100 thoughts on “CDC Recommends Wearing Cloth Face Coverings Or Masks: What You Need To Know | NBC Nightly News”

  • Moronic to not wear a mask in public. You wear it to protect others and to help train yourself from touching your face.

  • Maxilla Thymus says:

    Masks provide protection to everyone around the wearer. It will never work in a self-centred society, which values 'freedom'.

  • The experts in CDC are incompetent. Asian people have known mask can help since SARS in 2002.
    It's sad their masks were bought out by people from China.
    They have missed 2 months that could build their own mask production lines.
    Now, they have to beg China to sell their masks back at higher price.

  • It's voluntary☝️ and soon alot of companies will come up with nationalist masks, hate masks, obscene masks and so on for money taking advantage of tragedy. That is not right. I mean just keep your distance and be careful. ?

  • 請中研院和衛服部等立刻着手研發[武漢肺炎病毒量感測筆或app]?L。若偵測到附近環境或他人病毒超量就會緊急鳴笛提醒,以預防並確保個人和團體安全,免受武漢肺炎病毒感染請中研院立刻着手研發[武漢肺炎病毒量感測筆或app]?L。若偵測到附近環境或他人病毒超量就會緊急鳴笛提醒,以預防並確保個人和團體安全,免受武漢肺炎病毒感染。

  • 請中研院和衛服部等立刻着手研發[武漢肺炎病毒量感測筆或app]?L。若偵測到附近環境或他人病毒超量就會緊急鳴笛提醒,以預防並確保個人和團體安全,免受武漢肺炎病毒感染請中研院立刻着手研發[武漢肺炎病毒量感測筆或app]?L。若偵測到附近環境或他人病毒超量就會緊急鳴笛提醒,以預防並確保個人和團體安全,免受武漢肺炎病毒感染。

  • God. Please forgive our sins and let us know if we can get the the fastest way to solve this problem (Communism China virus,). To increase the power to the best president , Donald J Trump .

  • God. Please forgive our sins and let us know if we can get the the fastest way to solve this problem (Communism China virus,). To increase the power to the best president , Donald J Trump .

  • God. Please forgive our sins and let us know if we can get the the fastest way to solve this problem (Communism China virus,). To increase the power to the best president , Donald J Trump .


    Your all idiots, Crisis actors faking the scenes in hospitals so they get your sympathy instead of questioning the narrative. Keeping us isolated so we cant socialize with each other, monitoring the social media for rebels, and tracking all of the sheep leftover, with vaccines disguised as a defense against an invisible

  • “We All Wear Mask!”

    Tell that bullsh** to the local police departments when dealing with people in the hood, sh** they use to harass us back in 1990 for wearing winter mask in the streets of Baltimore, so I can only imagine what’s going to happen in the streets of LA wearing a bandanna (colors).


    *I remember one cold rainy night I went into a Walgreens in Baltimore with my Hoodie on to get a Red Bull, the police officer was cool, but the b***h in the back wasn’t and assaulted me by poking me in the neck with a finger, I turned around like why, what if I punched you….

  • cloth mask really??? first saying it had to be medical graded now they're sayin cloth doubt its gonna protect specially when your are not covered ?

  • Everyone should be wearing N95.
    They use respirator grade masks in Asia. Not surgical masks or cloth masks or bananas. We should focus on mask production as well as ventilators.

  • The US government should be ashamed for lying to us like this. I don't know what's worse the Gov. lies or the people believing them.
    These cloth masks do not stop the spread, it is a tool to calm people and give them hope. It's very dangerous and a lot more people are going to die from this misinformation

  • How would you know if the person walking around in public with a bandanna covering their mouth is an innocent bystander and not a potential suspect or a will-be robber?

  • LMAO the CDC is laughable, it is only now that they recommended wearing of masks?!, no wonder the infection rate is high, I don't think you need research to impose wearing of masks as prophylactic

  • Just a thought..who might be responsible for the coronavirus…Mother Nature…she says.."humans your melting the ice caps.. I am all hot and bothered now..time to put an end to this"…I know Mother Nature is just a moniker..but..what if?……stay healthy.. peace..

  • The slave masters in the United States corporation and China sent a bio weapon that the United States and China sent to the people worldwide is affecting people that are only in 5G areas,and it's only affecting the people who took their measles mumps and rubella shot or their vaccines

  • mr incredible says:

    I wear long sleeve shirts i can't find masks anywhere. Just lost my aunt this morning due 2 this f n virus

    Dear lord please help find a cure a men

  • zafar ahmed Butt says:

    Trillions of dollars spent in the wars for the last 40 years, in the whole world, getting very less for people.

  • So now wrapping any-old scarf around my face will stop this epidemic? 4 months ago the CDC would have laughed at such a proposal. So CDC please show the careful studies that prove a scarf is effective. They can't even decide if the CCP virus is airborne or not.

  • Took the West so long to realize covering face is useful, the Asians have been doing it since the start of the virus outbreak. Does it explain why the infection rates are much lower in Asian countries?

  • Here's the link to a video explaining why the infection rate is so high in Italy. Several weeks ago, in Italy, government officials laughing at an Italian MP for wearing a mask.

  • Anythin Anywear says:

    Of course he won't do it. He don't listen to anyone in the government. If he didn't like them, he'd just fire them.

  • Now, everyone wear N95 masks, and go back to work. The working space should be partitioned, ventilated, etc. The economy is being screwed up. You should open the country.

  • The GM Korea is running its factory at full capacity. Every worker is wearing masks. The working space is protected against coronavirus. Even the diner is partitioned using acrylic panel.

  • Teachers buy Taiwanese masks and do not buy from China because it is not safe and does not guarantee quality. It is very likely that the whole community has been infected by the virus so the kit and virus

  • How to make the bandanna type mask with 2 rubberbands for ear loops is creative. Out West here everyone wears the bandanna like its a holdup simply tied behind your head.

  • I have 2 of the risks. I am elderly (I don’t relate to that term) and I have asthma. We are doing everything we can to keep it from coming to our home.

  • They said you don't need masks at the beginning g because they wanted healthcare providers to have them first, then when the supplies caught up to demand they want you to wear them. Simple and necessary strategy. If they recommended using them from the start, there would have been people hoarding them and the doctors and nurses wouldn't have had any. Grow up clowns. Even if you get the virus you still have a 98% chance of survival in America…

  • Patrick Young says:

    health people shall wear the mask, because when you detect some who is affected by the virus could have already spread the virus to many other healthy people. so it is much more important health people wear the mask to protect yourselves.

  • Marcus Hughes says:

    What happened to not wearing them because people touch their faces- that was for months, keeping up the oieb

  • As a nurse I go to work putting my like and my family’s life at risk to safe others during this crisis. Hearing from the president that he will not be using a mask and focusing on the fact that using a mask is optional, is truly unacceptable. We should all be doing everything we can to protect ourselves as well as others and using a mask WILL most definitely help. Every one please do everything you can to stay safe. And may the Lord be with us during this difficult times.

  • Clarence Smith says:

    Our president looks tired and I know he is, no one hardly ever comments on this but I can see he’s terribly weak looking and tired looking, if your close to the president please watch out for him he has a lot on his plate.

  • Sounds like another Trump hating chat room. Why do you all need to be told what to do? We are all taught about things like viruses and the spread of germs in school. Too many people are shucking personal accountability and passing the buck to the powers that be. What would John F. Kennedy think of Americans' behavior during this? "Ask not what your country can do for you…" How about the people going to that church and talking about being protected because they are covered in Jesus Christ's blood. The spring breakers that you would normally find hollering about social justice have inadvertently killed potentially tens of thousands of fellow countrymen claiming "world hunger" and "poverty" are "bigger issues than covid-19…" We all know exactly what needs to be done to stop this.

  • Oct 11 2019 meteorite falls NE Songyuan spotted traveling east. What other city is NE? Wuhan. takes a month to adapt to our oxygen and weaponize. why cant we find patient Zero? infects 41 people, and they start pouring in medical clinics around wuhan. that was Nov 17th. and they started reporting it to WHO dec 31. They could never find where the meteorite landed. and this virus has never been seen before.

  • To be honest, I am worried about the future of the nation. Other countries have shown us the lessons. We are basically making the same mistakes again and learning the same lessons.

  • The only way a virus can be transmitted to you is through a vaccine. There is NO way you can get a virus from another person by coughing, handshaking or whatever, because the virus is NOT alive!!! Bacterial infection yes, but not a virus. Masks, two meter distance is USELESS… GET IT??? All made to distance us, to separate us. Open your eyes for the truth!!!

  • Estebahn Goldman says:

    Right ! Right ! Cover your face ! Republican have lost me here ! Refrigerator trailers at hospital's in New York ! There hauling away bodies and what is white house saying ? They lost me !

  • The Wizards at the CDC causing more fear and panic. Aren't you tired of having your mind controlled by random magicians yet?

  • Wow… look how they won't show Andrew Cuomo telling people to smell his hands, or DeBlasio tweeting that people should go out on the town and see a Broadway show….

  • The FDA-approved Drug Ivermectin inhibits the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro

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  • Protect yourself now ?? .

  • What's the point of trying to save humanity when the government's,police,corporations are corrupt people won't stand up to them people are ignorant arrogant greedy selfish lazy feminism and racism should not exist at this point because people can't grow up we learn nothing from history people all around the world are unable to get along as time goes on it doesn't get better it gets worse and so much more we had our chance on this planet and screwed it up horribly think long and hard about this

  • Pamela Hannibal says:

    Push Ups,Squads,Stretching, Regularly…Small meals,drink lots of water?read to occupy taughs.Gosh took quarantine to realise that.

  • They are saying this virus can stay in the air for 3 hours and they are still debating whether it's a good thing to wear?
    Something is very wrong here.

  • Armando Sturzenegger says:

    A virus can enter through your eyes, your skin where it is an open wound, as small as a pore. Even if you scratch yourself at night whilst sleep. In the morning if you touch any surface containing the virus OR contaminated air flow in contact with that specific irritated area you'll get it. Also.. The virus can enter through the pores of your skin, whilst you sweat. So basically, saying that a mask with no biological hazard qualities will qualify as '' universal protection '' is misleading. Any individual who wants to be fully protected needs a special suit and mask, used in biological hazardous activities, all sealed.

  • ROFL! Everyone but Trump is SCARED of a BAD FLU that killed fewer people thaN THE FLU. PLUS we now have a CURE so what's everyone PARANOID about???????????

  • Every day almost the CDCs recommendations flip flop. Being in the hospital I have come to the realization that said recommendations have nothing to do with what is actual best practice and simply evolve to what is most practical at the time. 2 weeks ago we were told our odds of catching covid went up if we constantly wore a mask because that warm and humidified area you continue rebreathing is perfect breeding ground for the virus to multiply. Now it seems to be what they want for the world. The media pressure has all agencies tied to this spiraling. If you think a rolled up bandana is really stopping virus at 0.125 micron size and this recommendation isnt mostly for comfort… well… at least people wont bark at you for a sniffle anymore… maybe.

  • What I don't hear is the information that mishandeling the masks 'after' use can be just as risky as not using them at all. Using masks 'correctly' and then disposing or cleaning them 'properly' is critically important.

  • ya you bet i'm going to wear a mask. No need for government to tell me. Someone intentionally cough on me as he passed by!

  • Randell Daugherty says:

    The CDC is a threat to the public. Every day it's something else. The surgeon General is a lieutenant at best. People will run amok if these idiots are not relieved of their positions.

  • Westerners should cover up their faces before it is too late. Learn from the Asian countries.

  • If you want to make an easy mask for you and your family this Facebook group has the best free pattern!!!

  • In China, everyone wear masks, while the CDC was telling people not to. Why now? If a Face mask won’t work for the average Americans, why now?

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