CHECKMATE New Breed Marketing (Its not my Post) : STOP Attacking Me Now Please

CHECKMATE New Breed Marketing (Its not my Post) : STOP Attacking Me Now Please

hey guys I wanted to be frank with you the post I saw on Reddit and I thought it was interesting and added a little bit of my own flavor to it but not beyond what the post really was the post has been used since 2010 and I'm gonna show you multiple websites all it takes is for you to type in a few keywords and you would be able to find out that this post is not my post I did not come up with it it so when new breed marketing is telling me that I am sexist that I am a bad marketer that whoever comes up with something like this is bad I didn't come up with it and that's my ace in the hole and a trial that's what I would show the judge that hey this post I didn't come up with the post it wasn't my original concept now I did try to find out who owned who came up with the post I'm not sure this post has been around for such a long time that and of course people have added on to it but the skeleton of the post it existed at least in 2010 if not beyond that point now in 2010 it looks slightly different than it looks today I shared it because I felt it was a good discussion point new breed marketing is attacking me personally because they believe I came up with the post so the crux of their argument that I am anti-feminists that I am sexist I'm missile Jena nastic that I am a indecent human being because I came up with something like this is absolutely incorrect at the very most i reposted it and that's it this is the smoking gun I didn't create the post and I have lots and lots of evidence from multiple thousand hundreds of thousands of websites and if Amanda is the digital marketing and new breed is a digital marketing agency they know I didn't come up with it yet they attack me as if I did the attacks are on an individual they not the comment not the post and I will continue to make these videos because new breed made a very very fatal flaw here the flaw was I didn't make the post so yeah what is your counter to that I'm sure there's some creative methods that they're going to counter mean but at the end of the day it's a very simple explanation of what happened the post was made a week ago maybe more than a week ago and I've solved a post I thought it was kind of clever and reposted I didn't think very much of it it was a good explanation of marketing I did try to figure out who originally said it but as stated the skeleton of the post has always existed but as new digital marketing has happened people have added to it people have changed it so the original post the skeleton is still all there but now there are other components multi-level marketing someone and you can see it because once I posted it people were adding other stuff to it because it's a very easy to add on and I'm sure that the future post will now have nine and ten and even more that post didn't have anything about multi-level marketing but one of the comments were is really good about multi-level marketing or that post doesn't have anything about finding your wife and marrying them or saying no so at the beginning of the discussion for Amanda and new greed marketing to attack me so directly so personally calling me names and calling me and they still are right now they absolutely still are my counter is this post I offended you so much has existed since 2010 at least if not odor are you telling me that none of the previous thousands hundreds of thousands of times has been posted on Google it's posted as an image thousands of times you're not offended by them you're not offended by the companies who are putting this on their website you're not offended by the people who are reposting this but you are offending offended by me and that's a personal attack that is the definition of a personal attack if you have hundreds of thousands of people posting the same thing pretty much and you come after one individual not for the post but against that one individual that's a personal attack how else would you define a personal attack on social media right you have thousands of people and we have never interacted I have no ill-will against you or new breed marketing and yet you single me out instead saying oh this is a really bad post or something like that you tagged me you screenshot me clearly you tell LinkedIn that I need to be personally held responsible those are your words not mine would you hold everyone else personally responsible as well there's thousands of digital marketing agencies that have this on their website right now why don't you start tagging them see how they would react if you posted what you posted on my LinkedIn to theirs anyway this is checkmate and I will continue to make videos on this because it is a very important topic and this is my checkmate I didn't initially begin with it because I didn't realize would continue to attack me and that has been a surprising move in my opinion look your first reaction was to attack me personally that was your first reaction unlike your friend with her emoji or his emoji I'm not going to go ahead and say Oh Amanda you're amazing and I'm sorry and thank you for attacking me let me make this incredibly simple this is not my post this is a repost of something that has existed for a long time you notice you work at digital marketing agency you work at a huge marketing agency are you telling me you don't know how to do a google search on a post are you telling me before you go attack someone you don't even look at who where the post originally came from are you telling me that you would say to think the things you said about me without doing any research about me or the post in question as I said before your brand is your company brand is a lot bigger than my brand and you do represent them no matter how much you tell me you don't you do for all the reasons I said I believe the post may have been made on company property um definitely may be on company Wi-Fi and on company time the company has not responded to my request for you to stop harassing me and of course you're gonna turn this as oh you're harassing me and so on and well this is nothing to do with in my opinion there's nothing to do with feminism woman empowerment I'm very supportive that my CTO my head chief technology we only have five people by the way see is one of the most amazing developers and people our social media specialists we just got her back from a big company she's incredible by attacking me Amanda without realizing that this post is a repost you you've really put your company in a weird situation because what is your legal argument like your attacks had they been on a comment I wouldn't have a problem with but as you say don't LinkedIn as you said on Facebook as you said on my Facebook Twitter you are trying to personally hold me responsible for this post what man well that's something else guys that's something else yeah I didn't post it I thought it was an interesting way to talk about marketing and have a conversation in which we did you can look at the comments people adding new stuff to way people had about getting married people had it about you know you're already married people had it about multi-level marketing it's a post meant for discussion and you instead of taking it as a post meant for discussion you think I'm I mean just breed back what you said you asked me for kindness for empathy right but your first interaction with me is so look I don't want you to feel bad I don't want you none of that is I did not know you a day ago two days ago I did not know who you are where you worked your company I never even heard of before because I live in Houston we have no relationship together there's no relationship at all you've never tweeted me you never moved never interacted even on social media and for your first reaction to be it to attack me over a repost a poster has existed for years for over a decade probably at least nine plus years come on now you cannot spin this into I'm trying to hold you down for speaking up for women's rights I'm all for women's rights this is not the issue and I can counter everything you said about me by saying that hey this is a repost now you can tan gently say oh well you repost it because you agree with it you know how many thousands of people so why attack me why not attack the post itself and say we shouldn't be reposting stuff like oh why not it takes two seconds to do a google search on this and learn about the history two seconds you use my name you use my business I mean that's fine that's I don't have anything to hide but this is checkmate this is checkmate and your company I'm really offended by your company now and you know they have some really good SEO keywords I went on an SEM rush I checked them out they have a very good SEO that you guys are amazing SEO I'm going to try to grab some of your keywords now because I've been looking for a larger agency to compete against and I think we're small we are 150 if the size of you I believe I think you have 200 employees maybe more we're at 4 employees in 1 part time four and a half but man I'm hungry and I am NOT going to be treated this poorly I'm not going to allow you to spin this into me being sexist or I mean that's what you have spin this into and we'll lay all my cards on the table and tell you this is not my post this post has search Google Images search the websites this is one of the basic marketing post that the majority of marketers learn when they go into college maybe even high school I'm sorry that it offended you I'm sorry that you found it that you believe that you should attack me but checkmate this is checkmate and I don't I know that you probably tried to spin it somehow but it's not my post I just thought I would tell you that before you start attacking you again hi guys


3 thoughts on “CHECKMATE New Breed Marketing (Its not my Post) : STOP Attacking Me Now Please”

  • The gorgeous girl marketing post was copied.
    It has been around since at least The Indian Salesman and Other Jokes in 2005 by Frederick Alloysius. But perhaps earlier. Let me repeat that it was in a joke book…
    It has evolved since 2005 to include new forms of marketing. And survives on Linkedin with creative additions. I like the one about MLM for example.
    I didn't know who to attribute it to. I promise to do better for all future post.
    It's strange seeing someone despise you as much as New Breed for a repost.
    Without proof. They claim I
    "grossly objectifies women"
    "aren't qualified to speak about how to be a good marketer"
    "maybe try to be a decent human being while you are at it?"
    "pedaling misogynistic bull*hit."
    Many of you have followed me for some time.
    I had no intention to make a post that offended anyone. I found the post worth discussing.

  • S0N0RAN S0LDJAH says:

    It's misogynistic because you should expect women to go up and ask you on a date…. wait jk it's better if they just insult you based on something you copied and pasted instead of getting a date

  • You don’t realize it but you’re giving free advertisement to her company. I never even heard of them until you started making videos about her….. Only now that I go google their company.. I’m not impressed with them but you should realize that. New breed market is getting free advertisement because of your YouTube videos now…………

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