Chelsea players accused of being ‘SOFT’ as BBC Sport pundit hits out at Sarri’s The Blues

Chelsea players accused of being ‘SOFT’ as BBC Sport pundit hits out at Sarri’s The Blues

that is the damning verdict of Leon Osman the Blues were thrashed 4-0 on the south coast by Bournemouth on Wednesday evening after the game Surrey lamented his side’s performance and stayed in the dressing room for an hour talking to his players post match over the last few years manager is Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte have been sacked prompting accusations that the Chelsea players have downed tools and former Everton management believes that their performances as of late have more to do with the players than the manager asked what was going wrong at Chelsea husband told five live they just seemed soft through the core for me when they have got their backs against the wall and the going gets tough and the guy you’d expect to be able to help them out in that situation isn’t deployed in that role anymore and go low Conte husband went on to say that the formation being played by Sarah is hindering his players abilities it’s been well noted this season that gol o Conte has been deployed in a more advanced position while some are signing Georgian law has taken his place [Music] you’d want him Conte in front of your back fort to protect them to stop the opposition getting any opportunities to galvanize the team come on lads we’re all in this together he said and he’s playing at right wing at times so it is still a strange situation I still can’t quite figure it out yes he’s done a lot more offensively like the managers asked him to do has content [Music] he’s brought more to the game offensively but why would you want that when you’ve got such a good player doing what he does in his role and you’ve seen George in hole played in there tonight and Bournemouth scored four goals [Music] Chelsea started the season very well and were unbeaten until Tottenham managed to fourth and 3-1 that one day in November [Music] since then however their form has been patchy but they’re still in contention to win domestic silverware they’re through to the FA Cup fifth round where they’ll play Manchester United before playing United’s rivals Manchester City in the care about Cup final a week later [Music] get Chelsea latest news updates directly to your inbox subscribe thank you for subscribing


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