Child Internet Safety PSA - Online Predators

Child Internet Safety PSA – Online Predators

meeting a teen girl online is actually pretty easy you can go into any chatroom and just start talking most of the girls are usually so insecure and desperate for attention from older guys is totally flattering there's so much more mature and understanding the guys my age actually works to my advantage they like to brag to their friends that they're dating an older guy so I just play along and pretend I'm really interested in the same things I am you can talk forever and really get to know someone without worrying about looks or whatever that's the best thing about chatting seems unthreatening to them so they lower their guard after a while I start talking about how we're soul mates and how lucky we are to have found each other if people don't understand I know what I'm doing if you really care about each other there's nothing wrong with meeting them is the goal once I get them out of their house well that's when things get really interesting online predators know what they're doing do you


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