How does a whip break the sound barrier? (Slow Motion Shockwave formation) – Smarter Every Day 207

(whooshing) (smacking) – What’s up, I’m Destin, this is Smarter Every Day. This is the tip of a bull whip and that crack you hear is this breaking the sound barrier. My question is why or how? Like, if you think about it, your arm’s never leaving your body and something’s going faster than the speed of sound […]

Vaikuntapali || Ep 05 Finale || Telugu Web Series || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media

Sir, Swami set up my meeting with Sandhya. She gave me Rs. 5 lakhs and so I did the murder. That’s it. T-That’s all, sir. Asshole! Trying to duck around with cops. Slap me how much ever you want but I’m innocent. I don’t even know the girl’s name. She came to me and told me I had […]