Catholic Priest SHUTS DOWN Fox News Host

Catholic Priest SHUTS DOWN Fox News Host

OK, so we’re continuing our tour through the
delusions of Fox News today. I have two Fox News religious clips and one
is an example of a religious leader being responsible about Corona virus. That’s the first one. The second Fox News Corona virus religious
clip is a religious nut being completely irresponsible about Corona virus. OK, so let’s start. Remember that Donald Trump at one point wanted
the country open by Easter and it’s a sort of God complex gone wrong. I’ve talked about this before, Trump seeing
himself as a sort of Jesus like figure, resurrecting the country on Easter, Easter, much like the
biblical Easter story of Jesus’s resurrection. Now, ultimately, it didn’t work, would be
hugely dangerous to reopen the country this Sunday. That’s when Easter is. Imagine we’re not even at the peak yet. Trump was thinking about reopening, but there’s
a lot of really big evangelical churches that don’t care. They keep gathering huge crowds. And Fox News host Laura Ingram really wants
religious gatherings to continue because otherwise, as she says, nobody will gather to pray until
out. Anthony Foushee says it’s okay, which to me
makes sense, right? I mean, like, don’t we need doctors and not
pastors deciding when it’s safe to gather in huge groups? So check out Laura Ingram on her show. Truly vile. While interviewing a Catholic priest, Father
Murray and then some other guy. I don’t know who the other guy is, but he
doesn’t speak during this segment. Check it out. I think, Father Murray, a lot of people, especially
the working class people of our country, the people who pay the bills, who don’t get a
lot of accolades. People that a lot of us came from there. The what this is like the time where they
need a public affirmation of their faith. It’s all well and good to say. Stay at home. I heard some priest on TV might have even
been on our network saying, oh, it’s the domestic church. And oh, yeah, I get that. But it’s this is this is holy week and. And just to say, because the bishops say you
can’t I don’t know. I’m I’ve got to say out blessing the palms,
public blessings, people far apart. Otherwise, you know, maybe we won’t have mass
until Anthony Foushee says it’s OK after Christmas or something. I mean, I guess what, the bishops feel OK
with that? I don’t know the people who work. They need to go to church. And Laura Ingram seems incredulous that wait,
people are staying home during holy week. How is this possible? So there’s Laura Ingram being insane. But now we get to Father Murray’s response. Father Murray’s response is absolutely correct. Now there’s two funny little things that you’ll
notice in Father Murray’s response. One is that he refers to Corona virus as Kaura
no, no virus, which I just love. It’s an extraordinarily endearing. And as he does it, his headphone also falls
out of his right ear. So a lot of things visually going wrong for
Father Murray, but he is absolutely right and doing the responsible thing. And for that, he should be commended. Take a look. Father, I want to get in trouble to say this. Not going to get me in trouble. You say this 60 priest died in Italy. One bishop. And that was because they had the device without
knowing it. And they put out, you know, that disease into
their congregation. And so many people have died in Italy. And, you know, we don’t want to repeat that
here. You have to get ahead of the curve. You can’t just keep things, you know, as they
were. And it’s regretful. But, you know, whatever you do, the least
of my brethren, you do to me, if you sacrifice going to mass, get sick. I think that’s a form of praising God. So the Catholic priest pointing out essentially,
stay the hell home, actually saying the responsible thing, you should stay home. Priests have died in Italy. This is not good. Staying home to avoid being sick is good. God’s not going to be bad. God’s not going to punish you. So good for Father Murray here. He’s doing absolutely the correct thing. And unfortunately, on Fox News, we continue
to see every dangerous narrative that is being parroted by Trump and people around him repeated
ad nauseum. Chloroquine, chloroquine, chloroquine. What do you have to lose? Take it, take it, take it up. We got to go to church. Prayer is so important. Keep tithing. Keep donating to your church. So good for Father Murray here for getting
involved and saying, no, that’s the wrong thing. A responsible example of a religious leader
commenting on what has to be done about coronavirus. Unfortunately, now we get to the irresponsible


100 thoughts on “Catholic Priest SHUTS DOWN Fox News Host”

  • If a god, any god, wanted everyone in church on Easter Sunday safe and sound, then he could…,..oh I don’t know…….eradicate the virus maybe?

  • Carrie Hatzlhoffer says:

    Why is America so set on religion? You murdered a million Iraqis based on a lie. You have failed at all faiths.

  • Our priest has been very clear to stay home and still support the church, but only if you can afford it. Because they help with the teachers salary.

  • If you believe in God. Then I'd think God would think you're an idiot for going to church cause you end up spreading it and indirectly killing people.

  • Laura hyping up "holy week" like it's the Super Bowl. Fox News always turns politics and now the pandemic in to a god damn sports competition.

  • Priceless! Applause for Fr.Murray. Jews& Catholics are the only "intelligent religions" lol Blinkest? Sounds like Readers Digest…


  • The priest is being not only godly but responsible. Ingraham, as usual, is just being right-wing and irresponsible. Typical Fox News.

  • poopdeckpappy.. says:

    69 racist piece of shit coward bedsheets wearing assclowns brainwashed zombie clones trump supporters are so brainwashed to the point where its unbelievable that people have this type of weak mind.

  • there is no holy , its a fantasy to keep people in control , if it makes some act better fine , that doesnt make it real , and for the most part scammers understand this and take advantage ,,, hmmm , a bit like trump .

  • maxine russell says:

    Well, well, well Laura Ingraham! I guess you just can't fix "STUPID". In the words of Mark Twain, No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot!!! And Albert Einstein said and I quote, " The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has it's limits "!!!

  • poopdeckpappy.. says:

    Man cant wait to see how this cunt is going to act if she catch the virus. Bet then her views still wont change shes to dam ignorant.

  • Ninja antelope There can be only 1 says:

    Religion is afraid – people will learn that nothing will change if they do not attend church… thus nullifying 2 thousand years of conditioning….

  • It’s almost like she’s making fun of Fauci!! Then listen to Trump I’m sure he knows what to do! His uncle was a MIT scientist!????omg

  • Check out the priests face when Ingraham is talking. Layman's thoughts, this bitch is crazy. The guy on the right his expression was like a smiling Howdy Doody bobble head. For the youngsters he looked like he is bat shit crazy. Way to go Fox now I'll have another hour fight with my wife and brother and they are both atheists.

  • “People who pay the bills”? I work fucking hard to pay my bills! It’s assholes like her that demonstrate why Christianity is not just a religion of hate, but entirely false.

  • Richard Conner says:



  • Aubergine Bellen says:

    I've ceased being shocked when Christians don't know their own "good" book. Matthew 6:5-6 “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

  • DarksideChaotix says:

    Soo… You kinda ended abruptly there. Might wanna finish the conversation. What did the other priest say? No, I don't care about your ad.

  • No you stupid Fox retards God would not want you to commit suicide. That is one of the biggest sins you can commit. Going out to church or any large group gathering after being told it can cost you your life is SUICIDE!
    Fox can go straight to hell along with their stupid supporters……leave everyone else out of it.

  • As an alleged former Catholic (I wasn't old enough at the time to understand that stuff) I am happy when a priest says something reasonable because I wish that they all did that all of the time. I don't set the bar very high. ?

  • Matt Alibozek says:

    Religious liberty doesn’t give you a free pass to ignore state and federal orders for a lockdown… In MA churches are being responsible.. They passed out palms with masks on to people in their cars like a drive thru… There is NO EXCUSE to pack churches full of people to spread this virus even quicker… Never mind the fact that 14 idiotic states gave exemptions to churches to meet…

  • I am what's considered an Evangelical. I've been a member of the same Baptist Church for 40 years. I am appalled and disgusted by the people, like this Evangelical pastor. To tell people to go to church during a pandemic because that's what God wants. Total piece of garbage. Inevitably, people like him will hear the words" I never knew you".

  • Blessing palm leaves or giving your parents and grandparents a disease that can kill them. Boy, that's a tough one Laura. She could hardly read that. It's amazing what these hosts will do for money. No one is that ignorant, well maybe they are. I know Sean is. Keep filing law suits it might straighten them out.

  • You can talk to god all day or night at home out loud and he hears you just the same your best house of worship is your own

  • As a believer in God and Christ, one thing I know is that the Bible does teach that we are to obey the laws of the land. Two, as many already know, there have been many church goers have gotten sick and/or have died. Three, with technology, we can have services via the internet, smart phones and skype and prayer can always be done at home or over the phone. This is not a complicated thing.

  • Jerrell Bevers says:

    If your made up belief is okay this week then it will still be just as made up and fake next week….it's called faith.

  • what was that. she can not even talk. did she ask a question and try to answer it her self at the same time. poor host.

  • I say let religious people gather, let them get sick. The ones who get better will credit god and the ones that die won’t be mentioned. Counting the hits and ignoring the misses for centuries…

  • TheBlazersfan22 says:

    When the pope doesnt hold easter mass compared to the u.s evangelicals . You know which religous people are nutbag radicals.

  • Sabinchen #multiplesclerosiswarrior says:

    Yes, go to are probably covered in Jesus blood(i hope you all saw those “i go daily shopping“(she said that) woman sittng in her car looking stupid

  • Dean Oldfield says:

    One more good reason to "social distance from evangelicals" now when I tell them get away from me I have science behind me.

  • will be interesting who survives this, weeding out the religious nuts is sad and still karma for the hate they put out

  • Leave it to the right wing to make church attendance on Easter into a snide attack in their perpetual and highly profitable (for them) culture wars.

  • Fox is already having lawsuits against them as we speak … Fox had put lawyers together just a couple weeks ago knowing their lies had cause Trump and Fox to have blood on their hands … Its kinda cringy to watch this Fox news unravel like this … Right wingers might be stupid but they dont deserve to be lied to and murdered needlessly like Fox and Trump have done

  • Let's face it, along with brainwashing Trumpanzees Fox is now killing them. We'll be a better country for it when the dust settles.

  • Catholics believe in science they are like evangelical churches. I'm catholic, I believe in science. I'm more left in my politics. All Catholics used to be until the Republicans weaponized abortion.

  • He was just trying to give people hope you dumb idiots…he knew it wasn't going to happen by ? Easter but he wanted people to stay focused

  • Now I don't pray because I don't believe, and anyway, I wouldn't want to interfere with God's plan. But didn't Jesus say something about not making a show of praying, and indeed praying alone ? Yes. I suppose then you can't compare cars, clothing and hair dos ?

  • AC visuals ASMR says:

    She’s literally so mentally challenged, she wants anericans die, how do americans not see that fox news is literally the news that resemble 1984, the big brother, they are “federal news” funded by the federal government

  • Mark San Diego says:

    The message is old, constant, and subconsciously subtle and at the core motivation of everything that comes out of Fox. White people are America and everyone else are tolerated guest and should act accordingly… or else. It is the highest, most important, most holy of noble selfless causes white people can ever do in their life for generations upon generations for the betterment of their legacy and tribute to everything that is good to promote their genetic royal blood line, the Supreme white Aryan race. Their mascot is the Fox a smart sneaky creature with the finest coat in the kingdom worthy to be adorned by the kings. It has been that way since white people took their first step on this planet

  • Ingraham is a clueless fuckwit hack who works for a clueless fuckwit "News" channel who are considered to be so loathsome & insidious they were REFUSED a licence to broadcast in the UK!

  • The fact that in South Korea 60% of the confirmed cases of the virus were tracked to a religious sect, and that its leader had to publicly apologize for it, and is being investigated on charges of gross negligence, should tell you enough about how NOT to gather for prayer at this time. If you're a believer talk to God in private. I'm told God is omniscient, so He can hear you and everyone else just fine even when you're at home.

  • Well, Laura, take your ass to a church. Sit right next to your fellow worshippers. Hopefully there'll be a ventilator for you and multiple others.
    You don't need to be in church to worship and celebrate Easter or God, period.

  • Rudolf Rednose says:

    Strange that they all need Fauci to tell them to use common sence. They should have been tought that it is biblical to use your OWN judgement.
    Proverbs 27:12 – “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.”

  • TheDeadlyAvenger says:

    Ingraham is disgusting. Also, trying to align with working class America (when it suits her) is shameless when her net worth is $80 million. No wonder she's sold her soul, those mucky dollars are too enticing for her.

  • You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned "donations". All this crap about having to go to church to pray is all based on the reality that if these churches don't have services they will have less MONEY. That is the sum total of their argument, except it is wrapped in constitutional religious freedom craptrap.

  • altamiradorable says:

    One of the big problems in the USA with all those "evangelical" churches, they "prey" on people for money to survive, they don't have a hierachry to rely on for guidance and direction. basically, they do what they want !

    And they beleive all the sh&*?t that their pastors tell them !

    I'm not a religious person, but if they read the bible, they should understand that:

    1- God gave man the liberty to choose: free will !
    2- You may celebrate in any place at any time; don't need to go to a church
    3- Abide by the law of man; don't be above law and justice

    Some say it's my own problem if I decide to go outside. If everybody does that and catches the virus, imagine the number of deads and sick that will paralyse the system !! It's already started !! If theos stupid people on the media don't stop bradcasting false beliefs, we are in deep troubles !

  • Sir David of Tor says:

    If God is all around why can’t you talk to him/her/it when you are home. God is also supposed to know what is in your heart. If you want to go to church, God will know.
    For Catholics, I know it is about receiving the sacraments, but just think about doing harm to your fellow man.

    Be safe, be well

  • Roodles Poodles says:

    So now Laura cares about the working class? Well not really. She will play the heart strings and say "Let them have Jesus. But any financial incentives? No can do, it's your fault that you're poor."

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