CBS Television Studios Logo Bloopers Episode 71: Yellow Sack’s Birthday

CBS Television Studios Logo Bloopers Episode 71: Yellow Sack’s Birthday

This broadcast contains coarse language and mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised. Broadcast of CBS Television Studios Logo Bloopers on Cinemation Channel US is presented in part by AT&T and its family of companies… …providing business and residential long-distance services throughout America. By StateFarm Insurance Companies; Home, Auto, Life and Bank. This program is also presented by contributing members like you. You just made the list! BOTH: Eeeyeeeeewwww! Stay off the weed! [TRIGGERED!] You’re…FIRED!! Before we start this video, we have a new special guest in the studio. What is your name? Hello. My name is Taylor of Taylor Enterprises. Thank you for your great welcome. Anyway, it’s yellow Sack’s birthday, so let’s get this birthday party started Roll camera! Cue the Zooming Eye at Warp Speed! Happy birthday, Yellow Sack, you are 16 years old! Thanks, SPCIndianapolis2001. So, are we going anywhere special tonight? We’re probably thinking Arby’s. Ooh, delicious! FLO RIDA: Okay, Yellow Sack, here’s your 1st present! Open it! Okay. Cool! It’s a $20 PlayStation 4 Gift Card! What kind of games would I want to play using this? Just wait and see, Yellow Sack. Okay, here’s your second present. Open it. You will like it. Okay. Wow! It’s a PlayStation 4 Pro console! I can’t wait to get some new games for the system! I know right, Yellow Sack. All right, here’s your third present. Open it. You will like it. We are very sure you will. Okay. Oh boy! It’s NASCAR Heat 2! Thanks, Felicity, for this! You’re welcome, Yellow Sack. Okay, here’s your 4th present. Open it. You will like it, I know you will. Okay. My oh my! It’s Sonic Mania for the PS4! Thanks, SPCIndianapolis2001 for giving me this present! You’re welcome. Okay, Yellow Sack, here’s your fifth and last present. Open it. You’re really going to like it, we are very sure you will Okay. Wow! It’s Ratchet & Clank for the PS4! Thanks so much, SPCIndianapolis2001 and Felicity for giving me this special gift! Thank you, Yellow Sack! FELICITY: Happy 16th birthday! Aww, thank you, Felicity! You’re welcome, Yellow Sack! All right, now let’s take it from the top. Roll camera! Cue the Zooming Eye at Warp Speed! SCOTTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY AND KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE! You bellowed, Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam? Is there something wrong? what tree pollen CBS 202 productions where CBS television studios should be he’s upon Scotty and 8th Sam I Think you’ve been too rough on them recently Fuck you, you ask Mike watch your language you son of a bitch Take it easy Taylor, you know you get pissed off and samples. No, that’s what when you try to calm him down. No, Tom I’m telling Sam for season. This is calling me an estimate. Chill Taylor. Why must you be so angry? Why should it might be? No one and I mean no one talks when I’m talking Taylor Taylor Taylor, Sam Sam Sam Tantrum is Now look while you did Sam thanks to your fucking control freak behaviour You cause Taylor to throw a tantrum even worse his head just exploded in. That’s Angela We are all disappointed at you you son of a bitch Is a production of WGBH Boston you dumbasses w KP H is not the Italian Besides Anyone who is watching this right now Read sack animation yellow sack and Felicity rush tailored to the hospital for extensive reconstructive surgery to replace his exploding head Taylor is expected to recover Sam also was arrested by the Federal Communications Commission and is now sentenced to 10 years in prison ian is to pay a fine on $360,000 in the United States dollars And the CBS television studios logo bloopers continue Animation I didn’t know SPC Indianapolis 2001 had a cousin named Daniel Neither did I spotty and gates? Yes SPC, Indianapolis 2001 You wish to speak Animation Sorry Felicity. We’ll try to get it right if Sam saw us. He throw a tantrum It seems to me are virgins words before Oh, wait your second sushi, I just calm down good man, David good man Wtae-tv a CBS affiliate in Bloomington, Indianapolis, Indiana channel Fleur the address is WPTZ welcome home WT t the WT t v– now that’s my affiliate of CBS. I agree Scotty and Kate make the next one. Display WX INDD Coming right up Madonna. We’re on it Madonna Wxi and Julie a Fox affiliate in Indianapolis, Indiana channel 59 Just one wxi Ann Taylor your back honey restores your head. It wasn’t too difficult They just drew a new one on Entry I met Microsoft sim when you get stuck here I’m going to SOI, SOI SOI. SOI a ruffle ruffle ruffle ruffle Mahalalel soy soy soy soy soy soy soy soy First Wtae-tv next WX I endu thee and now spring cast television ahead of a SOI SOI SOI SOI ruffle ruffle ruffle ruffle, LOL SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI Forum even worse what exploded thanks to you Justin Bieber smiler from the emoji movie indeed agreed Did you close all of this Sam? Yes, I did an SPG Indianapolis mm Ronnie and felicity also got so angry at Smith that they ended up kicking me out I hear Thanks yellow sac animation anyways, let’s cue the next take and action Do they produce TV shows with CBS television studios at one time? Yes for an American network called the seat of you Gracie films On the United States Fox don’t go ma’am. Hey Russell Russell Russell Good shot Bambi. Hey, I’m a natural. Anyway. I said don’t have a cow Tell me not to Again, and I’ll make you clean up the barnyard My crotch What you did you slave driving control freak clicks turn your fucking control freak be a tears you made your sick Yeah, Sam, what the fuck do you have to say for yourself Fucking your fucking bitch How dare you call me rascal Sam I’m with you You know fired and I’m calling the FCC to arrest him right now later after education, Indianapolis 2001 Phillies animation Myrmidon on Flo Rida along with SEC filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Sam and Sam Kay $360,000 fine Now this time let’s get it, right And we might need to get a lawyer who helped us win a case for one sending United States of America CBS television studios programming on PBS Happy new anything would be better than that scrap a show to kids these days ETS Yes That’s wrong. It should be CBS television studios. Not PBS. Hmm. Sorry, my bad We’ll try to get it right Walk in the Blessed name of George Lucas is that thing? An army of CW logos did it come from Burbank, California? The army of CW logos has no love the obvious CW logos has come for you Since you here, let me have CW logos Even ceremonies insinuation simply here to play volume anew. We have done nothing one We all believe in God. We have crosses to rely and raised them to the sky Tele will Sam a nasals animation I don’t believe in them because I’m Canadian If you don’t throw over your shoes or Rufus and shit all over new don’t you dare get silky with us take that You Matthewson Indianapolis 2001 the army Thanks felicity you saved my life again, oh It’s evil see animation back again don’t mention that’s weird to me again you hear me How come you came here alone why is evil Sam not with you Legalizing same-sex marriages And what brings you here again, I’m conflicted You can’t have him he’s mine and who’s on first get away from me You’re not dead yet, what’s it to you you go back where you came from You Eighty-six, you’re number two Just when you least expect it animation music group did a new remake of a single called low Beating my ribcage my coccyx Serves evils animation rights for peeing and pooping all over us in defiance of the society angel Sankar leader after eviscerate the angel cleaned up spc Indianapolis 2001 felicity cinnamon Rama, Dona and Florina Not will Ruth’s again don’t worry Sam they just went out of business which Australian one or the American one? I think it’s the American one anyways They had actually spent way too much on the front office’s for scale to a screw Manufacturing Factory in the north side of Chicago on the neighborhood of Ravenswood and ran out of money. I’m sure gonna miss them Me too. Me, too Us thinks we goofed again you think’s right Scotty and Kate but let’s break for lunch before we try once more Where else to go but Arby’s let’s go Yes My No You


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    Episode Request: Off To A New Studio In Sailor Moon Rie Twilight Sunset Fan Studios
    Request: Barbour Langley Productions, BBC Video, Megaman, TBS, KABC, TV Tokyo, Valfer Video, Goodtimes Home Video, Gaiam, Spoilerina, Junko Enoshima And Sam To Scare Nyami And Lusamine Says: SAM! YOU AGAIN?, Meanwhile In Hades And MBC America
    In The Next Episode, I Demand Everfore To Direct, Scotty And Kate To Man The Logo And Mario To Supervise And Sam To Be Fired From The Studio For Being A Control Freak

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