the Journalists have left so what we are left with are stenographers writing what they are told.
    The Muller Report concluded NO Collusion, No Interference . The whole thing started with Downer.
    Why was he and Australia spying on a US Presidential candidate?
    Why was the 5Eyes spying network used to do this?
    What did the politicians that recently resigned from the Libs all have in common? .
    Why Did the Government give $25,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation at Downers insistence considering the foundation is connected to Paedophilia, sex trafficking, human trafficking, pay to play scams.? Eventually being $88,000,000 in total.

    Why is this being suppressed.
    The Obama admin was involved in this illegal spying and faces jail time for this but you are silent on these facts..
    The "Steele Doceir" was paid for by Hillary Clinton but ABC you tell us nothing of this.
    The false story that Russia hacked the DNC and gave Doc's to Wikileaks was false and you know that. The FBI operatives have stated this countless times and that the files got to Wikileaks on a thumb drive but you ABC continue to scream Russia, Russia.
    The top people in the FBI, DoJ, Cia are all facing jail time and so is Obama and Clinton along with hundreds, perhaps thousands of officials but ABC, you remain silent.
    Now with China's 5G company being banned in Australia, it was not that it could be used for spying rather than it could NOT be used for spying from the US but you ABC just covered that up.
    At Xmas you published more BS about China stating that Xmas was banned and there were no celebrations there but I was passing through there at that time and Xmas decorations were everywhere. So ABC why are you telling lies???
    You are in breech of the ABC Charter in place to protect Australians from this continual propaganda stream of BS from the Government.
    ABC, you are corrupt to the back teeth with a pro Zionist agenda. ALL your departmental Heads must be sacked specially the Heads in the News area. They should be also charged with offences related to the Act that covers the ABC for knowingly publishing false information with a goal of changing public opinion that is detrimental to our safety as a Nation.

  • When "western media" is busy reporting craziness of Trump , which on daily basis proof to the world what role has the western media been playing in focusing on catchy headlines while creating "world leader" like Trump.
    So, why the double standard and the bitterness?

  • Please do Not spread rumours ABC. What is your real purpose of defaming China? Do you tell the truths? God is watching you. Shit

  • CGTV and CCTV are completely controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. You will never hear anything critical of the CCP. Communism has murdered or starved to death 100 million people. There is no moral imperative or ethics with communism.

  • Communism has no moral imperative or ethics. Xi lied in the White House rose garden in 2015 about not militarizing the illegal SCS islands.

  • RT and CCTV were good news channels for years. Now, both are worthless. Even PBS is now controlled. CNN and MSNBC are both just propaganda channels now.

  • I don't trust any media except the financial times. Those guys wouldn't get away with lying to their readership. I've listened to German, French, Israeli, America, Chinese and Russian broadcasters and the only one I can tolerate for any length of time is RT. Though they annoy me periodically too. But Western media is the worst. I've caught them out in repeated lies for years. Why would CGTN be any different?

  • anythgofnthg says:

    4:02 "he made it clear what a voice from the Chinese perspective would be, 'All the work of the party's media, must reflect the party's will, safeguard the party's authority, and safeguard the party's unity. They must love the party. Protect the party. And closely align themselves with the party leadership in THOUGHT, politics and action'." The number of comments below saying things like, "well yeah ABC does this…why is CGTN so bad?" is just disturbing to the core. CGTN is waay more extreme than ABC. Don't kid yourself. Not trying to justify ABC's style of reporting, but at least they don't have an openly stated mandate to work on behalf of power. At least they have competitors. What disgusting sheep there are in this comment section.

  • Regarding Government, the world is full of demons, not one fully respects individual rights as envisioned by the USA founding fathers! However, let me point out this: using the natural number line analogy, China has moved fractions of the unit toward the ideal of the Constitutional Republic based on the rights of the individual (hence its spectacular economic development), while the USA has moved whole units away from that ideal (hence its economic and social and political decline). Which of those two Governments is bigger on a per-capita basis? Divide the american budget by its population and do the same with China…See!!!

  • When did ABC report Bush and Blair was lying to the world about Iraq not having weapons of mass destruction.
    When did ABC report USA has 2 wmd?
    So much for ABC's credibility.

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