Channel News at O’Clock!

Channel News at O’Clock!

Channel News with five-time Emmy Award watching anchor Jake Robinson Rake Nobinson, weather Lake Gobinson, sports, and Bake Bobinson, in the field. It’s Channel News at O’Clock! Good evening everyone here’s some extremely relevant information that you need to know. A banana slips on a man, a local boy jumps off a roof in an attempt to make a viral video sometimes you need to know when to stop. And the new development has developed President Trump did something that upset some people Never thought I’d see the day Now lets head over to Rake with weather, Rake? Thank you Jake now, let’s get right into our forecast here, as you can see It’s pretty sunny out. It’s very nice But we could be seeing a storm later this week Maybe I don’t know we have no way of knowing but you can just look it up online There are a lot of grass and trees outside. So expect some of that coming your way Back to you Jake. That’s not Okay, now let’s get into our main story for the evening a banana slips on a man The roles have been reversed, and here today We have a special guest to give us first-hand knowledge on the incident. Banana, can you tell us a little bit about what happened to you? So I was Was just walking down the street minding my own business When all of a sudden under my peel, I saw a man They say it’s just a myth But it’s no myth I slipped on the man And now look at me I’ll be rotten within a day Wow that is truly tragic Do you have anything else to say about the incident? I’m sorry, I can’t do this anymore. Oh This is truly heartbreaking indeed Okay, let’s head over to sports with Lake Gobinson, Lake? The World Cup was held in Russia this year those communist bastards Anyways, Croatia wherever that is, sounds made up, tried to win the final but the French somehow pulled out a victory, bastards. And other than that, Rolando scored a bunch of goals, some one was messy and Another individual was confused and thought he was doing a gymnastics routine Now getting some real sports boys. It’s football season Some great stuff Lake, thank you. Now, let’s head out into the field with Bake and see what kind of work he’s been doing Lake? So today I’m gonna be mowing the lawn. It’s very long and it needs maintenance. Yeah, that that’s it, back to you Jake. Oh Um Oh That’s some great work out there bake For our final segment here today. We have a local boy who jumped off a roof in an attempt to make a viral video So why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself? Hi, my name is parkour Jake I’m literally the exact same person as you in every single way, except I’m really in a parkour. Mm-hmm interesting interesting So why did you pursue this career? Just the rush of? Just the rush of pulling off some of those crazy moves, the feeling you get when the adrenaline is coursing through your veins after pulling off a wild stunt It’s just incomparable. I’m pretty sure it’s uncomparable Oh noncomparable Noncomparable? That still doesn’t sound right. Okay, the feeling cannot be compared there I can actually show you some of my parkour right now if you don’t mind. Oh, yeah in in the studio Sure, go for it. Okay here goes nothing Okay, that’s all we have for you today for everyone here at channel news We would like to thank you for tuning in. Have a good night and see you next time!


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