Chika Addresses His Argument with Ashima | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

Chika Addresses His Argument with Ashima | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

How was your week? So my week has been good. OK. But you’ll come to find
that I can’t move on unless I know that something is settled. OK NINA: So the club mixer. Yeah. NINA: [LAUGHS] – I was not.
– You got to check your mouth. I was over there
talking to Tondi. CHIKA: You doing extra.
You doing extra. Ain’t nobody being extra, boy. You don’t even know
what’s going on. CHIKA: You better
go tell a stage joke somewhere or something. NINA: There was
kind of like some– Exchange of words?
NINA: –some yelling. Yeah, yeah there was
some exchange of words. CHIKA: I don’t do–
I don’t do– I don’t do yelling. When we started talking,
Ashima came over. And when that happened– NINA: OK. –my antennas went up. And I think Ashima may
have had one too many. Finally, it just got to the
point where I was just like, you know what?
– Yeah. CHIKA: This the perfect
time for me to dismiss. And as I left, yes, I
had a few choice words. I’m not going to lie.
– Yeah. And I’m going to tell you this. A lot of the women
are just like, whoa. Will he be like this
in a relationship? I don’t really
see it like that. But one thing I’m not
going to do– and anybody who knows my personality is– I’m– I don’t do fake. I’m just going to be me. So at the end of the
day, I get I’m not going to be everybody’s cup of tea. But then you not going to
be my cup of tea either. Oh, no. My opinion is that Chika
completely overreacted, but he just– he doesn’t see it. It’s kind of a turnoff. I paid my dues–
just that’s it. Once you pay your dues, man,
you deserve to live life. And looking for somebody
who wants to just live life for what it is. I wanted to explain why
I acted the way I acted and how I probably came off
abrasive to a few people. But the only people that are
really going to matter to me are those who see a
possible love interest with. Outside of that, I can’t
control anybody else’s opinions or outlooks on me. I’m very adamant
about being with a man and having a partner
that I feel safe with. Like, safety for me means
more to me than anything else. And I’ll just be by myself,
and I’ll just be lonely. But I’d much rather it be that
than for me to be kicking in with somebody I’m not feeling. I can feel that. I can feel that.


86 thoughts on “Chika Addresses His Argument with Ashima | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network”

  • Anonymous Person says:

    Girl, run. Trust your instinct. You could tell the more Ashima was talking to him about his behavior, the more uncomfortable he became. He doesn't need a relationship right now, he needs counseling.

  • Y’all women better keep it moving with him … if he’s that aggressive toward a woman over something silly as that situation … he’ll probably hit you upside the head for sure and think nothing of it #run

  • Julie O. Griffith says:

    He is a violent misogynist who "paid his dues" as in he can be out of control on any woman at any time. Clearly, he has a hair trigger temper and will "pop off" with the IDGAF attitude in public and worse in private. Get Baby Ike Turner OFF the show!!!!!

  • Hopefully he goes because he is abusive. He couldn’t control himself in a minor situation, what do you think he will do privately on something bigger

  • I don't get her hair style during the date..
    I mean I am trying to understand it while looking at her face, from the back probably fine , from the front, I just don't know.. to much is going on..

  • I know Devine is suppose too be his homegirl and all but she need to hip the ladies in letting them know what's up with Chika.

  • I dont think he is dangerous or aggressive. He was extra in that moment and all u have in this situation are moments so each one matters. Good luck Chika

  • Not At This Time says:

    Imagine standing behind Chika in line at a grocery store waiting to pay for your purchase and by mistake, the cashier short changes him. Chika is an angry black man with a lot of bottled-up frustration.

  • What bothered me the most is while he was screaming at her..he was trying to let everyone hear him..attempting to humiliate her.It backfired..a straight bully.

  • Maxwell Eazyflo says:

    Chika hope u can speak igbo very well coz soon u will be coming back home, we can arrange an mbaise woman for u.❤🇳🇬✌

  • King Conscience. says:

    He's a very aggressive man. There was a problem with his reaction because his reaction was not warranted. He should not have responded so disrespectfully and so condescendingly. That's a red flag.

  • As a man at your age , you should learn to walk away …you didn't like her at all so you felt comfortable to disrespect in front of everyone..NOT A GOOD LOOK

  • St. Michael Anthony says:

    It's very unfortunate when a man thinks that been abrasive, crass, and borish, are good attributes. There is a word called TACTFULNESS 😂

  • Melissa Diamond says:

    If women do not have the right to yell at a man in a disrespectful way in public, in front of others which to folks is considered emasculating. Then no man should have the right to be yelling at any woman disrespectfully, to humiliate her in public or in front of others to embarrass her on purpose. That is a red flag for any woman to see & I'll say this, NO man should be hollering or yelling or putting his hands on any woman to get his point across…

  • I'm glad he's not fake. So many men fake it until you live with them or get married to them. He showed his true self & it got him eliminated. He made me feel a certain way when he was going off on her. He's not ready to love or to have a simple disagreement, which is scary. He needs to voluntarily go to anger management at a good facilty.

  • He is a human and he might of made an mistake but to label him as an abuser with no evidence is crazy. These women are over 30 some are 40 and still can't find a man or know a good man. 1st off the man going around handing out a heart is a player. None of the ladies picked up on that.

  • Based on the daft assumptions the women have in this comment section about Chika it would be correct to arrive at the conclusion that Nina could be a murderer. Well she did say..Now ladies tell me if that is not aggressive or abusive or are you going to as you ladies usually do not mention aggressive and abusive behaviour when a woman does it.

  • I can't stand an over emotional man I had a co-worker like this and you couldn't say hi to him without it being an argument. I dont even see how you can argue with someone for saying hi. The crazy part of it is that they dang near favor.

  • Trust me! If a man can't keep it together to make a good first impression, he sure won't do it in a relationship! Chika is too argumentative! A sister may well prepare herself for days of drama! Sounds like a soap opera, "Days of Drama!" ☺ No, thank you!

  • Wow! I only watched the 1st show and I missed last week but baaaaby based on what I seen of him tonight this would be a definite NO! Glad he got cut.

  • Seeking Pathways says:

    They would make a good match; she is emotional, while he is abrasive. He could get her to toughen up, and she could soften him up because she openly expresses how she is feeling without being aggressive.

  • He did too much. He said what he needed, but he kept going. It is a complete turn off when a guy does not know when to pull back.

  • I will probably be attacked for saying this but Chika is a straight up no game playing dude. He was trying to bring the two women together and Shima came in and immediately tried to disempower him. His reaction was not the best – but I think he is just a straight shooter

  • He is not attractive. Chika you are a person who can't control yourself. Instead of making you look powerful, as you assume, it actually makes you look weak.

  • She got nerve she was the reason that everything started because of her loud jealousy. Feel safe, she was talking about her city being the top murder capitol ok

  • Unspoken Goddess says:

    Funny how she is saying he was out of control when she was out of control the day before they should be perfect together

  • Spectacular Rich Beauty & Brilliance says:

    Yeah, They dodged the bullet with this guy. Someone with No self-control (in public!) is a ticking time bomb 💣 This is the point of the show, right? WHO IS READY TO LOVE 💕 These cast members who live with blinders on their eyes will soon learn WHY THEY REMAIN SINGLE… if they are smart students. They all seem broken to me and this season just started! Hm, Not as alluring as the first cast.

  • Yah he blew all the way up. This is why many dating shows have alcohol involved because people tend to get comfortable and let their hair down and then their true ways or intentions sometimes come out. In other words, if you drink, dont drink too much because someone is always looking!

  • I think his intentions were to really help the ladies out, but it backfired because rule number one let us ladies figure it out on our own, his ego got the best of him in this moment instead of just excusing himself and walking away, they hurt his ego or pride so he performed, which may have not been the best thing to do especially when your trying to find the one. After watching this show it’s clear to see who really wants love and whose doing it for recognition. I think Nina is really there for love some of these other men and ladies are there to prove just how much their all of that. Y’all are in your 40’s now time to humble yourself just a little. Love finds you… don’t chase it!

  • …but nahhh bro, these are still issues you need to address! …see, he think he allll right, everything cool. But lady made a good point, how I know you not gonna jump on me like that in a relationship….heck, you aint paid no dues until you deal with that trigger – hit that pain bro, go deep, why you think you can just go off like that especially with a woman…i promise you, you the one with the isdue – all the best to you..and as a woman, i wouldnt touch that with a ten foot pole! He need to see Iyanla!😉

  • He was nasty for no reason…even if he did not like Ashima coming in on his conversation with the other two ladies he should have just walked away….he has no respect for women at all…Devine said it…she knows Chika and said he was too blunt!!!! and was not the man for her….verbally he is abusive…that can lead to physical abuse…yes he needed to be sent on his way with that bad attitude….

  • Nina shouldn’t be on this show ! If you’re bitter and angry about being a single mom then you’re not ready to love sis !

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