Charlie Puth Gets a Surprise from Jennifer Aniston

Charlie Puth Gets a Surprise from Jennifer Aniston

Oh, Charlie. I love you so much. And you just keep getting bigger
and bigger and bigger– just more and more popular. And you write the best songs,
and I’m so happy for you. Thank you. How’s your neck? It’s fine. Totally fine. Yeah. You’re here on a
day that you are– Jen Aniston is here. You’re a huge
Friends fan, right? I am, yeah. Yeah. I’m shaking from excitement. Really? Yeah. I really hope there’s a reunion. Have you– I hope so, too. Yeah. Have you met Jen before? No, I haven’t. But you were just hanging out
with Lisa and Courtney, right? I was. I just– I did this thing
with Courtney and Lisa. And they invited
me over for pizza, and Judd Apatow was there, too. It was pretty cool. But no, I’ve never
met some of the guys, and I’ve never met Jen. Oh. Well, you should meet Jen. Jen, come back out here. What? [CHEERING] Oh, my gosh. [MUSIC – THE REMBRANDTS, “I’LL
told you life was– Hi. Hi. Oh. Nice to meet you. Wow, it’s so cool to meet you. How are you? How are you? This is so exciting. This is so cool. Ooh. How come I didn’t get
invited to that pizza party? Well, I think you were. I think you were out
of town or something. I was out of town. That’s OK. It was in and out pizza. No, no, no. No, no. [MUSIC – THE REMBRANDTS, “I’LL
rain starts to pour. I’ll be there– I’m dying right now. Are you– No, no. Are you going to– Am I sitting here? Are you going to stay? I think that would– You can stay. That’s a good idea, Jen. [CHEERING] Now, I’m really comfortable. Now. This is good. This looks very good together. I like this. Well, you smell so good. Thank you. She’s a good kisser, too. Really? [CHEERING] Just my day. So– This is phenomenal. So this is his
question for you– Yes. –and everyone’s question. Is there going to be a reunion? A Friends reunion? Like, a reboot of the show? Sure. Mm-hmm. No. What do you mean? Why are you– do you think you
have some secret information that– there’s going to– listen. We would love for
there to be something– Mm-hmm. –but we don’t know
what that something is. So we’re just trying–
we’re really– we’re working on something. I can be involved. You want to be involved? Yeah, I’ll do all the new music. Music? Yeah. I’ll– You heard it. Yeah. [CHEERING] That’s exciting. Yeah. I’m excited. Me and Ellen will
sing the theme song. OK. Yeah. It’ll be– I’m sorry? We’re going to sing the new
version of the theme song. The new theme song. No, I’m afraid not. No. Why? Well, I’m just
not a good singer. You don’t want me to ruin it. I’m not that good of a singer. OK. Yeah. She’s right. But is it– you don’t know that. Well, I do, ’cause
I’ve heard you sing. Where? Here, there, everywhere. No. We can safely say it’s probably
not a reboot movie, though. Probably a movie. Huge, huge, huge movie. No. I don’t– we don’t know. A possibility that it’s a movie. I– I don’t know yet. I– I– I– I–I– I don’t want to lead people on. But all of you were hanging out. The very first post you did
was all of them at your house– I know. But we did that because
we miss each other, and we all happened to be in
the same part of the world and maybe– Sounds like, to me, that
there’s something in the works. Right. Nobody falls for that, Jen. Nobody is like, oh, let’s
all get together because we haven’t seen each other. No. But no, we do do that, though. When’s the last time
that had happened? A couple minutes ago– a year– Yeah. Years ago. Years ago. Day, month, even a year. I don’t know. I’m just throwing
stuff out there. All right. This is my new girlfriend. [LAUGHTER] This is such a fun day. It is. Yeah, it’s good. I kissed Ellen. I get Charlie. Yep, you got me. It is a good day. Yeah, it’s a good day. I’m supposed to go
to break, but I know you’re enjoying this too much. And the longer I let this– If you have to it’s fine. Yeah, all right. We’ll be back. We’ll be right back.


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