Chelsea’s Big News & Pets of ‘Teen Mom 2’ 🎬 Producer’s Tell All | Teen Mom 2 | MTV

Chelsea’s Big News & Pets of ‘Teen Mom 2’ 🎬 Producer’s Tell All | Teen Mom 2 | MTV

(upbeat pop music) – We actually had a
really big flight problem for one of the most important
shoots of the season. – [Chelsea] Cole and I
have some exciting news and we couldn’t wait for
the cameras to share it. Look closely. What does that mean? – You’re pregnant! – We were flying out that night, and we were supposed
to film in the morning, and while we were at our
connecting flight in Minneapolis, Chelsea texted me and was like, “Hey, me and Cole and Aubrey want you guys “to come film tonight,” – Because Aubrey wants to be here when she finds out but she’s gonna
be at school in the morning. – And I was like, oh my god, that’s great, ’cause she never wants
to film when we land. She’s very just like, “See you tomorrow.” So we land in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and it was probably
negative like two outside, and the airplane cargo
door was frozen shut. We couldn’t get the gear
and the cameras were underneath the plane, it was a hot mess, so we were stuck for like two hours. And she Facetimed me. (child cooing) (background chatter) – [Woman’s Voice] She’s pregnant. – That’s how she revealed
that she was pregnant with us, and I was so excited because of course, I’m very dramatic and I’m very loud. (screaming) – We’re recording you. – [Woman’s Voice] Yay!
(laughter) – [Woman’s Voice] Congratulations! – And I was like, you really couldn’t wait until tomorrow? Like really? So literally the most
important shoot of the season didn’t happen because the
airplane door was frozen shut because it’s so cold in South Dakota. (gentle music) (child screaming) – People, you need to
spay and neuter your pets. Not to sound like Bob Barker,
but it’s really important. – There’s been this dog that has been roaming Cory’s neighborhood, and I took her to the vet and they told me that she was pregnant. And she didn’t just have
four puppies, she had seven. – This season, Leah gives
away multiple puppies, and the thing about
puppies is that they seem to not know when or where
to go to the bathroom. The hardest conditions for me to shoot in, it’s funny, I think would
be Kailyn’s dog Bear. – [Woman’s Voice] They’re just kissing, they’re just kissing! (children shouting)
– [Blonde Woman] It’s okay, oh hold on.
(child crying) She’s like, scared. – [Woman’s Voice] Come here, Bear. – I love Bear, he’s a sweet, giant dog, but sometimes he gets like, moody. – [Brunette Woman] It’s
okay, he’s not gonna get you, it’s okay, he’s just a baby too. – Chelsea likes to do
different names for kids and normal old people
names for her animals. So you have Bill the Great Dane, Barb the Pug, and Pete the pig. – [Chelsea] No! He did bite the foot. – Pete the pig is great. (pig noises) First of all, Pete loves to fart, so Pete’s fart smells so bad, like so bad, like clears the room out smells bad. His belly drags on the
floor when he walks. He’s just so cute, and he’s bougie. He gets coconut oil treatments
because his skin is dry, he sleeps in the house,
Pete the pig is like, “Hi I’m gonna need you to
scratch my head now, thank you.” I love Pete the pig. (pig noises)


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