China needs to be held accountable for what it did: Retired Army general


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  • Funny that, Do you guys really want the sick crews of CVN Roosevelt and CVN Reagan into the combat station?
    If you really want that, I don't mind the young pilots with broken lungs which are full fill by the sputum are launched from the deck.
    The pilots, soldier, crews and sailors have the right to be healthy before they are dropped into the hot zone.
    Chairman Mao is laughing at you.

  • Didn’t china help the world by the corona? Because we have less pollution and less people which helps us from over population. So China is a bad country.

  • James Petrycia says:

    WE have to put 50% tariff on Chinese Company and 100% on china military companies in with agreement with EU.
    I hope British learned a lesson buying from Hawaii.

  • China owes the world. China, you hear? You owe big time. You have cut deep on this for real. And people who kisses China? People think about this really think about this > ?☣

    China did this with out Bombs and Bullets. It's just that they didn't think it would get out of control? You think ? Or they Vuced up? Either way They Vuced up Big ! They owe Big !

  • Said it before ,this virus sure looks engineered by the ccp to take over the world and steel anything they want …oh! because we helped the world..says china …go pound sand . "The Eagle Bows Down For No Man Or Country"

  • Paul Hetherington says:

    You need, and tel, the truth– dumbasses– under laws. China uses no: decimals or fractions = viruses. And they, made, anti malaria– pills– I used, in service. FRAUDULENT GENERAL

  • diane reynolds says:

    Why is it that until a serious crisis we always deal with it at the time. It's no different then to give millions if not billions to other counties that HATE America and then the day comes they'll use it against USA. We give China the power to control our pharmaceutical drugs and our wellbeing smack in their hands and the USA is totally blindsided. If there's ever a wake up call this is it. Just look and realize what China has done to our fellow Americans and our economy. Geez!

  • sometimes notu says:

    Its all part of China's leaders diabolical plot. China caused more spreading of this virus by lying. China cannot be trusted. All countries should now owe China zero $ as just the very beginning of removing China's leaders.

  • CVN Roosevelt and Reagan will form as the Pneumonia Strike Group (PSG) with over 20000 pieces broken lungs to spread the deadly virus over the sea.

  • ICC(International criminal court) should charge CCP of communist china with crimes on humanity,genocide for what they did to their own people and the world.

  • The best thing we could do for China is BOYCOTT THE F! OUT OF EM TILL THEY GET A REAL GOVERNMENT. That is what would benefit China most of all.

  • China has a mall store that is called MAKE, where anyone can come in and find all the parts to make any of our products. They can assemble an APPLE iPhone and put their name on it and sell it because they don’t waste time with a patent. They call it sharing but said America calls it stealing. Sue the bastards. Grabbing people’s possessions and calling it sharing is sick

  • Yong Yew Kuan Andy says:

    Huh yeah make China 3rd world again!! Ehh 3rd world country enjoys better exception in WTO!! Please make it 3rd world so they can have more benefit by not being a developing country! Does anyone know what they are asking for? ? ???

  • Constitutionalist says:

    Why did Xi turn the freighter ship around that was bringing masks to the U.S.? No worries, this won't get by Trump! MAGA TRUMP 2020!

  • Josephine Chandler says:

    The nerve of China , country’s doing business with China America should impose strict sanctions like America did with Iranian government.

  • I can see stockpiling medical supplies, but how do you stockpile vaccines and medicines for a virus that you are unfamiliar with?
    How can we have any faith in China's numbers if the test kits their exporting have a 70% failure rate?? As if those numbers could be believed at all.

  • it start in 1993 with sera virus that was in china had outbreak and didn't make it very far.Reason why it could only live 3 hour on the surface and now it can live up to 48 hours.This why i think it was modified. China hire in 2011 Charles Lieber from Harvard college as a nano tech for 50k month and other 150k for living expense. than $1.5 million by the Chinese government and the Wuhan University of Technology to set up a lab and conduct research at the university.i think he help china make coronavirus. But what people don't understand what nano technology is? what nano technology can do is replicated things.

    this is how nano works 1 nano then 2 nano then 4,8,12 so on

    like me putting a drop water on 4 foot table coming back in 3 hours and whole table be full of water.That why this virus spreading like wild fire. Charles Lieber was investigate by FBI and was convict jan 2020 for lying to are government what he did for china.All what i wrote can be look up on google

    could save life of people around the world. People ask why china did it? To crash world market and take over it.Image what they can do with control of the world market.And they can take control of world companies.

  • So China gave us the Virus, then Russia and The Saudi flood the country with cheap oil that crashed our stock market, China is cured and back to work and Russia and the Saudi only have a few cases of the virus, sounds like this was planned.

  • Here we go again media hack throwing inuendo into the question. Dont get me wrong thought girl was leading the conversation.

  • Yong Yew Kuan Andy says:

    Ohh. Make it cheap also. If can make it affordable for all then Americans do not need to cross over to Canada to get it ..

  • Funny thing is many Americans thinks China is the enemy ? what we all forgot to do is look in our own backyard and see who really the enemy of the country really is!

  • Computer Simulated Atomic Coded Reality says:

    somebody tell this moron general that their covic 19 is almost under control and ours has just started and our statistics already look much worse.

  • Yong Yew Kuan Andy says:

    So much nonsense all amounts to….???.. DDDUuuHhhh ZERO??.. That's why Fox Business News is the downfall of CAPITALISM… ???

  • Their test kit don't work because they had not stole the blueprints from America as yet.
    Now they will try to buy up all the businesses, houses and farms that will go cheap in the West. Stop all investments from China before it is too late.

  • China is allies of Iran, Trump kills Iran’s too general, Weeks later a virus that is not living is born in China? If it’s not a living virus, ITS MAN MADE

  • Might be surprised to hear me say this

    As I said to steven crowder I say to this:

    I like it

    America First

    Im being serious

    My unique situation is an outlier to what I believe global policy should be. Honest

  • Donald Trump when this whole pandemic is over you need to put the hammer down on China and figure out what caused all this and have them pay for all the damages they have done to 150 countries. China needs to be held responsible for this devastation.

  • Calling it the "China Virus" is so called racist, But the virus needs to be forever linked with the incompetence of the people that let it escape

  • Yong Yew Kuan Andy says:

    Just bail out all those that needs bail out, nationalize them and this will allow all Americans to have a share of its own Economy. That's what Andrew Yang is talking about. Hahaha. Why no one gets it??!

  • Have the Amour of Yashuah? says:

    bottom line, China is so envious of America and the American people that they do everything to try to copy us. the only thing is they will never be Americans because they don't know what the love of this country is they only do what they are told

  • “it’s so amazing to me how dictatorships are so inefficient yet they always want praise” could that be any more ironic. I think he’s trolling you guys.

  • Meg Random site says:

    China hates their own people so tell me why in the world wouldn't they hate, loathe despise any body else in other countries. Are governments especially USA seriously that naive? Never ever trust China. I'm shocked at the ignorance.

  • Day that Fallows says:

    Americas CEOs needs to be thrown in jails or deported with their families for sending manufacturing to China…and for the sake of jobs stop buying at Amazon..

  • Hold China accountable huh? Yea? So after we try and they just up & tell us to go "Ruck" ourselves. Then what? Go to war with them?

  • Master Chief 00117 says:

    80% of the Medical Supplies the CCP sent out. Are being returned. As they don't even meet the Minimum Standards. I would not buy anything they produce. If my life depended on it.

    Go watch China In Focus.. They tell you the real truth. As the CCP hires "Little Pink Trolls Youth". To spread disinformation..

  • Throw out China from UN Security Council. No Democracy. No Transparency. No Opposition Party. Just Communist Propaganda.

  • Go army !!! We should make it in Amirecan he is Aslouly right. About it all?? i love how he did given in to her stupid question

  • UltimateBargains says:

    Thank the military for their service to their country, and thank all of the medical professionals for their service to humanity.

  • Looks like Trump's initiatives are working his administration has over a 1000 investigations into Chinese spying ratchet up the pressure even more Trump 2020

  • IMO China did this to hurt our economy. They knew this would devastate corporate America. This was planned and calculated attack.

  • Our Military know that China is responsible. They do need to be held accountable for their bio weapon leak….if it was a leak….and the cover up that followed. This may have been an act of war….and they sacrifice a few thousands of their people….to reck havoc on the world population and economy. They need to be accountable to the all the countries of the world. Where is the comdemnation from the world body the UN ?!???!!???✝️

  • Nevermind China. . . Everyone should file a massive lawsuit against trump & the government for allowing this outbreak to happen here in the U.S. to begin with.
    During the 2020 New year in January, NOBODY was WARNED ahead of time when this outbreak came about.

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