CDC issues travel advisory for these states to curb coronavirus cases


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  • Will the new test be accurate if you are asymptomatic,? No, because you can't have a test if you are asymptomatic and by the time your symptoms show…you have probably infected 3 more people, that's a low estimate. I never trusted this guy as far as I could throw him!

  • Did you notice he said the questions where coming from the producers. Scam ! I know NY is broke and needs money. That's why the governor was hiding thousands of ventilators. Criminals running this country exposed

  • Trump Cheated To The People Who Voted For Him, When He Said " It Is Going To Dissappear One Day" . And said falsely " That Is Is Contained". He underplayed the risks. US will be the next Italy Soon.

  • Truth To Power says:

    Donald Trump has created this problem with his sheer incompetence and lack of foresight in January and then played it off as a hoax through February.

  • I've smoked for 40 yrs, I work in a dusty environment, but I believe God will welcome me home, so whatever happens happens

  • Many of our politicians they're with the agenda many celebrities also.the virus is out there it was put there deliberately the slow response of protecting the people many was paid to allowed it to spread. They also put fear in people so food and things that people need would be a problem. they reach out to the panic group so they could cost mass confusion.

  • Since all the rich and wealthy got out already, the “travel advisory” is now in place for all the working middle class.

  • BrushyMtnGolfer says:

    “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” ~ Matthew 6:34

  • Appomattox Rose says:

    If all liberal cities would just quarantine themselves, we would certainly recover a lot sooner – in more ways than one.

  • Infernus Ifrit says:

    Is this guy sending us mixed messages or a warning? Behind him are two books. Bird-flu and the over his shoulder conveniently cropped False Alarm. Is it a deliberate or subconscious warning or one more red herring? I don't know, you decide. Is he saying this is a false alarm and bird-flu is on the way? OR is he saying something else? Food for dangerous conspiratorial thinking.

  • These are floating coffins once the beds are filled up 1,000 beds are filled up all these patients have the China virus when they died they just sink the ships. Floating coffins waiting for you.

  • we all gonna die an it all TRUMPS fault. He sent american troops to China to get them sick an it backfired. BERNIE 2020

  • Why did CDC send this travel advisory so late? And why the hell the W.H.O failed to send the travel advisory message sooner around the world & to America ??? This is totally irresponsible from CDC & W.H.O. Citizens around the world been infected have travel since the deadly virus started including in America. Citizens around the US infected are moving around and leaving their state to move into another, where the other state is trying their hardest to end the spread of coronavirus or that is low and contained.

  • Not enough is being done for fear of hurting the economy. This is a once in 100 years world wide pandemic where the key is to be ahead of the curve. We are way behind it. Shut it down now or risk the United States becoming a scene similar or worse than Italy but on a much larger scale.

    Edit: (1) Words like Urge, suggest and request will not make irresponsible people do the right thing! (2) America is FULL of irresponsible people. I am a freedom loving patriot and understand the possible ramifications of precedent that would be set by a mandatory and enforceable (aka martial law) quarantine. At this point freedom is no good if your dead. IN the end it will likely happen anyway so why not take preemptive action to influence the situation in our favor??

  • My life My Rules says:

    They will keep playing the sick scare game until the network upgrade to 5G is done …

    Stop asking politicians or medical staff …all it takes is a network technician… they'll tell you when it's over ….

  • Perhaps they need to test individuals and remove the uninfected from the population. Wouldn't that also help stop the spread in NY?

  • It's no longer enough to just have travel bans from other countries. We need a travel ban from New York, California, etc.!!

  • Terrence Bryant says:

    Respiratory droplets? Water right? Vaping short for vapor, which by definition is coming out of the lungs. So vaping should be a way to transmit the virus.

  • Shayna Monique says:

    Me and my family are more concerned and worried about what the government is up to. Yes i believe the virus is real but they took it a ran with it as a distraction.

  • If you need a cell phone to buy ANYTHING in China, including FOOD. How come 21 MILLION cell phone accounts wemt DARK ?
    I have asked this question to MANY news outlets and I get CRICKETS.

  • Infernus Ifrit says:

    Also how small are the infectious respiratory dropplets? Molecular or smaller. I mean, sneezing produces respiratory droplets. These droplets are small enough to remain suspended in the air from minutes to hours. We also have to consider that if you are in a store, some may have a positive pressure atmosphere while others vent continually. How does this affect dispersion? There are a lot of variables to consider here. The doctor in the interview almost played down the potential for the droplet to remain suspended in the air. But, if you consider the facts they don't coincide unless they consider atomization in a cough or sneeze during the infect ion cycle.

  • What a stupid question. If the disease can be carried in smoke/vape then it would also be carried in breath, right?.. My ex wife thought trash created maggots..

  • The cesspool of New York needs to be shut down. They are super spreaders. Why are they going where they're not wanted and trying to infect elderly and kids with asthma or compromised immune systems? Shut down the disease ridden New York infection spread.?

  • They need to move the voting age for liberals to 26. their children are not mentally developing as fast as they used to I think it's all the coddling. Really what dumbass actually thinks everything's going to be free.
    all you liberals do is steal it from someone else put most of it in your pocket hand out a little bit and say see what we did.
    You dumbass tried to put the green New deal into the cove 19 relief effort.
    Wow show your colors a little bit more. Trump 20/20.

  • For national security reasons and for competition with China and Russia, New York can wait, Trump should send the two medical ships to help EU first. One ship to Spain and the other to Italy. It doesn't matter if America are very short of medical supplies, Trump should send most of the in stock items to help the EU first. Just think carefully, China is helping the EU generously now and the US is not able to help them at the moment the need the most help, when the pandemic is over, which side will the EU go to ?

  • testing negative is not a license to stop the home isolation. However, people who test negative are acting like they are immune.

  • Dr. Siegel is complete buffoon isn't he , he said "because the virus is not airborne" … a controlled study in a special room showed the virus remains airborne for a min. of 30 minutes and traces in the air were found up to 3 hours later !!! … better give Dr. Siegel a permanent vacation from talking on Fox News before he fills people's heads with dangerous mis-information !!!

  • I disagree with the good doctor I think cold air is what kills germs not warm air I think we're in for a rough ride hopefully they find the Cure so we can go back to work and live our lives

  • They tell you at the AIRPORT, if you have been on a farm or near farm animals LET US KNOW! They are concerned about hoof and mouth disease. How about people leaving an epicenter of coronavirus and flying to areas where the disease doesn't presently exist?!

  • We saw what the "Every Man For Himself" (Shim included), "Run For Your LIfe" philosophy did in countries where people fled pending quarantines and spread the disease. Human nature has some very ugly aspects that surface in selfish self centered people.

  • Going to the gun range this week…MURICA! Vaping does NOT damage your lungs! Been vaping over 10 years and I’ve only gotten BETTER! FAKE NEWS!

  • I have a video on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) ? on my page, check it out and learn what it takes to stay safe and GOD bless!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So are nurseries and garden centers essential business? Just wondering because right now I can't plant the things I would normally plant in my garden because the stores are closed… that means I can't grow my own food… I would think that's essential

  • In South korea confirmed cases are tracked down by gps and can’t travel to anywhere but in U.S. that’s impossible to do due to plethora of political and technical reasons

  • knowhatimeanverne says:

    Does anybody have cell phone videos of hospitals in people that are sick being overwhelmed like we saw from China? I haven't seen any

  • charles mccormick says:

    60% sewage plants dumping(with diseases) into rivers flowing to water purification plants an they put in poison an send it to your home to use ! Preservatives ,steroids an other in food ! "Sanitary" land fills bacteria ,toxin ,ect in the ground an rivers ! Chemicals an ect in the air ! Radiation from xrays ! Poisons from shots/injections an pills !
    BUT , the only thing doctors say that is injuring and/or killing people is smoking and drinking ? THIS IS HOW UTTERLY STUPID DOCTORS REALLY ARE !

  • This is all a lie.
    Or is it.
    Could it be control.
    Could it mean arrests.
    Could it mean the beginning of
    The N.W.O.?
    We all have different strains of
    The virus in us.
    So which one are they looking for.
    Their numbers just do not add up.
    ?? Say no to you D .N. R. ❗
    Quote. Scientists around the world.
    I guess if I'm wrong reporting to you, only God can judge me.❗
    How many non-essential were walking around.
    Why is it only essential people can walk around.❗?
    Let us all think about this for a while.

  • Telling people that wearing a surgical mask would not help them WAS A LIE AND A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. Fauci and others who told the public this LIE SHOULD LOSE THEIR MEDICAL LICENSE!

  • The V Addition says:

    We don’t need 1000 room ships we need to build 1000 separate containers like China that is built outdoors not isolated in a big ship. Look how China did it.

  • Rumors are there are already more than 500.000 positive cases around the U.S.

    I don't know what takes them so long to actually update the numbers.

    This is concerning.




  • Jester Avrgjoe says:

    Infected New Yorkers have been leaving New York for weeks now. I suggest not asking New Yorkers nicely, but forcing them to stay home.

  • Jason Blackstock says:

    It's a jail folks. This is how Ellen, Tom and Oprah and many other pedophiles will be getting to Guantanamo bay.

  • They need to declare martial law in the hot zones!! Before people leave and spread it everywhere else in the country and make it even worse!!

  • WE still need to ban all unnecessary interstate travel or this thing will get dragged out for months to come.!! And also non emergency state travel to.

  • trashing the entire country's economy was WRONG. OPEN it NOW . Allowing Piglosi's pork, which is more than half of the money was WRONG, Congressman Massie is the only hero in this whole debacle.. They dumped a spending bill on us, not a crisis bill and the pork needs to be rescinded or blocked. We want a aw on what a crisis bill is and what can and cannot be included in it.
    But here is real news that media buried. On 3/28 a Milwaukee. WI MSM affiliate, not FOX, ran a story on the local China virus deaths and showed a photo of each victim. ALL of them are black inner city democraps!! Notice how the racist fake media who is always grouping people by race, gender, age, education, etc has no interest in categorizing and reporting on who is dying? The Milwaukee story hi-lited a 32 year old and 78 year old victims, the photos appeared to be middle aged people. No children.

  • Edward Martinez says:


  • Edward Martinez says:

    Your all in my prayers. God bless and be safe everyone. I love y'all. We'll get through this. It breaks my heart when people die from this virus. I hope things will get better. ??

  • Let the crap run it's course…
    It is not as bad as you have been led to believe
    Over 7billion people worldwide
    Less than 700000 cases worldwide

  • Andrew Schnatter says:

    I applaud President Trump for NOT taking the bait some media wants in using unconstitutional measures thank you for not compromising on our core values and rights ?????

  • Lol look at these 2 souless Men In suits the man with the black on the left and the man in the blue suit you can just see right thru them souless men

  • Have friends and family in Texas and Florida. They are extremely ticked off at New Yorkers and Californians bring Chronovirus to their states.

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