Child Care In The UK Versus In Sweden

Child Care In The UK Versus In Sweden

Here are two mothers and
their babies. They have a lot in common, but they have had very different
experiences of maternity. I think that the English model
really does hurt equality. I think that it’s
a hugely inequitable model. In Sweden, parents are given
68 weeks of leave per child, paid at a rate of 80% of your salary, or
with a capped limit of £588 a week. I think the Swedish model is good
because it’s quite equal. It doesn’t matter if you’re
the father or the mother. The cost of nurseries also greatly
differs from the UK to Sweden. Compared to Sweden, the cost for
parents is almost 10 times as high. I suspect that our costs are going
to be around £2,000 a month, and that’s probably
at the very least. I think there’s something
drastically wrong with a system where
a professional woman, like me, is struggling to meet the cost of
everyday childcare. Thanks to a state subsidy, the bill for childcare in Sweden
is greatly reduced. Low-income families pay nothing
while more prosperous families pay a max of £119 a month. I’m astonished that that’s how
little it costs and, to me, that sounds like the government of
Sweden have a lot of respect for families,
a lot of respect for working people. ..It’s important to remember that
everything comes at a cost, and the Swedes pay more in tax. But what do you think?


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  • I live in Sweden and it's an amazing place but I want to live in a country where English is the main language. I can speak Swedish, I was born here. But I lived in the UK for 8 years and English is the language I know most of. I go to an international school so I want to graduate IB and maybe go to like Canada to become a mid wife or child doctor/nurse. That's my dream. I'm 14 years old and I'm scared for the future. I know it's going to be hard. My parents are against me going to IB. But it's what I want no matter how hard it is. If anyone has any advice, it's be greatly appreciated!!😊❤

  • The first mistake people make when watching this type of short documentary is that, there so easily influenced. I mean it took most of the people less than 10 min to go like,, ohhh sweden is so great, and I wanna move there, and everything is just perfect,, Time out people. I am swedish and I can tell you that swedish people are not pissing butterflies,it's no rivers of milk and honey here, and for every plus you see there are many minuses. No country is perfect and you can't establish that after a short documentary.

  • They also pay crazy amount of tax, alcohol, tobacco and everything is super expensive. The government has monopoly over everything and charging extra on everything. Do not despair. UK is the best. Do not compare yourself with developing countries.

  • I'm no economist or what ever but won't longer and higher paid maternity leave lead to less employment for women in the work force?
    Just a curious mind looking for enlightenment.

  • Actually when stats quote Sweden as paying higher tax its completely wrong and misleading. It only counts income tax, it doesnt take into account 'council tax' (swedes dont have this) and High rates of 'road tax' and a 20% VAT, National Insurance contributions, criminally escalating insurance prices (where as swedes car and home insurance is maintained at an affordable low rate) and fruitless pension plans! NO! The UK is one of THE most highly taxed countries in the world! With the poorest welfare system and poorest public services on the 1st world!!!!!!!! It is a grotesque capitalist nation built on the unconscious enslavement of its population.

  • But companies might not want to hire young women if they know they have to pay them for 56 weeks when they can’t work or benefit the company.

  • Indians get fkn 12 weeks. quit complaining. Yes, it’s totally okay to pay more taxes if they country is good. Unlike India where Modi is literally stealing everything from us and leaves ntning behing

  • Denwood Properties says:

    False advertising. The Nordic countries history plays a significant role in family policy. Not saying that's wrong, just the premise being fronted here is false. The reason for the progressive policy occurred because of the need to increase childbirth which affected today's policies. As a Canadian, I enjoy laws , which are consistently moving into a more progressive stance. So bottom line, you things to change, vote for those policies and demand reform.

  • Sure, just ignore how outragely expensive this is for the state. Not only do Swedes pay much higher taxes but their system is creaking under all the immigrants now abusing their system.

  • Genuine question: if you don’t have a job in Sweden, is there some kind of benefit or help where you can receive for the child?

  • The Nordic countries understood what is the third stage of capitalism: consume. If the individual has to spend money on education, healthcare, transport and security, will be less money to spend on goods and thus the economy will be damaged. It's an understanding that individual liberties is not about buying guns or offending anyone with your doxy knowledge; individual liberties means a good quality of collective life, a social fabric that helps each individual to attain it's maximum independently from birth, race or ethnicity.

  • Basically, UK – high tax, low welfare. Sweden – high tax, high welfare. How about no income tax, 30% – 40% higher paychecks and everybody pays for their own life choices. I can manage my own money and don't want to be forced to subsidise other people.

  • In Canada mothers get 12 months of paid maternity leave. Minimum 55% salary up to 100%. It all depends on the job. Mothers and fathers can share the first 35 weeks. unless they’re single dads or a dad in a same-sex relationship, dads cannot take the full 12 months. Only the mom can. Some provinces have 18 month maternity leave. I’m not entirely sure how that works. It’s not available to all mothers. I think it depends on the job??? As for childcare, it ranges from very affordable to very expensive. Depends on where you live. Quebec has the cheapest healthcare.

  • If we had this in the U.S., everyone would be having babies to get time off work. Over a YEAR of maternity leave?!? The United States' population would go from 320 million to 700 million within a couple of years.

  • I'm living in the US, so I'd rather have 39 weeks off with AT LEAST A REDUCED PAY RATE!!! I'm due to give birth in 5 weeks, although I'm given 12 weeks (3 months off)- which is still way better than with my first pregnancy where I wasn't entitled to ANY time off- my time off will be unpaid, so idk if I can even take time off. My idea is taking maybe 6 weeks off just to let my body heal a little and then go back to work, but idk if I can even afford to take those 6 weeks off, so maybe I'll take less. People in other countries- your systems may not be perfect, but they're at least much better than what we have in the US, so be grateful.

  • Jonas Munthe Flønes says:

    I assume that it is quite similar in Sweden and Norway. You have to earn a shit ton to pay 57% in taxes. I usually pay around 34% in Norway. And as some other people mentioned. You get lots of benefits relating to health care, partially paid kindergarten, free education. Unless you want to go to a private school. Etc.

  • US moms literally get 4-6 weeks off…this is actually insane. 39 paid weeks off!!! That is such a dream 😭 that is over 9 months per child not to mention the 3 months that dads get😭😭 why does the American system differ so greatly

  • in romania, after you give birth, you stay at home for 2 years and you get 80% of your salary. then, you can work and for another year you get your salary plus those 80% of your salary. in the meantime, all medical supervision and drugs are free. it's true that we don't have big salaries and good hospitals, but still.. we own much of our houses (80%) , and daily living is pretty cheap. i personally own my own house and i'm debt free. and many of my freinds and family aee in the same situation.

  • What happened? The loot from colonies aint helping?
    Oh come on.. U r getting by fine.. Stop complainin.. Atleast the crown didn't give u moms a famine…
    Long live the Queen!

  • Cause Swedish women are beautiful and the govt wants them to reproduce. Its probably better for society if British women dont reproduce

  • No source!!! I call nonsense!
    BBC step up your game, you annoying controversy steering media 🙄
    Still Sweden is better 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

  • Whatever happened to a mother staying at home and actually breastfeeding and looking after the child? Why the rush back to work? Who thinks of the children?

  • The comparison is similar to the US and Canada, where women receive 48 weeks of paid leave at 80 percent (if she has employment that offers this coverage – contract positions often don’t). Child care expenses in Canada are similar to the UK, however. The US has the most adverse double whammy, plus flagrant discrimination In employment practices. There are US states where women can be fired for getting pregnant. Standards of obstetrical care in some American states is also well below OECD standards.

  • Welfare states like Sweden and Finland operate very differently and BBC would like us to move to that model by talking of its high points and none of its disadvantages. One-sided, leftist report!

  • Does anybody ever consider who is covering their work while they are gone? It’s extremely difficult and frustrating to cover a full time position especially if coworkers have pregnancy’s close together. Asking someone to 100% give up theirs life for this amount of time to do double coverage is asking too much. We are talking minimum 16 hour work days, 7 days a week and getting behind in our own work.

  • The UK govermment only cares about it’s wealthy citizens, period. I have a friend there and she has the same painful genetic disorder I have, and while in Canada I have received multiple CT and MRI scans, all paid for by our universal healthcare, she has not had a single one. We both live with excruciating spinal and head pain 24/7 but her doctors couldn’t tell anyone for sure of her’s is due to this disorder’s course or if she has a brain tumour or a dangerous syrinx in her spinal cord. She can’t walk at all most days but she’s never had any doctor tell her why exactly. She can’t be sure that she was even diagnosed properly with this gwnetic disorder. They diagnosed a very complex disorder based on a few minutes in a rheumatologist’s office. We aren’t even meant to be treated by rheumatologists because this disorder has no inflammaion associated with it and is not an auto-immune disease. It is musculo-skeletal and nerve pain but she has never seen a neurologist. So this i formation about he different moms doesn’t surprise me but it does make me feel more and more angry for her. If she was wealthy and could access the private healthcare in the UK, she would be much more comfortable but what disabled person can afford dropping £500 a pop for an appointment with a specialist?? The government there needs to step up for their middle-class and poorer citizens but I doubt they ever will. Its a “kingdom”, maintaining its societal classes has been a part of their history since time immortal.

  • Bichtram Nguyen says:

    I get six weeks of paid leave after I give birth… my husband has to use whatever vacation time to stay home for the first week of the child’s birth.. I get a whole 1 and a half month with my new born. I am American and I am a lucky to get six week paid leave, most get 8 unpaid.

  • Yusuf Al-Mahzoon says:

    UK stupidly spent most of it's money on unnecessary wars along with American criminals in the name of establishing democracy in other's land. Nothing worth it.
    Crime rates gone high, drugs on street, chaos in NHS worse than battlefield, benefit cuts, unemployment and loads to mention. Instead, UK could have easily chosen to stay neutral and invest money on useful purposes, perhaps today UK won't have to got into Brexit turmoil. Complete bollocks!!
    Imagine UK back in 2000, when it was peaceful and prosperity everywhere. Unlike today, UK streets suffer of terrorism threats!

  • Charles Bukenya says:

    I pay 30% income taxes in Sweden and I get free quality health care, Paid sick leave, paid vacation, 240 days of paid parental leave at 80% rate of my salary. To be honest, I could pay 10% more in taxes if it was ever required. I am the most satisfied tax payer in the world. Of course the taxes on commodity items are also high but it's worth the price to live in a civilized country that takes care of the socially vulnerable.

  • Family Mad Ventures says:

    The final figure quoted on income tax is not really representative of the full story, because the Swedish income tax Includes the council tax in that 50 something percentage. The council tax bills in the UK can be extortionate

  • They are both great countries. In Austria you get 24 months paid 600 euro monthly and you get more if you had a higher paying job. Father gets 2 months after 24 months for mother is over. 2 month before your due date you are legally not allowed to work anywhere and 2 months after. You still get your paycheck though for staying home and preparing for your baby 🙂 It is easy to get a job is you are well educated and speak the language. You earn about 2000-3000 euro netto (after tax), while you can have a decent apartment for 600-800 euro all in. If you get fired you get 80% of your paycheck for 6 whole months from the government and if you still are looking for a job after 6 month you are getting about 900 Euro "Notstandshilfe" every months until you find a job even if it takes years. If you retire you get also a decent amount of monthly payment from the government. But you know – Austrians complain 🙂 Hospitals are very awesome and 100% free. Doctors are highly educated and the nurses are really awesome, too. Hospitals are clean and well equipped. You don't have a private room though… for that you have to pay or have a private insurance, which is totally unnecessary. Kindergarden, school, collage are all free of charge. I didn't even have to buy my books for collage because the WirtschaftsUni has a huge library in Vienna. Austria has the cleanest waters and the most amazing mountains in the world in Tirol. People keep very fit, they bicycle a lot, run and try to eat healthy. Although Starf..cks and F…donalds and those US BS "food"chains sadly are already here… The poisonous sugarfactory, Dunkin donats (or what) went bankrupt in Vienna – I was very happy about it. All in all, Austria is missing the social life and for me, as a Hungarian, it was always hard to get real good friendships. Connections are superficial I think. The language is superhard and not nice. Vienna is beautiful, but of course Budapest is more beautiful for me 🙂

  • Alexandra Violetta says:

    In den USAsetzen sie Babies schon hin und wissen nichts von den Gefahren, die im Babybett lauern. Da hat iwie jeder eine Bettdecke fürs Baby. Bis es darunter erstickt… Da ist das hier alles harmlos

  • Try living in Poland and being a self-employed Mom 🙂 I started my business a year ago and for 2 years I can't take a sick leave even tho I'm supposed to be bed resting. I can't take a sick leave because they'd only give me around 50-60$ a month. I can't even go to hospital because of this – I wouldn't survive on this money! Thank God for my husband who can support me if there's an emergency but c'mon… I work a lot even though according to my doctor I should be in bed. Apparently Polish government doesn't give a crap about 🤰 women / women with children.

  • What they are doing sounds great but I’m not convinced because the birth rate in Sweden is super low and barely anyone moves to Sweden. So something doesn’t add up here

  • It's Sweden, I mean the scandinavic countries and finnland do almost everything better than the rest of the world, they can be a true role model but I wouldn' t copy them one by one, we should rather focus how we can improve our own system to get a similar outcome like the sweds

  • The UK is nothing like Sweden. Their trying to convince people if they help vote in socialism their lives will be better and they won't realize the truth until their enslaved by the very people they voted for. Sweden is the rape capital of the world and because of places like the UK Sweden hasn't been invaded and taken over.

  • It's even better in Sweden than this short comparison. Every child is given a child support of £91 per month. This usually covers the nursery cost for the highest income parents. If you have a lower income, nursery costs are considerably lower and you will have some or even all child support money left over. From time to time, there are debates whether the child support of £91 should be removed for the higher income families who do not need it or at least progressively higher for the lower income families.

    I suspect that other countries are thinking about earning, deserving and not giving "freebies" to others, whereas in Sweden we think (at least historically) about solidarity. This creates a less violent and aggressive society, as there are fewer desperate, destitute and starving people. However, the last 20 years have been tough and we have more beggars and homeless than before.

  • The Brits still believe they are the role model for a thriving society….15 million live in poverty, 17 million prove their educational system generates nationalism.

  • People are egotistical as hell yes we pay higher taxes but that helps other people out if I pay for someones else child support who cares I'm helping that family. And when I need help someone will help me with that.

  • Were still not living in a modern world, none of us.. no where.. maybe in this life time we will see change. I had visions, there is hope

  • America has the "every man for themselves" and "i am so special" kind of mentality. Sweden is based on unity and helping each other, so yes…. we pay taxes TOGETHER which helps US ALL to pay for what we need.

  • Parents should plan ahead and not expect everything handed to them on a plate. Having children is a privilege and those who expect the rest of us to pay for their chosen lifestyle need to have a wake up call.

  • I am glad for our Swedish system but one have to include taxes in the cost of child care. It is very much subsidiced through taxes. I'm all for that but still.

  • lisa fitzsimmons says:

    Exactly. America basically punishes people who choose to reproduce. No paid anything and perhaps no job to come back to. Some folks without cheap options( ie grandparents or the like) to watch the children when both parents work basically have to spend between 500 to 1200 a month, depending on the city, to pay for childcare. So 2 kids can equal 1,000USD to 2400USD. Bananas. Costs only go up from there if parents choose private schools. Between 12,000 to 25,000 USD per child per year and doesnt even include summer months or holidays. Not to mention health insurance premiums for a family of 4 at about 700 to 2000 USD per month, depending again by city. Colleges and higher education can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. Leading to massive debt of many young people in the USA. Canada has higher taxes but does model more European countries when it comes to children.

  • Government paid parental leave is disgusting, it's just another way for the government to steal from hardworking responsible childless people and giving it to irresponsible trailer trash with 10+ kids.

  • You shouldn't get pregnant whilst working and then expect to get paid maternity leave, technically you aren't working and want to get paid…..Then you have feminist shouting about Wage Gap….

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