Catching Up On A Month Of Our Collective Hellworld – SOME MORE NEWS

Catching Up On A Month Of Our Collective Hellworld – SOME MORE NEWS

(intense dramatic music) Why, hey there! Who’s some news? Is it you? Are you the some news? You’re a very some news, yes you are. I hope you’re as excited as
I am right now because today, we’re going to catch
up on the month of July in a segment I’m calling “All Of The Things That
Happened: July 2019 Edition”. It’s objectively true that
things happened in July, a month that we at Cody’s
Shody were on vacation during. While I recharged and explored the world and gained a happier outlook on life, perhaps in some easy-to-digest but emotionally complex
coming of age-style adventure, I also had someone write down
all the things that happened on these papers I’m currently holding that definitely have
things written on them. So let us watch as I
read those things aloud and react to them for the first time, having not rehearsed this previously. It’s a segment within this segment that I call You Watch Me Read News. (intense music) Let’s start light, like how the Cheyenne
Mountain Zoo in Colorado welcomed a baby giraffe into the world. And in related news, police
in Clay County, Missouri apprehended a suspect after
he gave away his hiding spot with a loud fart. Not sure how these things are related, but we’re gonna push past it.. Okay, okay. Looks like they found a
new bird-like dinosaur, but I’m sorry, who really gives a (bleeps) about some angry chicken bones? Do we have any news about
awesome birds who are alive and not dead loser birds? Okay, this vacation did
not help with my anger. All right, okay. In Buckinghamshire upon England, a wildlife hospital received
a bright orange bird believed at first to be exotic
but after closer inspection turned out to be a
seagull covered in curry. And while that seagull is definitely awesome by human standards, in the bird world, it’s
just another day in the life as evidenced by this 2016 article about a completely different seagull also found covered in curry. (sighs) All right. In other sex-related news, boy, these transitions are jarring! A famous gamer Instagram
model briefly became viral after selling her own
bathwater for $30 a jar only to spawn a whole micro-industry of other YouTube weirdos doing weirdo things to that bathwater, as well as a controversy
about whether or not it was really her bathwater and then a bunch of rumors, and the general hate the
internet hurls at women. Very little of this news seems to involve the much more interesting debate about this young lady’s relationship to the sex worker community, specifically how she’s managed to make what is normally
seen as fetishistic somehow a mainstream idea while having little
association with sex workers and has even been accused of stealing other model’s
nude photos to use as her own. But whatever, we’ve already
forgotten about this story so let’s keep going. Big developments in the war
of cats, of cats, not on cats, as researcher Laura Knoll of
the University of Wisconsin has discovered a way to
study the cat-(bleeps) toxoplasma gondii parasite in lab rats. All previous methods solely involved the inhumane experimenting on cats. This means we can perhaps
find a cure to the parasite that you yourself right now probably have, but by murdering rats instead of cats. Meanwhile, New York State has just banned the declawing of cats so overall, just a real bad
month for news-savvy rodents. And so naturally, that brings us to the subject
of Nazis for some reason, specifically, these very
stupid and young Nazis who spray-painted a bunch of
Nazi pictures on their school. According to the young Nazis, a problem America just has now, the act of vandalism started
as a harmless school prank before evolving into one
of those Nazi hate crimes that just sort of happen sometimes. Anyway, they were caught
when the school WiFi connected to their phones
via their student IDs, which not feeling great on the
privacy implications of that but they’ve since been
sentenced to weekends in jail which is a form of intermittent sentencing and not the logical sequel
to Weekend At Bernies. Ha! Nazis sure are a problem and it’s fun! All right, we’re really warmed up now that we’ve got some Nazi talk going. We should probably check on a few updates to previous Some More News news. Here’s some updating of previous news. Disney’s Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame is now the number one highest
grossing movie in the world, having surpassed Disney’s
Avatar this month. That makes Avatar, by Disney,
number two bestest movie, while number three goes to Titanic, a movie released overseas by Disney, followed by Disney’s Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens by Disney, and then Disney’s Marvel’s
Avengers: Infinity War which is a film by Disney. Congratulations to all the many people who made Disney’s dream possible. Good job! And hey, after unfathomable billions made from 23 films over the last decade, they’re finally going to allow
LGBTQ characters to exist. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastic that the biggest
film franchise in the world is actually going to
have some diversity in it but if a car company went a decade before adding seat belts to their product, we wouldn’t praise them, would we? But rather, we would demand to know why it took so long for them to do it considering how much
responsibility they have, and also money. Also, curious what it says about us that the most popular thing in America has been mostly-homogeneous tales of unbeatable costumes having violent and often-personal squabbles
over the huddled masses while generally causing
more problems for the world than they solve, but whatever! Congratulations to our media emperor. Way to make photorealistic lions sing so we can guess their emotions, you overbearing corporate monsters. More updates! Remember when we did a
video about robocalls? Well, it looks like AT&T, clearly having seen our video specifically and only ours and not anyone else’s, is becoming the first
major wireless company to automatically block spam calls. Good job, us. (audience cheers and claps) (clears throat) Also,
remember when we pointed out that Tucker Carlson is a racist? Well, that’s still true. – Ilhan Omar is living proof that the way we practice immigration has become dangerous to this country. A system designed to strengthen America is instead undermining it. – Cool! Also, real recently after spending years fear-mongering about
invasions of immigrants invading the country and
changing our demographics and spouting white
nationalist talking points and being regularly praised
by neo-Nazis for it, well, a guy did a terrorism
about an invasion of immigrants and the next day, Tucker was like, White Supremacy is a hoax,
and now he’s on vacation. So maybe he should stay there! Anyway, other things I was right about, Ben Shapiro super sucks and
is still stupid and a liar and continues to be hilarious. – When it comes to the seduction of women. – (snaps fingers) One more time. – When it comes to the seduction of women. – Anyway, then there
was that Mueller thing. Remember how that was a thing? – Well, the finding indicates that the President not exculpated for the acts that he allegedly committed. – Could you charge the
president with a crime after he left office? – Yes. – You could charge the
President of The United States with obstruction of justice
after he left office? – Yes. – Mm, sounds like the
President is not not guilty, and perhaps guilty. You know how the report
already said that months ago? As an aside, it’s always
important to exculpate your skin every morning to give yourself
that fresh, no guilt look. Ha! The president did crimes and it’s fun! We’re having a great time. Of course, that’s just the take of me, a Libby social Marxist
who hates all of America. According to Republicans at
the hearing, the true story was how hard they (bleeps)
Mueller in the ear by exposing the FBI’s
clear bias toward Trump and unwillingness to point
fingers at Christopher Steele and his totally bogus dossier that has been proven completely bogus. – When people associated with Trump lied, you threw the book at him. When Christopher Steele lied, nothing. And so it seems to be that when Simpson met with Russians, nothing, when the Trump campaign met
with Russians, 3,500 words, and maybe the reason why
there are these discrepancies in which you focused on
because the team is so biased– – [Man] Only the gentleman is expired. – Pledged the logistics,
pledged to stop Trump. – Of course, this is all the
subject of the Horowitz probe into the bias of the FBI,
which was recently extended because the investigators found the bogus dossier to be,
quote, sufficiently credible. So just to recap, at a
hearing about the president potentially committing up to 10 acts of obstruction of justice, a thing presidents can be impeached for unless they resign first,
well, at that hearing, GOP Congressfellow Matt Gaetz decided to wonder why they’re there, and labeled the Steele dossier
an uncorroborated document that does have a few proven allegations but also didn’t start the
Mueller investigation as bogus without that actually being true, and they’re now grilling Mueller as to why he didn’t also pretend this thing they are pretending. And then Congressman Matt Gaetz was like, I did it, I did the right thing. Okay, so we’re warmed up. We’re a little angry now. We’re ready to plunge head-first into hell and move to a sub-segment
within the segment that’s within this segment called You Watch Me Read News
That Is Bad News To Read. Oh, hey, look. For the first time in two decades, after growing unpopularity
due to racial disparities, a global decrease and just overall higher moral
standards being against it, the Justice Department has decided to resume federal executions
under a president who, aside from all the other
stuff I could mention about his casual relationship
with violence and cruelty, and the time he spent money to call for the execution
of five young black men for a crime they did not commit, well, he’s also called for
public executions in the past, for all of us to see. Cool thing we should all see, man. Anyway, the people the president wanted to show everybody being
killed was the Boston Bombers. He has not mentioned
public executions since, and I don’t wonder what has changed. Oh, and this just in: ICE sucks! After our Crime President Trump announced a large-scale operation to detain thousands of migrants in July, the final tally came to just 35, in part because many advocacy groups and undocumented immigrants were warned of the
specific time of the raid ahead of time by our president. And I guess good that
the president is dumb, in this specific case? While not everyone was lucky
to avoid being hauled off, in front of their own
children, by America, there were at least some stories about neighborhoods banding together to tell ICE to suck a big wad of it. Lucky our president, and ICE,
is mostly bad at their job. Lucky, unless we’re this
guy, a Dallas-born citizen who has been detained by Border
Patrol for over three weeks despite him being a Dallas-born citizen, and despite his mother
providing a birth certificate for the Dallas-born citizen who was detained for some reason. When finally released, the 18-year-old had lost a total of 26 pounds and said conditions were so bad that he considered
self-deportation to avoid it. But hey, I’m sure it’s
just one glaring mistake by an otherwise spotless agency except for the sexual assaults and a secret Facebook group
of Border Patrol agents that shared rape memes of
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and joked about migrant deaths. That latter thing being
something that happens to children on a toilet of the flu while detained by border patrol, and other children for other reasons, so, just perfectly normal behavior from a federal law enforcement agency specifically tasked with handling
immigrants at the border. And then, just extremely recently, there was another raid on
more than 600 immigrants, separating many from their
children in realtime, giving us videos like this shared by many appalled, surprised people who also helps to normalize the act of traumatizing children for the purposes of deterring immigration. Speaking of horrible things ICE is doing, the world is slowly dying
because of climate change. And I’m sure you’re just
delighted to hear about that. Along with this July being the
hottest month ever recorded, Alaska hit a record-breaking
90 degrees in Anchorage, oh, and also, the Arctic
Circle caught fire and scientists are (grunts) concerned, on account of all the metaphors and omens popping up in reality. Because while that is apparently a thing that sometimes happens, it’s the biggest and most northern these fires has ever been. If the world was slowly dying, it would probably look like this. But at least everyone in
Congress will get to ignore it from their cool new boat
city in a few years’ time. Also, and I know this
is somewhat unrelated, but the ground tried to
kill everyone in California. And I didn’t like it. (dramatic music) Speaking of things I don’t
like, things I do like! Several officials in
Puerto Rico were arrested for funneling $15.5 million
in federal contracts to politically connected consultants. And speaking of things I do
like, things I really like, hundreds of thousands
of Puerto Rican citizens responded to the corruption
as well as the recession and the mismanagement
of the recent hurricane and specifically leaked
disgusting text messages between the Governor, top
officials, and lobbyists, by taking to the streets. The protests, featuring Ricky Martin and other Puerto Rican celebrities, and again, hundreds of
thousands of other human beings, even led the governor
Ricardo Rossello to resign. If enough people take to the streets, a government will take
massive corruption seriously, but only in this one situation. (dramatic music) Who else sucks? Oh, right! There’s Robert Foster, the Mississippi gubernatorial candidate who is refusing to do
interviews with female reporters without other men in the room,
citing the Billy Graham rule, named after an American evangelist who refused to be alone
with women in the 1950s. You might also recognize
this as the Mike Pence Rule. Also, you might recognize this
as a civil rights violation. Also, also, you might recognize this as something we really
shouldn’t have to deal with in this century. And perhaps, I don’t know, we shouldn’t elect people
this ideologically behind the same way we wouldn’t elect someone who only traveled via stagecoach
or a really racist person. Who would want to elect
a really racist person? On the subject of obvious sex
criminals, Jeffery Epstein, a guy who partied with
presidents Trump and Clinton, was arrested for sex trafficking before attempting suicide
via Killary’s death squads. And then put on suicide watch, and then taken off suicide watch, and the morning we’re
filming this, this morning, he was found dead by suicide, which is odd that the
billionaire pedophile and child sex trafficker who has implicated many other
powerful wealthy figures in his child sex trafficking is now unable to both give some semblance of
justice to his many victims, and unable for the many
wealthy elite child-(bleeps) that were involved with
Epstein, to face justice. And while we’re certainly going to talk about this in future videos because it just happened a few hours ago, let’s get to what we were
already going to say. One of the more shocking aspects of this before he died from
suicide is how many people, up until this moment, attempted to protect
Epstein from these charges. This includes Trump’s Labor
Secretary Alexander Acosta, who once cut a plea deal with Epstein to get him only 13 months in county jail for (bleeps) sex crimes
involving children. According to Bill Clinton, a man who praised and
traveled with Epstein, he knows nothing about the sex crimes. Also, a person who knows
nothing is Donald Trump, our president now, who’s
currently the president now, seen here grabbing at women during a party with Jeffery Epstein, a sex criminal that he has
partied with multiple times and made note out loud
about how aware he was that Jeff Epstein liked ’em real young, the president who knows nothing despite some of Epstein’s underage girls being recruited at his favorite place, that he owns, Mar-A-Lago. Is there someone who can properly and succinctly explain the
gravity of this scandal? – It’s obviously gonna
implicate a lot of people. I can’t tell you who but
it’s not gonna end up, which is Jeffrey Epstein–
– What do we know? – Yes, thank you, Mr. Giuliani,
lawyer for the president, that guy who spent a lot of time hanging out with Jeffery
Epstein, who is a sex trafficker, at parties with a lot of young women. Mr. Giuliani, seen here sitting
in front of the president while the president asks where he is. So I guess we’re going to keep talking about a president now and we might as well make a new segment within the sub-segment within the segment that’s within this segment, and call it, You Watch Me Read News
That Is Bad News To Read Because It Is About Donald Trump. Hey, everyone, the president is bad. It’s a bad president. And before some of the darker stuff, remember when he said he definitely will share his tax returns if
he ever ran for president? – If I decide to run for office, I’ll produce my tax returns, absolutely. – Then when he ran for president he said he maybe would
share his tax returns? – Getting any closer to
releasing your tax returns? – Well, I’m thinking about it. I’m thinking about maybe. – Then he became president and was like, well, no one cares about my
tax returns, so why share them? – Well, I’m not releasing the tax returns ’cause as you know, they’re under order. – [Woman] But every president does. Since the ’70s, has had to
require an audit from the IRS. – Oh gee, I’ve never heard of that. – [Woman] The last six have released them, but as president, sir– – Oh, gee, I’ve never heard of that. The only one that cares about my tax returns are the reporters. – And now, still as president, he’s like, if you look at my tax returns,
I will (bleeps) sue you. Because he’s exactly the kind of liar most of us already knew
he was and some of us seem to pretend he’s not, for,
I don’t know, reasons. Anyway, that sure seems like a person whose tax returns we
should definitely look at. But anyway, some more law stuff news-wise includes that recent time
the U.S Appeals Court ruled that Trump violated
the First Amendment by blocking followers on Twitter but also ordered the
dismissal of a lawsuit that claimed he violated the Constitution by gaining profits through his hotels. So it’s sort of a wash in terms
of justice this last month. But speaking of a wash, the president’s extremely
expensive 4th of July event was rained out as in a
literal rain on his parade. Boom, roasted, Mr. President. Man, getting away with crimes is you. I got you good, you person who somehow
getting away with open racism at your shockingly
fascist campaign rallies. I got you good. – Omar has a history of launching vicious,
anti-Semitic screens. – [Crowd] Send her back! Send her back! Send her back! Send her back! Send her back! Send her back! Send her back! – Now, look, we can go
over Trump’s response or fact-check his obvious lie about how he told the crowd to stop, or compare this clip with the one from John McCain’s campaign. We can do all of that. But in the end, this is
just open and blatant racism that would have never
been tolerated years ago and is now going to embolden
a bunch of horrible people with blind jingoism. And what’s so frustrating about it is that Trump is and always has been so obviously racist and dumb that we shouldn’t even have to discuss it. We shouldn’t have to see clips like this. – All this happened to me. They killed my mom, my six brothers, they left behind them, then– – Where are they now? – They killed them. They are in the mass graves in Sinjar. – And have to explain to
a chunk of the country why that’s clearly a video of
a Klan-adjacent salad-brain who should never be in charge of anything. Like a real dumb guy who
just did an entire speech in front of a parody presidential seal that read 45 Is A Puppet on it and included a two-headed
eagle holding golf clubs. He is a joke, a real baloney sandwich. We shouldn’t have to debate why telling a group of
dark-skinned Americans to go back from which they came, a thing that has always
been racist, is racist. But then you have the
real special thinkers like Deputy Director of Communications Matt Wolking tweeting, technically, he told them to
come back so it’s not racist. To which we, the regular
people who understand words, have to explain that he
completely missed the vital part where the president told
American-born citizens to go back to their country as if America wasn’t their country, and then ol’ Wolkers would
probably just respond with something super dumb
and before you know it, you’re arguing about the semantics of an obviously racist statement when the real conversation
should be what to do about our very racist
and dangerous president. It used to be that Nazis and dumb racists were reserved for trashy
daytime talk shows. Now we have to explain why
someone like Richard Spencer shouldn’t be on the (bleeps)
evening news, Jake Tapper! Which brings us to a quick segment, What The (bleeps) Are
You Doing, Jake Tapper? Hey, Jake Tapper, what the
(bleeps) are you doing? You have on the, what? The palatable white nationalist,
and he tells your audience that what Trump said wasn’t racist, normalizing further what’s racist. The white nationalist doesn’t think it is, and he would know, he’s racist, so why would he want people watching to think the racist
president wasn’t racist? And normalize more racism? You get the races to say that… This concludes What The (bleeps) Are
You Doing, Jake Tapper? But anyway, now we have to
explain why Ben Garrison, a racist propagandist who very badly wants to
(bleeps) our president, shouldn’t ever have been
invited to the White House. The discourse about racism in this country has tragically devolved. It’s like we’ve gone from grad school all the way back to explaining why square pegs don’t fit in round holes. So just a real bummer, July, it was. But that was probably the
final piece of trash news coming out of that month, right? Am I right? Can I be right about this? – And therefore, I give notice
that Boris Johnson is elected as the leader of the
Conservative and Humanist party. – Ah! You Watch Me Read News
That Is Bad News To Read Because It Is About Donald Trump And That Other Guy, Boris Johnson. Okay, so I think we’re now in a segment that is inside of another
segment within the sub-segment within the second to primary segment of the primary segment we began with. Let’s make this one quick
because it seems like it should be a whole other video. So from what I can gather, there’s another country that isn’t America and in that other country, there’s this real goofy
walnut with dumb hair who once got caught on a
zip line and lied a lot to get people to support
a really stupid idea that’s going to damage the country and who has spent a lot of
money on wasteful projects and probably hit his girlfriend and has said some racist stuff and also some bizarrely sexist stuff such as comparing a
women’s volleyball team to glistening wet otters and isn’t too great about LGBTQ issues and once conspired to
physically attack a reporter and has general concentration problems and can’t keep important secrets and has been widely seen as another, ah, who am I thinking of? And now, he’s the Prime Minister of this whole other country. I dunno, man. There has to be a British version of me that can handle this, right? Can we Photoshop a British version of me doing Some More British News? Call it Takin’ A Piss On The Ol’ News. Okay, great. I’m glad that’s settled. Let’s just move on because come on. I feel like I just had my entire vacation retroactively pulled from my
soul by some kind of fun-cubus. Is there an end to any of this? I will accept a swift million
naps if that’s on the table. You Watch Me Read News
That Is Bad News To Read Because It Is About Donald Trump And That Other Guy Boris Johnson But Hey, Look, It’s Not All Bad. Cody, Please Don’t Cry. Look, you might’ve seen my previous video highlighting all the
good news in the world so if you need a real heavy dose, you might wanna go back and watch that. But good things did happen in July. In fact, there was even something good that Trump technically did. As of July 19th, over
3,000 federal inmates were granted an early release
thanks to the First Step Act, a non-partisan law that was signed by our still-racist President despite the protests from foghorn
ghouls like Jeff Sessions. It basically allows non-violent offenders to leave prison in
exchange for drug treatment and job training courses and it’s a pretty great
thing for human beings to do to help human beings. Sure it doesn’t address sentencing reform, but it’s a good first step. So naturally, Tucker Carlson hates it and Mitch McConnell tried to block it. And that Mitch guy is who I
really want to talk about, because sure, I can use this final segment as part of the segment
inside another segment within the sub-segment of a sub-segment to the entire segment to just list happy news to cheer you up. For example, we could talk about the fact that the Senate just passed a bill voting to fund victims of 9/11 for
the next 100 years or so, and that’s great! But I’d rather just show you
this picture of Mitch McConnell walking past a beaming Jon Stewart on his way to make that vote. Jon, being a comedian, who fought tirelessly to push
the Senate to pass the bill, and Mitch being the old
dinosaur, post-asteroid, who dragged his ass at
every step of that process. Because of course, he did. Because he’s terrible and greedy, and has no interest in helping Americans. And it takes someone like Jon Stewart to relentlessly pull him
through the threshold of basic progress and decency like a farmer tugging a
(bleeps), greedy old donkey with no interest in helping Americans. And if we wanna help other
people in similar situations such as these coal
miners currently fighting to have their black
lung benefits restored, we’ll have to continue
slogging through the mud that is people like Mitch,
people who are very unpopular and yet continue to have power. But here’s the good news. Not only is this muddy
jackass Mitch McConnell finally going to be up
for reelection next year, but he actually has an opponent who is becoming increasingly popular. She’s a (bleeps) retired
marine fighter pilot and came very (bleeps) close to winning the 2018
House District Election. And while she’s probably
not as left-leaning as everyone would like,
the military thing, fiscally conservative,
she’s cool with gay (bleeps) and abortion and climate change
being a thing that is real and she’d be the first Democrat to represent Kentucky in
the Senate since 1999. She would be not Mitch McConnell. Wouldn’t that be just swell? Swap one of the worst Republicans with what you kinda wish Republicans were. And hey, two years after,
we could get rid of Mitch, we’ll see Rand Paul be
up for reelection too. Rand Paul being one of the only two people to vote against the 9/11 Victims Bill. So yeah, maybe he and Mitch should go back to where they came from, meaning whatever giant
houses they own in Kentucky. Just a thought, a really, at
least, kinda nice thought. After doing that Good News episode, we wanna be a little
positive, end on a nice note. So, just imagine. Imagine not Mitch McConnell. Anyway, that was totally verbatim, what was written on
these papers I’m holding and reading for the first time. Just wanted to illustrate how frustrating and overwhelming
the news is every day and how things happen and
you just kinda move on and it feels like nothing
changes or gets done. Just today, a satirical movie was made about rich elites
hunting down red-state folks who are clearly the heroes, and the president complained about it because his brain fell out and now they’re pulling the movie. That seems like a bad precedent. Anyway, positivity. It’s time to catch up on the news. Here’s some news. After announcing his
candidacy for president by singling out Mexicans
as rapists and murderers, the man who became the
president after doing that spent much of his time spouting and encouraging racist demagoguery and ginning up fear of a
coming migrant invasion. And then after years of
people saying don’t do that, it’s dangerous, and him
continuing to talk like that and continually bringing
up the effectiveness of shooting migrants at the border, a frightened young man drove to the border and shot a bunch of people, as
he said, targeting Mexicans. Some, we hope he assumed,
were good people. But anyway, you get the point. We’ll talk about that next time. (dramatic music) Hi! Like and subscribe and check out our, and our podcast, Even More News. And now we got merch and
stuff so go to the link below. It’s TeePublic, user
Some More News something. Go to the link! Ah!


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  • Oh hey Cody and also Katie and everyone else who runs this channel in some part
    Y’all should do an episode sometime talking abt Chelsea Manning, a trans woman and person who was acquitted for the crimes she was charged with but continues to be imprisoned in solitary confinement (which is inhuman) bc of indictments for her refusal to testify in a private trial which she refuses to do bc hey, conducting trials behind closed doors is pretty bad and shady, especially when it’s abt whistleblowers (Julian Assange in this case) and is very obviously a political prisoner, which seems kinda like a fascist thing that would happen in a fascist government

  • just had to re-balance things with lots of bad news this time after going against his nature reporting on good things last time.

  • Strang how Cody wanted to talk about a shooter that Cody thinks he can blame on Trump even though said shooter ex[licetly stated this wasn't about Trump in his manifesto. It is also weird as Cody desperately wants to prove that people rhetoric can cause violence and hours latter another shooter appeared in Dayton. This Dayton shooter was very interesting as he called himself a leftist in his Twitter bio and had a habit of retweeting Cody's Youtube videos, saying that people should get guns and train with them and that they should carry them in public as a local newspaper demonstrated he had done before. I realize that using this to prove Cody's main narrative true might mean that he is part of the problem, but not doing so seems to be hypocritical and the opposite of progressive.

  • Zachary Woolstenhulme says:

    God bless Cody. I realize that he’s playing a character, but it’s evident that he has genuine frustration with the state of our world. It must feel to him and his writers like they are screaming into a void, but I only hope they see this post and know they’re not alone. There are those of us out there that feel the same way, and hearing Cody scream it into a camera offers us, at least, some catharsis. Please don’t give up!

  • Sir, I truly salute you in your efforts. You have a way of "keeping it light" while still driving into the depth of reality. Thank you.

  • Here's some news: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH oh a baby giraffe super cute anyway AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH heh heh they called Boris Johnson a "damp towel" that's so quintessentially British AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • William David Thompson says:

    The idea of releasing inmates to send them for drug rehab sounds terrible…a similar thing was tried here in the UK and it turned entire towns into deadzones.

  • In all fairness, public executions were originally cut because it was killing public support for the death penalty. Theoretically, public executions would be a way to guarantee the end of the death penalty.

  • Part of me wants to see the Nazis identified… because a couple of years after this… Nazis will bw whining about how they can't get jobs because employers use the leftist, socialist, Jew led search engines who point out young Nazis being Nazis who are being found by employers and this costs them jobs.

  • I feel kinda warm inside knowing I'll now be able to honestly answer "no" to the question, "have you ever seen the highest-grossing movie?

  • Homogenous is easier to say as huh-mah-gin-us. Eg milk is homogenised and pasteurised, so I've heard it being said as such on ads

  • Phoenix Uprising says:

    How NOT to cook curry chicken: cover clearly-not-dead-totally-not-plucked bird with copious amount of curry powder.

    Someone clearly missed a few steps here.

  • In all fairness to Marvel, a 1978 issue of their "What If…?" series came out called "What If Jane Foster Got Mjolnir?" It followed the story of Donald Blake & Jane Foster going on vacation to Norway together, & when attacked by inexplicable space aliens, instead of Blake finding the hammer of Thor in a nearby cave… it was Foster.

    She was pretty cool in that issue. But not as cool as she was in Marvel's later "push for diversity" run of "The Mighty Thor" where she got to be the Goddess of Thunder. Officially. For quite some time. That's actually my favorite run of the entire Thor comic series.

    So… You win some, you lose some. At least Disney is going to do Jane Foster as Thor in "Thor: Love & Thunder" with Natalie Portman. If they even loosely follow the original run by Jason Aaron, it's going to be epic, I can't wait!

  • JCBs Sailing Into the Sunset says:

    We will witness corruption destroy freedom, democracy, and liberty within the decade. America is soon to collapse both financially and socially….everyone better be ready to TAKE that next sip of water or bite of food by force or be killed/die of starvation….bad things are approaching that will never be able to be fixed, in fact they already have occurred and we are already in freefall as a civilization

  • I think comparing Boris Johnson to Trump is a bit inaccurate. While they’re both ghouls, Johnson is far more deliberate and deceptive. Trump is moronic and pig headed. His idiocy combines with his ego giving him a very primeval and narrow world view. This leaves him with a head of bad ideas and an inability to self reflect or rethink a position. This also makes him extremely transparent and malleable. The other (smarter) ghouls in his proximity are quick to support his racist and sexist bullshit because it grooms Trump’s ego and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep the praise train running.
    Johnson, on the other hand, is smart enough to realize that people see him as a fool. Like Trump, he has a head full of bad ideas but he’s smart enough to employ a level of deception when he’s in trouble. When he’s in trouble, he’ll immediately lay down a layer of tomfoolery to offset it. His brand of toxicity is far more deliberate and manipulative. It’s the political equivalent of “its just a prank, bro”. He’s on a very strange line. He’s taken just seriously enough to get stuff done. But he’s not taken seriously enough for any of his shitty actions to really stick and impact his career. Don’t get me wrong, he’s in no way better than Trump. But the comparison plays into his fool act.

  • Sara Sleightholm says:

    NOOO!!! Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell cannot come back to Kentucky! We don't want them! They can go back to the caverns of Hell from which they originally crawled from

  • Adam Zeanchock says:

    Can we get some more articles on happy animals? My "medicinal cannabis supplier" recently disappeared and I ran out of episodes of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.

  • Celestial Nothing says:

    As long as you are not talking about politics, you are mildly entertaining. As soon as you start your political junk, It gets unbearable the amount of evidence and sanity you leave out of your opinions.

  • "Its not racist too assume all hispanics are illegal immigrants and gang members" – ignorant and brainwashed racists

  • whatsinanameuask ??? says:

    USA Presidential Job Requirements are as follows… you must be able to manage long hours of cable television news, must be able to lift many cheeseburgers in one day, ability to do nothing for long periods of time (executive time) is plus, toilet twitting is an attractive skill, must be able to manage lots of people projecting you as smart, skilled, hardworking, and moral despite no evidence to it.

    Perks to the job…
    No accountability to broken laws (no sitting president can prosecuted),
    Immorality is ignored and replaced with projected Virtues (Stormy Daniels= "evangelicals")
    Darkest most hateful areas of your soul where you are filled with hate and contempt to the point of cartoonish evil and is passed on to an uninformed public, who by no transgression of their have been spoon fed by hatefilled media outlets and reinforced by cowardly politicians to learn things that are factually, morally (read bible or any religious scriptures) false in order to stoke strong negative emotions in people, causing them to do maliciously vile and unacceptable acts of wickedness (read bible or any other scriptures).

    If you meet these particular list of skill sets please apply…otherwise try North Korea!

  • hey guys when there are actual real-world wealthy & powerful people doing sketchy things in the background, can you at least not call them "elites" ffs? that's like, antisemitic dogwhistle 101. next you're gonna call them a cabal of bloodsuckers or something ? love your work and would love it even more if you corrected this oversight

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