VW Harlequin: The Story Behind the RARE Rainbow Volkswagen | Bumper 2 Bumper

– What happens when one of Europe’s largest automakers does the unthinkable and decides to listen to their fans? (upbeat music) You get this. This isn’t a custom paint job. This is from the factory. My question is, why? We’re going ginster yellow hood to pistachio green hatch, chagail blue rocker panel to tornado red side mirrors, bumper […]

Candice Millard on James Garfield

>>John Haskell: Welcome everyone. I’m John Haskell, the director of The Kluge Center here at the Library of Congress. In the words of our charter at the Center, the Center was created quote, to reinvigorate the inner connection between thought and action through conversations and meetings with members of Congress, their staffs and the broader policymaking community in […]