Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, and Margot Robbie Play ‘Who Would Charlize Rather?’

Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, and Margot Robbie Play ‘Who Would Charlize Rather?’

The other day, you recently
said you were shockingly single. So shocking single means
you– you don’t want to– I’m shocked myself. I’m sure you’re shocked. We’re all shocked
that you’re single. So, shockingly single is
appropriate for you to say. So, Nicole, and Margot, and
I, we’re going to– we’re going to help you. We’re going to show two men. And it’s a game. It’s called Who Would
Charlize Rather? [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh. All right. [LAUGHS] Don’t feel sorry for her. We’re going to find
her somebody today. All right. We’re going to show two men– I was shocked. I thought I was in a
relationship with both of you. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. She’s not single. No, they’re– they’re married. They’re married. So they can’t help you. All right. So we’re going to show two– two men. And we’re going to decide– y’all probably know her a little
better than I do because I really haven’t
hung out with her. But I like– I like to think
that we’re best friends. So let’s show two men. And let’s see who– we’ll narrow it down. Drake or The Weeknd. I’m going to say
Drake is probably more her type than The Weeknd. But am I the Drake’s type? It’s– “The Drake”? I might now be a
little too old for him. No. No. No. No. I think Abel. All right. We’ll go– I’m going to side with Margo. And I’ll go, yeah. I mean– That’s really nice. I think he’s nice too. The little time
I’ve spent with him. All right. We’ll say Abel. All right. Let’s get rid of Drake. Are they single? uh, we don’t know. Milo– It’s going to be great. –or The Weeknd. Oh. Oh, the audience is
getting in on the action. I love it. Do you know Milo? I know Milo. I know Milo. All right. I know Milo also. Lovely. Absolutely lovely, right? Compatible for Charlize? Or– I think he’s sweet. I don’t know if he’s single. I know that he’s– No, I don’t think he’s single. Guys, we should probably
start with single men. Ellen, this is really– That would be a
good place to start. Listen, don’t you guys think? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. What do we think? We’re going to go to Milo now? Sure. All right. Let’s– the audience seems– Milo or– or– ah. Oh. He’s my brother. This is going to get awkward. Oh. Do you know him that well? Yeah. He’s, like– he
literally is my brother. OK. Let’s then– Trevor. And let’s get rid of Milo. Um– all right. [LAUGHTER] This is fun! Isn’t it fun? Yeah! It is a good game. You’re good at this game. I love Trevor. OK. Yeah. I love Trevor. Trevor or Jake? Yeah. [AUDIENCE SAYS JAKE] Oh. Do you know Jake? Yeah. I love Jake, yes. OK. But he’s not your brother. [LAUGHS] You don’t– like, you
don’t know him as well as– I don’t know him that well. No. OK. Then let’s get rid of Trevor. [LAUGHS] Oh. Oh. Yes. Oh, yeah. OK. Yes. I adore him. He’s amazing. I love him. Could be good. Yes. Oh, and stay on him. Yes. All right. Let’s– let’s–
Michael B. Jordan. I think we’re not going
to be able to top Michael. Yeah. I didn’t– I didn’t
think you can top– oh. Oh. Harry Styles. That is a good game. I could be his mother. Right. [LAUGHS] I literally could be his mother. I bet you he likes older women. I bet he likes older women. [LAUGHS] He’s very mature. This is so incredibly,
you know, cougar? Do you know how long he’s been– he’s probably ready for older– I’m actually thinking that
he’s a really good match. Yeah. You’re out of your mind, Nicole. All right. I think stick with Michael. All right. Stick with Michael. Thank God. Somebody– Michael or Lenny Kravitz? OK. Oh, Lenny Kravitz
is so cool, too. Do you know Lenny? I know Lenny a little bit. Yes. Have you ever dated him? No, I’ve never dated Lenny. He’s very single. He’s– OK. You guys dated. This is awkward. Did you date him? Yes! Oh, you dated him? Yes! Just move on! This is so– I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have put
you in this spot. You’re dead. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sitting in this position. I– OK. I’m sorry. All right. I love Lenny. He’s– All right. We’ve moved on. I so recommend him. Moved on. All right. We don’t care anymore. He’s lovely. All right. We’re on to Brad Pitt. We lost him. He’s gone. Yes. They took him away. I did not date Brad. You snooze, you lose. All right. No. But I apparently did. I had an entire relationship
that I didn’t even know about. Because you had– you had– you sat with him at a– at the– No, we did a– we did
it– yeah, exactly. Yeah. But I think we’re going to
stick with Michael B. Jordan. Yeah? All right. What happened– what
happened to Harry Styles? Michael! Come on. Ah! That would be awesome. Your face! [LAUGHS] Can you imagine? Oh, my god! Your face. Imagine if all of them were
lined up out the back, just waiting to make [INAUDIBLE]. Oh, my god! Yeah. Isn’t there a TV
show that does that? [INAUDIBLE] the rest just
turn around and leave. Oh, lord. Oh, my God. All right. Bombshell is in theaters. Andy is ready for
this game to be over. Bombshell is in
theaters December 20th. We’re going to play
a game after this. We’ll be back. I loved that.


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