Chiefs training camp 2019: Laurent Duvernay-Tardif speaks to the media

Chiefs training camp 2019: Laurent Duvernay-Tardif speaks to the media

oh it's good I mean the job of an offensive lineman go through that contact in the physical slave so it's good to be out there and practice that work against the d-line we're getting after each other close to those last two days you feel a different attitude from the defense this year there's new players and some new coaches did you feel different than last year I mean for sure just looking at the scheme the scheme is totally different but what strikes me the most is the way the guys go after it it's it's really good competition when needed on the offensive line and it's good to go out there against guys that want to finish every play the same way we do he's he's an amazing player he's he's really quick he has tremendous ability and and I mean fish is doing a pretty good job against him Mitch work was to yesterday and and I think it's good work for everybody who's gonna be a good weapon for us I mean I think we're praying is for sure when a great teammate but we're all kind of that way in the sense that we all want to challenges are there on the field when we're off the field we're also teammates and we're on the same team so it's good to feel that chemistry is slowly building up off the field but on the field it's game time and we're playing against each other for our job no obviously eateries are part of the game you guys have to work in I mean 10 is just a great player you started at thing at every position over the last couple years so it's good – it's good to play with him and then I mean 10 is one of those guys that always going to cheer you on and make correction as the play go on he's a tremendous athlete – so it's good to be to play with them and and you know you you learn a little bit you know when you play them it with Mitch Mitch calls basically everything that's happening on the field as things had developed so so playing with cam I think it's it's more on me and on him to make those calls so it's good it's good to work that part of my game – I was until trick you to be back in the lineup I know they're in this first injury last year I feel pretty good I mean we're sure I get things to work on my my timing is not 100% back yet but I'm working on it and it's just good to be back with the guys and and feeling that chemistry slowly building because everybody thinks we got something special and that strong ability bit too oh and Ruth and there's a good player is a good guy too and I feel that she was really constant last year you know I as a it was not a rookie was its second year but jumping in there and and being able to block really good fast rusher in tough situation with good technique I think there's a lot to learn from that and and I think it's good you know we we have a lot of competitions especially inside this year and we're all challenging each other to find who are the best best guy on the field but at dinner but they were also teammates and friends so that's a good news I think is a challenge to have this offense because it's a record-setting offense can it be done and you guys be better than you were for sure and I think when you look at the film there's always thin you can clean up you know we were not perfect all the time and and it's it's what you got to do as a team when when everybody's looking at you and looking at what you're going to be able to do this year it's correct those little detail and always detail the detail to make sure you come on the field someday ready to roll yesterday Sammy said the often scan almost be unstoppable is that the feeling you guys all have yeah but our defense is pretty good too so that's a good thing this year that were more challenging each other on the field and and I think it's good for both of us oh he's quick is a really good player really agile and and it's good to block for him you know it's it's we're sure different than you know a bigger guy but it's it's it's it's good to have that quickness in the back deal last one anyone this thought makes it more this is offseason you got to be a little bit more involved with an adult Canada they've kind of embraced you as what does that mean to you sort of in a represent representative of the half dollar I mean I take a lot of pride into it too to kind of protect the shill and and and and promote it and north of the border so it's a it's an honor to be able to do that and and I think it ties in really well with my foundation back home we tried to promote balance between active lifestyle and studies so I think that the two of it go really well together yeah


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