41 thoughts on “Child Friendly advertising”

  • Butterfly Lullaby says:

    Also check out You Tube video John Hemming Forced Adoption for Profit and Secret Courts. And this Panorama video, which shows German Families in fear of S– Education in their schools for good reason:

    Switzerland/Germany. Originators of early sexualization (long version. English)

    Judith Reisman i Tim Tate govore u Hrvatskom saboru

  • Butterfly Lullaby says:

    Please share this video with me. In the UK they are trying to legalize prostitution. 1 in 4 women are already hurt by men. 2 women a week killed. And they think it is ok to glamorize student girls selling their bodies for money and put it in a Lottery Magazine in front of children. The MP said to me "The girls are old enough." This is the sick world we live in. Dr Reisman has just proved our S– Education in Schools was created by an evil man who researched abusing babies and children.

  • This is fucking retarded. Oh; my TV told me not to beat my wife in front of my son so I did not. You guys are fucking kidding yourselves. How stupid do you think people are?

  • WhiteButterflied says:

    Anyone else find it funny that there is a little kid giving the birdie?

    Did they actually show that on TV in Australia?

  • Miriamel Schnee says:

    @welcometothe90s hmm i think we are saying the same thing. I only think that a son wouldn't support his father when he just witnessed the abuse and beat his OWN mother. maybe it's a metaphor for the mirror image that will get active in his own adulthood. do you understand my point?

  • aureliocertified says:

    1:13 OH MY GOD if i were that woman, was my hand the last thing that boy would see in the rest of his life ahahhafhhah AHRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUU!

  • Miriamel Schnee says:

    you know i really like this ad but there's one impossible thing: a son shouting at and beating his mother just because his father does. all men i know that witnessed how their mothers have been assaulted suffered from it and had serious arguments and fights with their fathers at least during adolescence. still, they may have urges to hit their own wives lateron … like my father does…

  • @mikeissocool19 If they would have been left with their father maybe they would have… Now that they are with you I am sure you can teah them better…. And again it is upon each individual… More often than not kids would follow it as they percieve it as normal behaviour…

  • @mikeissocool19 Yes children do have their own mind… But they are influenced by our actions… Their young minds are more easily impressioned by our actions and things they see than by what is taught to them… They absorb a lot more by observing their environment and people in it…

  • @mikeissocool19 Thats the only part I didn't agree with… In case of abusive fathers children tend to become more protective of their mothers… Especially boys…

  • LOS NIÑOS VEN Y HACEN LO QUE HACEMOS LOS ADULTOS…..Alguien quiere mas violencia??!!! mas falta de respeto???

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