Celeste Barber Goes Viral!

Celeste Barber Goes Viral!

(upbeat music) Okay, this by the way, is Celeste Barber. She’s really funny. She got famous doing parodies of celebrities like Cardi B and people like that. Just take a look. (soft pop music) (upbeat country music)
(audience laughs) (soft pop music) (upbeat country music)
(audience laughs) (audience cheers) No, that’s not… Celeste has over six million followers. What do you, is that what you do? Yeah, it’s, yeah.
You make money from that? No, no, not from that. Instagram doesn’t pay, no no no no. I make money from touring shows and writing shows.
You’re a comedian? Yes, I’m a comedian, yeah yeah. Can you please talk about my shoes, ’cause they really hurt. Shoe cam, please.
And I yeah… There you go. Look, you’re nice and tall. Yeah!
Okay. And now I’m hoping, can I take them off? Because I thought if we did this– Make yourself at home!
Okay. Fine, please! (cheers) (applause) Okay, all right. All righty! I saw this video of you doing Britney Spears. Yes, yeah that’s… Like.. Okay, there’s Britt.
That’s, That’s not me, that’s Britney in case you guys are wondering. Uh huh and celebrities, do they, oh God! (laughing) Yeah. Are celebrities good sports when they find your video? Yeah, really good sports. It’s kind of annoying, ’cause I was like, “Oh, I reckon you’re gonna hate it.” and then I meet them, and I’m like, “Ah, damn it! You’re excellent and nice.” Yeah. Damn. Yeah, well, you have to go harder. Yeah I will, I will.
I guess. How’d you get this start? Well, I’ve always done acting and comedy in Australia. I’m Australian for those of you going, “What! Is she saying?” Australian. Um, and then, I just started doing these parodies, and all of a sudden people were like, “Oh my God.” and then there’s one that I did of Kim Kardashian, half naked on a dirt hill, obviously. there it is. (laughing) Oh my God. Oh, that’s me at Tom Ford show! That’s me at, yeah. (applause) Yeah, now you all care, Now everyone cares,
(cheering)(applause) Yeah, so, you’re a big deal. I’m a massive deal, you guys. And you’re gonna be on showtime, with a special? I’ve got a special, everything. Tell about it. Well, I think, yeah, I had just finished touring, like a world tour. Okay, is it gonna be stand up, or is it gonna be, uh, the parodies as well? Oh no, no, it’s stand up. It’s stand up, like, it’s funny it’s jokes, obviously– In flats.
No, no. Or naked feet.
No, I’ve got sneakers. Perfect, sneakers are the best. It’s fun. Celeste! Congratulations, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, thank you. Challenge accepted; it airs Friday night at nine o’clock on Showtime. (pop music)


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