Car accident caught on camera by Swedish TV4’s news team – Nyheterna (TV4)

The roundabout on European route E14 was put up this summer [2002] and there’s been quite a few accidents. Today wasn’t any different. During the interview, an accident happened. What should be done about this roundabout? – Well, if I was in charge I’d fill it up with gravel, so there’s at least no pit that drivers can […]

Why Breaking My Neck Was the Best Thing to Happen All Year | James Blake

So, back in 2004 I had pretty much a trifecta of setbacks. I first broke my neck, which was the best thing that happened to me that year, and I’ll explain that in a minute. I was on a practice court in Rome and pretty much slid headfirst into a net post and fractured C7 in my spine […]