6 thoughts on “CFCF12 Pulse News – Post Referendum Blues – Part 1”

  • You're right! Quebecers (the smart ones) don't want to separate! If they did, that'd stop the gravy train from Ottawa, all those transfer payments robbed from the rest of the country that are necessary to keep the have-not socialist excuse for a province of Quebec afloat!

  • Ummm… what have I said that's not true? I lived in Montreal in the 70's. I was part of the mass exodus of English forced to move out of quebec because English businesses were being boycotted. Everyone I knew moved out. Don't tell me I don't know what I'm talking about. I lived through it. Quebec is infested with losers and socialist assholes. They are the most heavily taxed and most have-not province in the country because they are greedy bastards who want everyone else to take care of them.

  • As far as the "separation" aspect goes, that has never been the intention. It's a red herring the french throw out to extort money from the rest of Canada. It's what they do.

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