Charles Barkley vs. Fox News

Charles Barkley vs. Fox News

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promise to it’s real quick buttons that people who are against fox i could read
to you and our first few hours because this guy president uh… he says quote uh… i watch c_n_n_ they’re not was built by clocks by low interest isn’t there a at mouthpiece for their
opponents forty i watched fox couple times on this so i want to see on that but they’re corrupt and uh… people at all you know but you
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75 thoughts on “Charles Barkley vs. Fox News”

  • I wonder what Rush Limbo has to say on this, since Rush absolutely worshipped Barkley when he playd for the Suns. Is Rush now going to trash him like he has Colin Powell?

  • I'd like to see Fox Anchor Megen Kelly try to shout down Sir Charles like she tried with Bill Burton. Barkley may have flashbacks of driving down the lane against Dennis Rodman. Boom – Megen Kelly into the rafters.

  • Rush Limbo worshiped Barkley? Amazing. After he got thrown off the NFL broadcasts for saying Donovan McNabb was only playing because he is black, I would have thought Limbo turned off the NBA when Larry Bird retired.

  • If a conservative would atleast admit the liberals are right once in a while then we can work together. Look, there is advantages to both sides so lets look at the best of both and stay in the middle of the road! ALL THINGS IN MODERATION! That includes the gobling up of wealth and the your all on your own attitute!

  • You make me laugh about Hollywood elitism and the mainstream media!! FOX broadcasts more "reality" shows than any other channel. Yes, the programs where 20-somethings all get drunk and have sex under blankets on camera. Such wholesome fare!!

  • I have been an independent for years and have never seen anything that is absolutely as blatantly biased – aggressively so – as Fox News. And yes, I do hear conservatives whining frequently about the so called liberal media. Your own comment is just one of a million examples, because all you are doing in your own comment is bitching about some falsely perceived lack of representation.

  • You never hear conservatives bitching about the lack of representation on TV? You mean, like you just did- "Every other network is liberal and dictates what people have to see, its horrible". Not to mention, aren't Lou Dobbs, Scarborough and Beck on CNN and MSNBC? Name a real liberal anywhere on Fox?

  • Fox News is nothing but a right-wing Nazi whom are just out there to praise the republican party.
    Well, the nation acted against Fox News on Nov. 4th by democratically electing the first black president. Swallow that Fox News.

  • Yes, Bush's Grandfather helped Hitler rise to power (fox news won't report it). I love America which is why I am happy Bush is out and we have a new president to restore freedom, justice, and democracy. Keep your ass shut and stick to you Facist or Nazi news (FOX) X standing for the Swastica. If you know what I mean.

  • I agree! He is my favorite basketball player, but he doesn't have a clue as to what is going on in society! Fox News Is fair and balanced!

  • You think Fox News is fair and balanced? Fox news is the most unabalanced, racist news network. Only stupid Americans believe what fox news has to say. Or should I say the Facist Or Nazi News.

  • Fox News might be right wing media but at least they take a stand against mainstream media. Somebody has to stick it to the man.

  • Yeah CNN is soo fair reporting Republican tea parties as teabagging. Fox News is Conservatively biased, and CNN, MSNBC, and ABC News are liberally biased.

  • I'm a conservative and completely against Obama. But do you really have to use that language????? Your only feeding liberals the ammo they need to call all conservatives racists. Your also making real conservatives look bad.

  • I understand why your mad, your 64 years old and bitter that times are changing. U don't have much time left on earth, get a hobby or something. I would be mad 2 if I knew death was around the corner. LOL

  • Can we agree on this? Bush had one of th worst tenures as president in history!!!!! So much senseless violence,terriorist acts,lack of supporting americans in crisis,and financial meltdowns has plagued his 8 year term!!!! PLus i'm from texas and he a racist asshole… stuck up rich bastard that thinks him and his powerful gay friends can rule the world with their money

  • DAMN "fair & balanced" I'll settle for "based on facts that can be researched by independent thinking individuals" as opposed to commentary based on emotional nonthinking bias. how about that!


    Those two are some of the most left wing individuals on the airwaves.

    You want real news?
    Watch BBC and Independent news casts.

    I don't really watch the news, i get all my info from the net and go from there. Televised news is an editorial, do some damn research on your own using unbiased tellings of the story….you know, the whole truth.

  • Two idiots in agreemant! When two idiots agree, you have the Young Turk and Charles Barkley. THE YOUNG TURK IS AN ASS!

  • Yea, and these guys, are muuuuuuch better! lol. Love Sarcastic journalism! not only proves they cant present an accurate news worthy telecast. but takes up most of there time bashing conservative view points! Give me fox news any day before these guys! and i am "black" by the way. another question…. when did being racist become the worst thing ever. secondly, most of the "dems" accuse "rep" of racism when their the ones most guilty of it! to many examples to name.. the left media doesnt report

  • @Mistuhbig Oh boo hoo! FOX IS NUMBER ONE IN RATINGS – period. Barkley is a fat gambler. Nuff said.

    Nov 2010!! BYE



  • KingDingaLing090 says:

    @TedSki82 Ooh how creative. You said Fox news is fake and at the same time, it has the letter F at the begining and the letter X at the end just like Fox.. holy shit, I am impressed, has anyone ever told you what a genius you are?

  • KingDingaLing090 says:

    @joeskiddlouisvpajama -Oh shit we have ourselves another genius. Tell me how am I brainwashed? There are "so many ways" right? Desribe one for me so I can marvel at your intellectual ability.

  • @MrBosskp I have great respect for those that lived through those days yourself included if what you say is true! However, no one is claiming that the sin of racism doesn't exist, and people both black and white died for that cause as well! Racism isn't right, but not forgiving is not right either! Jesus said if you wanted God to forgive your sins, you MUST forgive others as well!

  • @MrBosskp by the way unlike tiger, both my parents are Black, and your def of a brother should be clearly defined to show how silly it really is! I am a brother in Christ and to be honest,thats the only brotherhood i am really concerned about! Race(ism) has been a stumbling block for you that Satan himself has used to cause an ungodly divide! God has created every nationality for his purpose including whites & blacks to show his creativity! The blood is our common denominator which brings life

  • thetrueturnip says:

    erm just wondering do you guys know that like 8 percent of fox news is owned by a saudi prince. thats why they didnt run the no foreign fuel add.


  • starcrafter13terran says:

    @uncleflaco You made the point that Fox News is biased with your view on socialism (The McCarthyism of 2009+)

  • all TV is corrupt. news is usually made of lies. even real situations can be altered by a little white lie to make the situation 30x worse appearing

  • @bluetew37 You just described perfectly the M.O. of Faux News and the right wing. Thank you for putting it so well. I guess it take one to know one.

  • @Guitarrosaurusrex I bet you have Glen Beck's face tattooed on your ass…with a fucking swastika on his forehead lmao….go team NAZI!!! yaaaaay Nazis I mean republicans….I mean sorry….I'm so sorry I have turettes…Rush Limbaugh burns crosses…fuck i'm sorry…..Bill O'Reilly pretends he's a catholic priest and rapes altar boys…..jesus….fuck….fuck news….republicans are direct descendants of Hitler….holy shit I'm so sorry I really am

  • @allaboutdatGDA whoa…not to nit pick but uhm isn't George Bush republican? aaaaand didn't he have a vice president who shot his friend in the face? lmfao O_o I don't think republicans get the right to call anyone stupid for about 8 years since the George Bush administration is probably the biggest collection of morons of the purest kind….I swear Bush attempting to speak is like a toddler attempting his first words….oh yeah did I mention Dick Cheney shot someone in the face

  • Timothy Stratton says:

    i skimmed the whole video and nary a charles barkley clip….. FUCK YOU, YOUNG TURKS. You're not funny, interesting, smart, insightful or entertaining in ANY way. Stop polluting youtube…

  • @Mistuhbig I can't argue. But then again it might not have as much to do with the color of your skin as it does with the fact that they're trying to get dirt on a liberal politician. Politics is a dirty game.

  • fox is the best, even tho all news is shit, if i had to choose it would be fox, fuck obama, you supporters will regret him soon 😉 WINK WINK MUTHERFUCKINGNIGGERS

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