Chaser - What have we learnt from Current Affairs this week

Chaser – What have we learnt from Current Affairs this week

now travel it is know Andrew this week since he was detained by security guards of the Logies but I'm very happy to warm the seat for him and before we get into it it's time for an occurrence segue of the week let's see how and I get from our dodgy investment company to the latest news from Hollywood Brian Seymour as the authorities try to unravel the truth about FINA Corp to do that they wouldn't want to rely on Hollywood who star's lead real lives that often have little resemblance to their public image she's done it today tonight credit for one thing they're stirring tribute to the Anzacs yes I think the diggers would have been proud of the poignant back announce and a Curran made after this special Anzac Day report together wearing their medals with pride equal and free because that's what they fought for and the medal proof we'll never forget Andrew Burke reporting after the break how to shrink your backside in your lunch hour world wars mean nothing compared to the real battles of our time Richard a war veteran fought in a world war in New Guinea and Borneo but by far he reckons his biggest battle has been with a car dealer near his home our grandfathers fought in the great car dealer war what a bloody battle it was chin up boys we're going over the top yes we forget but one thing the current affairs shows a really good at is dispensing handy hints and useful advice hacen first up some advice for those who shout too loud during sex yes it's a massive issue so massive that ACA even went to a psychologist to get some professional medical advice for the noisy couple probably they should look at some kind of mouth gag you know not something that's going to cause some difficulty in breathing but something that will muffle the sound sounds very romantic I can think of one very good use for a mouth gag while you're having all that noise what six you want a little cue very bits thankfully these shows also offer us some wonderful beauty tips forget toothpaste Catherine zeta-jones swears strawberries are the best teeth whiteners our models agree certainly it squads to that theory look being beautiful needn't be that hard I mean why go to the trouble of buying a single tube of lip gloss when you can protect your lips the easy way they're mixing honey macadamia oil beeswax and beetroot juice to make lip gloss so simple say my lips feel a bit dry right now come to think of mine and luckily I've got the recipe right fantastic let's go honey beetroot bitter please work please work just mix it all up Oh give me some little they'd bring this for Barbara Cartland but the best advice on account if a show would have to come what's the more on shows it would have to come from the woman who loves telling people what to do Pauline Hanson there's Pauline dispense advice but she even helps you carry it out Pauline Hanson thinks we should go even further when it comes to dealing with those who have a problem with displaying the flag go back where you came from it clearly not a strand I'll take them to the airport actually okay for the text appear there and they can leave the country she'll pay for the cab fare Wow God knows I need a holiday and I think displaying the flag can be a little bit tacky so I went to take Pauline up on her offer hi Pauline I just wanted to take you up on your generous offer so I'm all packed up and really go the airport let's go you can give me the cab money I can I can go this forty bucks gonna happen a bare-bones David Oldfield you helped me leave the country


36 thoughts on “Chaser – What have we learnt from Current Affairs this week”

  • tapan bhavasar says:

    I like Pauline Hansen Australia needs more people like that in power so that no boats come to this beautiful country

  • IamAnthonological says:

    well you need balls to screw with the apec summit by stepping out of a fake motorcade dressed as osama bin laden almost 10 meters from the hotel the us president is staying in.

  • IamAnthonological says:

    I have problems displaying the flag because i dont have the flagpole or lights to make it night legal, if only i came from somewhere other than australia i could get a free holiday

  • Notmy Realname says:

    That's just the neat picture we all learn in year 10 history, we didn't know what we were fighting for at the time.

  • MsWolfQueen33 says:

    um, you're mistaking the wrong Hanson(s), Pauline Hanson is a politician (now ex-politician, I think) and Hanson are a bad of BROTHERS, THEY ARE ALL GUYS AND ARE NOW ALL MARRIED WITH KIDS (stating, not shouting) neither of which are related cause the Hanson band are from Tulsa Oklahoma in the U.S and Pauline Hanson is an Australian, hope that clears things up for you

  • Anna Coren's nearest equivalent in the UK would be Kate Garraway on Daybreak, or Holly Willoughby on This Morning!

  • Couple of points, the flag we have now is not the flag they fought under, it was the red ensign they fought under, not the blue. and even then most of those wars it was the union jack they saluted.
    Another issue with our flag is the union jack in the corner, I understand peoples affect to british history, but a flag that contains the full flag of another power is the indication that that flag belongs to a colony, since we are no longer a colony it is inappropriate for us to maintain it.

  • TimeAndSpaceWarp says:

    the chasers guys are morons doing dumb, sometimes tasteless shit for the sake of humor, and they are funny, you shouldn't take comedy that seriously. After all, chaser is clearly politically motivated anyone with a mind of their own should be able to see through that. Entertainment is the opium of the masses.

  • 90% of the stuff on ACA and TT is advertising. They get paid by people to do a media release and make it look like it is some sort of exclusive. How many stories have there been on cleaning products, weight loss diets and other crappy boring stories.

  • Yeah ya know what I mean – I'm not against flag waving, I just reckon Aussie can put to much value or be to pushy about the flag, especially when you look at the ones making all the noise and ask how many of them have really served under it?

  • True the soldiers fought for their mates but i was just poinitng out that the flag represents our country and soldiers also fought for their country. Everytime someone says our flag is racist or makes us looks like bogans im like what the fuck are you doing in this country? If you dont like it here fuck of. I would also fight for my mates but that flag still represents who we are and we might as well be proud of it rather then cringe at it, look at the comments its like peple are ashamed of it.

  • I'm not anti-flag waving and I'm a proud Australian, grandson of a Korean War and a WWII veteran, who has deep respect for our country and ALL its people.
    But mate, I've got to ask you – do you really think men die for a flag? Only one of my grandfathers is still alive and I wouldn't ask him such a question out of respect. But I believe if was ever sent to war, I'd fight for the blokes (fellow Aussie's) around me and the people for whom I love and care at home – not for a flag.

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