CHANGE HABITS: Breaking Bad Behaviours by Owen Fitzpatrick

CHANGE HABITS: Breaking Bad Behaviours by Owen Fitzpatrick

Lots of people ask me what’s the deal
with habits what does the science say In just a few minutes you’ll know
exactly what you need to do to change any habit or build any new behavior
habits determine your success or failure and all businesses and
organizations live or die on the collective habits of
their workforce. Put simply you need to know this. So what a habit A habit is an automatic behavior that we
engage in without even thinking. The part of our
brain that stores habits is called the basal ganglia and it’s
the old brain where our instincts and feelings work from. The new
brain is known as the frontal cortex and that’s where self-discipline and
willpower originate from. The key is to learn how to use the new
brain to override our old brains habitual
urges. How? Well there’s been some great work in the
area of habit change quite recently the Power of habit by Charles Duhigg
is a great book about changing habits. Another super
book on the topic is called making habits breaking habits
by Jeremy Dean But what are the main approaches
suggested by the best minds out there Well there is mindfulness which suggests
being more aware of the present on your part so you can take more control which is
pretty cool. When you simply notice your urges and feelings you can allow them to pass and make an
intelligent decision based upon what’s good for you in the
moment. CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy suggests ways have associating positive
feelings to a new behavior You condition yourself by rewarding good
behavior and stopping yourself engaging in old
habits through negative reinforcement Hypnosis allows you to make suggestions
the subconscious mind in order to think in new ways about the
habit and NLP or neuro-linguistic programming teaches you
to change the images you make in your mind so that you can eliminate
the craving since thinking can be seen as being made above
that images we make and how we talk to ourselves. When you become
aware of this you can do something about it You can reprogram how you think about
the habit craving and therefore diminish the feelings you have about it Well they’re all cool approaches but there’s
really only three things that you need to know
about habit formation and change in order to make it work. One value the
change You won’t change anything unless you’ve a
strong enough reason to Imagine vividly how great it will be
when you engage in the new habit Really imagine the kind of person you
want to be and all the advantages of the new habit and the downside to the
old habit. The urgency of change must be there. Two strategize is the second part and is the
technical side of things Your habits are triggered and produce rewards all habits have a trigger this is automatically conditioned to produce a
behavior as a result what can you do to change this? Change
the environment so that you’re less likely to be
impacted by the trigger. Cigarettes after sex take the smokes away and you won’t be
able to smoke ’em. Coffee for breakfast try a banana instead. Smack after meeting
your dealer kill the smack dealer. One example of this is a lady I worked with who had the habit
eating biscuits which she watched TV So I said it was okay she ate the
biscuits, she just had to do it my way My way was to have a choice. She
wanted biscuits, she could have them but she was to store
them in a high cupboard and needed to take out plates and knifes
and a fork and eat them in the kitchen or she could
just grab a piece of fruit go straight back to TV what’s really
crucial is not just changing the environment but
the plan for the trigger and make sure you’ve a new behavior ready to go when it happens and that it
produces new feeling that is better than the old feeling
rebuild the doc and make sure that when you perform the
new habit you reward yourself with feelings such as self-pride or whatever else you can think of. Decide how you’re going to deal with the various
challenges you’re going to face as you change and built new habits. My
partner brings me to a restaurant with the cheesecake from heaven then I’ll order extra vegetables earlier
on and fill myself ok 3 identify with it Last you need to start becoming the kind
of person who engages in the new habits so you become nonsmoker, you become a healthy n fit person the kind of
person who takes care of what they put into their body. See yourself
as the kind of person who does it and it will streamline and become a
natural part of your lifestyle So in summary value it strategize it and identify with it. For more
information on some cool psychological stop check out thanks
for watching


39 thoughts on “CHANGE HABITS: Breaking Bad Behaviours by Owen Fitzpatrick”

  • Neal McCullough says:

    I had a blast drawing this with Mutiny Filmhouse. Working with a great script helps too! Hope this works well for you Owen.

    Cheers, Neal McCullough

  • Truly interesting Video!

    I was always a failure in my life and did not know the reason!

    My friend gave me this "7 habits of …" book by Covey. I read it many times and understood that Habits are very important in life.

    I took it seriously, so i started using "sevenhabits" mobile app by lokesh which was a tool to practice the 7 habits and it has helped me a lot!

    Now, I am more confident and have more energy and more focus!

  • I love your videos because they balance practicality and humor in a very relatable way, making the whole idea of change seem doable (perhaps even easy) an fun!

  • Great suggestions to change behaviour, but I wonder what is gained by adding habit to the equation when giving a scientific explanation of the process. We can just change the environment to promote healthy eating, non-smoking, etc. (i.e. behaviours). Why does it matter if people are thinking about it or not, i.e. whether it's automatic or conscious? 

  • Very good video. I have a habit of eating when I have nothing to do. It is automatic. So I'm going to remember this advice 🙂

  • I used to be lazy…its like a chain…u delay one thing and you keep delaying others…but then I figured out even if you create the smallest habit can make a drastic change from who you used to be…I started using "Rewire – Habit & Goal Tracker" an android app. It worked like a miracle for me

  • Citizen Observer says:

    Thank you so much Owen Fitzpatrick. I have so many bad habits I need to break and I want to so desperately but anxiety disorder is an obstacle to realizing these changes. I still try to break through, and sometimes, small steps are made, then before you know it, I've made the change. It's rare that happens, but with your tips, I think I can take better control and achieve the changes my body needs. Thank you!!!!

  • Hi thanks for your video , I need a help as I am too talkative its hampering my career as well as my life can you make a video on how to talk less

  • in a minute you'll know why I love your work. As you read this, you may want to know why I'm taking the effort to go out of my way and thank you. You could have done a simple video explaining the process, instead, you layer it with positive NLP throughout to make the viewer want to feel better and genuinely change for self-improvement. I wouldn't ask anyone reading this comment to blindly subscribe to this channel, but, do so after you see a vid that helps you. I don't know if you'll read and remember this comment Owen, but I Thank you, deeply, for the good work you put in. keep on keeping on!

  • The key is not switching to be a "Non smoker(anything)" … its to set your self up for no longer needing to "fill that time" with what ever your doing and feel it up with something good or different that will not leave you sitting idle wanted what you have mentally "taken away from your self" for example . I am not smoking , not smoking , not smoking… or I am enjoying running in the morning , spending money on good healthy food from whole foods, and riding my bike to work … I don't even think of "smoking or not smoking" because I have not only "stopped" but I'm now using that time effort and money to better my life .

  • Great video, and thank you for the post. You have touched some of the basic behavior analytic principles. However, a behavior is actually determined by the immediate consequent event, not by the brain or the mind. The consequent event that contingent on our behaviors may increase or decrease it. In addition, mind and consciousness are constructs, and they are not real, and they do not determine how we behave. Now, verbal behavior, on the other hand, is also a set of behaviors that included verbal communication and thinking. In addition, private event, such as thoughts, feeling, and emotion are things that we do not have direct control over them. Thought, however, you may able to control it, but it determine by contacting the environment that evokes the thoughts ( also a verbal behavior), which encourage private event.
    To change your habit, you don't start with the mind or brain. In fact, you can't even see your brain, how can you control it? Of course, mind itself is just a made up construct, which has no real practical solutions. Thoughts and emotions can be indirectly controlled by arranging our environment. Moreover, you don't change yourself, you change your physical and social environments. The habits that all of us have are the result of reinforcement history. It is the reinforcement history of our behaviors that determine our habits. Find your reinforcer that follows the behavior of concern, and withhold that reinforcer to decrease the likelihood of the behavior of concern. Then, find an alternative appropriate behavior and its reinforcement that aims to increase the behavior. On top of that, it is important to under the functions of behavior. If you able to detect the functional relationship between the behavior and the physical/social environment, you can effectively change the behavior of concern.

  • This is shit

    You can't stop smoking by not having a pack nearby; you'll just end up going to them, or buying more.
    A smack addict can literally die from going cold turkey.

    Lighter habits such as eating are going to need a strong alternative… Smoking or drinking for instance, which is going to cause more problems.

    These 'techniques' are just going to fail and the individual will just return to the old habits.

  • our way of expressing these concepts always attracts me, and nothing, but nothing compares with it– the tone, the depth of spirituality, I can't put it into words. Your Manifesting Manual is something I can read over and over and soak up. I am in process of making the routine a solid part of my life, and it has made a difference! I LOVE your 12 meditations too [ Check Details ]! I know I am a different person after 9 months with Super Manifestor, and in process of continued positive change! You deserve accolades every day of the year! Keep on with everything, and as we say in Spanish, "ANIMO!" Lots of love and every blessing to you both.

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