BREAKING NEWS LIVE : Big claim from France that PSG could swoop for Liverpool star

this week’s edition of science to toil as a specialty tool and potential CSG transfer it is mostly about transfer the ball player will collect the clothes and they’re not included remedy there is also a small section on potential incoming under where side your money gets mentioned ahead of the blast summer transfer window the little superstar […]

Breaking Bad | Te Lo Resumo

This is Walter White, a young and enthusiastic chemist who, with his friend Elliot and his girlfriend Gretchen, founded a little chemical company. One day Walter broke up with Gretchen and left the small company selling his share for five thousand dollars. Eventually, Elliot and Gretchen married and became millionaires using Walter’s ideas, while Walter became a high […]

Are social media giants doing enough to prevent the spread of misinformation?

JUDY WOODRUFF: On an average day, over 125 million people use Twitter. An estimated 2.3 billion use Facebook. We know these remarkable communication tools are also used by a growing number of people as their main sources for news and information. But, as William Brangham reports, a new book shows us how social media platforms and apps can […]

Boris Johnson hides in fridge to avoid TV interview

Morning prime minister. Will you come on Good Morning Britain, prime minister? I’ve just had a reaction here from one of the minders. – You’re not getting near Boris, look at that. Prime minister, will you come on Good Morning Britain and deliver on your promise to talk to Piers and Susanna? We’re ready to go. We’re live […]

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