Chaduvula Thalli || Satyabhama || Tamada Media

Chaduvula Thalli || Satyabhama || Tamada Media

Baba, see to it
that I remember all that I studied. I hope Rupa isn’t up and studying already.
I’ll call and check. She isn’t answering, so maybe she is asleep.
Lovely! I can study peacefully now. Such disturbance. This is the problem with studious kids.
Neither do they sleep, nor let people around them sleep. She ruined my sleep.
Divya! It is only 4AM.
Why don’t you sleep a little more? Hell, no, uncle! From 4AM to 6AM, brain functions
at its full capacity. It is the best time to study. Alright, keep studying,
but do not ruin our sleep. There isn’t a single good show
on TV right now. ‘Is this the age for you people to worry about marriage?
Let your parents worry about your marriage.’ ‘Now is the time for you all to study.’
– She is correct, uncle! She is correct! Now is the time to study, right?
– Yes, right! – She is my inspiration. I’ll get back to my studies.
– Sure. ‘Is this the age for you people to worry about marriage?
Let your parents worry about your marriage.’ ‘Now is the time for you all to study.
You’re going to colleges to study, that’s it.’ Put your books aside atleast while eating.
That is no way to eat. What do you want for lunch today?
– Make Lady’s Fingers, aunt. It’ll help me do math better. Did you ever hear
Mr Ramanujam ever say that? Learn from her. Hello, there.
– Hello. Please, come in. How are you? – I’m good, uncle.
– She is your cousin. – I remember, dad. She has always been a topper. She always studies.
Even now she is. Did we disturb you? No, uncle, it is alright.
– He is Anil, my son. He finished Inter recently. He wants to become a photographer
but I want him to become an engineer. I’m confused about what to do.
Since you’re very wise I wanted to take your opinion. Photography! Why waste time over such trifles?
Since he is done with Inter, make him write EAMCET and get him into some civil engineering college.
After engineering, make him appear for GATE. If he does well, he’ll land a government job.
If he doesn’t, send to US for MS. If neither of these work, he’ll still land
some basic IT job around here. Get him married after that. Then, you can retire and have fun at home.
– Yes, you are right. No, she isn’t. I’ll become a photographer.
– Shut up! Didn’t you hear her? If I ever spot you with that camera again,
I’ll break it. Let’s go now! If he has study related doubts, please tutor him.
– Sure. – Let’s go! Be happy and study hard.
You, move it! You know nothing else in life but books.
That isn’t the case with everyone. And dumb parents like my dad
listen to what dumb people like you say. Hello? – Did you start preparing for the exam?
– No, not yet. I’m watching TV. Why? Did you start?
– No! We promised each other to only study together. Yes, we’ll study just two days before the exam.
I’ll call you and inform you. Don’t open your books until then. Okay. Bye.
– Yeah, bye. Thank God. What a performance. My uncle asked you to pack groceries. Did you?
– Yes, I did. Let me make a bill. Rs. 123 plus Rs. 123..
– Rs. 123 plus Rs. 123.. The total is Rs. 3723.
– Genius! ‘I don’t know anymore hymns, Lord!
Please, ensure I’m asked all the questions I know in the exam.’ ‘Also, see to it I don’t drop even a single mark.
And, at best, Kalyani should get the 2nd rank and me the 1st.’ ‘Please, Lord! I’m not asking for much, right?’ ‘Goddess Saraswati, Lord Ganesha, Sai Baba..’ ‘You all, together,
make me rock this exam.’ Hey, boy, do you know the answer to question 1?
– Other than question 2, I know all answers. Let me copy answer 1 from you. You can copy answer 2 from me.
– Alright, that’s a deal. Thanks to him, I answered the question 1.
I know the answers to the rest. Show me the answer to question 2.
– I won’t. – You said you would. – No, I didn’t. Sir, this guy is bothering me. Additional, please.
Another one. I guess your exam went well.
I will, atmost, get pass marks. I screwed up the paper. I’m sure I’ll flunk.
– If we fail, we will do well in the retake. Hello, dad.. I’m done with the exam today.
I’m sure I’ll get the top mark. ‘So, you’ll land the job?’
– Of course, I will. I’m sure I’ll nail the group discussion too. After I land the job, you’ve to buy me the bike you promised.
– ‘Sure, I will.’ – Talk to you later then. Bye. Good morning, guys!
You all have cleared the written test. It is a big day to you all. The topic for the GD is,
‘Is social media helping people connect or not?’ You’ve one minute to jot down your points. According to me, social media is connecting people.
It plays a major role in our lives and is used for communication. As per my opinion, social media is connecting people,
family and friends in an easier way. There are so many disadvantages with social media.
People are spending all their time on social media. What do you have to say?
Hello? Mom, do I use the borrowing method to deduct 5 from 20?
– I say take a break from studies. Go and buy yourself a chocolate. How much did I give you?
– Rs. 20. – How much does the chocolate cost? Rs. 5.
– How much more money do you got left? – Rs. 15. There you go. That is your answer.
You’ll understand topics better only if you apply them. But, if you focus only on mugging your topics up,
you’ll end up like me. So, play games, play with friends, pick up a hobby or two.
If your growth is all round, you’ll do well in life. Hi! I assume you all could relate with this video.
I’m sure there is someone like me among your friends too. Do share this video with them.
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