Cat Week Spokesmodel Gina Shows Off New Ellen Shop Items!

Cat Week Spokesmodel Gina Shows Off New Ellen Shop Items!

And Cat Week wouldn’t be
possible without our sponsor, Cats Pride’s Cat
Litter, of course. [LAUGHTER] Gina enters. Gina– hi, Ellen. You’re not supposed to read it. You’re just supposed to say hi. Anyway, hi. This is Gina. It’s our Cat Week spokesmodel. And you’re here to tell us about
Cat’s Pride Cat Litter, right? What’s that? It’s what you’ve been talking
about all week long, you know, how if you buy one jug of
Cat’s Pride Cat Litter, they’ll donate two pounds
to a shelter in need. Whatever, Ellen. I’m here because I heard
it’s Breast Awareness Month. Are you aware? [LAUGHTER] I think we’re all aware, yeah. Yeah, it’s Breast
Cancer Awareness Month, but anyway, we even
have some special items for sale in the Ellen Shop. We have we have this mug
right here– “be kind to one another.” It’s a mug. It’s cute. There you go. Very cute. OK. And then we have this
t-shirt right here, cute. And it’s pink. Cute. Yeah, you want that? I’ll try it on. OK. Very cute. Good color for me. [LAUGHTER] You can take the mug out
of your hand if you want. [LAUGHTER] Put the shirt on. You don’t need to hold the
mug while you’re doing it. I got it. [LAUGHTER] Have you ever worn a t-shirt? [LAUGHTER] Thank you, Gina. I got it. That’s fine. I got it. That’s good. [APPLAUSE]


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