Check Out The Critter | JEOPARDY!

Check Out The Critter | JEOPARDY!

– [Alex] Check Out the Critter, ooh. – Check Out the Critter, 600. – [Alex] Less than an
inch long, the sea bunny is this type of being, with both male and female reproductive organs. Samantha. – What is asexual? – No, Dennis. – What’s a hydra?
– No. (buzzer)
What is hermaphrodite? Back to you, Steve. – Check Out the Critter, 400. – Get an E for effort with
this egg-laying Aussie mammal. Here are its babies, called puggles. (buzzer)
Those are baby echidna. Cute little fellows. – Check Out the Critter for 800. – [Alex] Despite its name,
the Sunda flying this, an animal native to Madagascar, is not one, nor does it fly. Samantha.
– What is a squirrel? – No. Dennis.
– What is a bat? – No. (buzzer)
It’s not a lemur. Back to you, Steve. – Check Out the Critter, 200. – [Alex] Get me pictures of the Mwanza flat-headed rock agama, a lizard that looks like
this Marvel superhero, created in 1962. Steve.
– Who is Spider-Man? – [Alex] Yes, with less
than a minute to go now. – Check Out the Critter, 1000. – Ah, the smallest of the foxes, this critter stands about eight
inches tall at the shoulders and weighs three pounds. Samantha. – What is a fennec fox?
– Yes, good for you. (beeping)
Love those ears.


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