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  • My classmate a girl approached me once outta nowhere and i almost died because i felt like i was gonna have a heart attack and basically tried my best to end the conversation as fast as possible.

  • I like to kip back, relax, and see what they like to do while they’re talking, then do something in front of them to get them to talk to me, then I talk to them about the things they like to do. Instantly friends, and if I hassle them a bit and keep my aura around them, I can befriend, date, etc, anyone I want. I don’t give a fuck about what I act like. I’m just me, and when you’re talking to me, you’ll hear only me talking.

  • Tiger I ausf. H says:

    The best icebreaker is gum. Always have gum on you. If there's someone you like, walk up and say "you want some gum?". Its perfect

  • This channel really helped me. People on the street call me "pussyslayer" now.

    Not because I score so much, but because women walk away from me like I'm a serial killer

  • “Whenever I’m about to do something, I think, ‘would an idiot do that?’ And if they would, I do not do that thing.” 😂

  • I'm an engineer, too, brother. I was shy and bashful, super reserved and introverted. I was handsome in my youth (or so I was told by many a female) before going bald.
    A lanky 6'-5" fellar with a strawberry-blonde mane, sexy blue eyes and dimples in my cheeks. Many a pretty girl made advances towards me. But I was a bashful, pitiful shoe-looker. Just the thought of embracing a pretty girl – let alone rummaging through the flaps 'n folds of her clam – paralyzed and incapacitated me 😂. I couldn't even muster to look in their eyes, for Pete's sake.
    I gladly retreated to the comfort of the physics and math textbooks instead. Part of it was child abuse in my case. My dad was something else. I grew up with zero self esteem, beaten, downtrodden, always thinking I was the cause of all world's problems, wanting to expire peacefully in a dark corner somewhere.
    But I finally overcame that. Manned up, if you will. Shook off the tatters of old oppression and grew big enough balls to match my height, and actively pursued a girl I really liked. You gotta man up at some point – that's a must. I disagree with you on the notion that women should make the first move. It's exponentially more destructive to women when they get rejected. And it would not have helped me one bit. Girls have come up to me, only to realize I was a self-conscious weirdo.
    Anywho, the said girl I pursued reciprocated, and I was literally in heaven 😌
    I married her ass, and 9 years later do not regret it one bit. Luckily, neither does she.
    We have (4) bambinos, and life is good.
    Lucky for me, she digs it when I shave my head bald (I have to do it to avoid the infamous horse-shoe head).
    I try to do well by my 3 boys, raise them right. And I adore my 1 daughter, the spoiled brat that she is 😂

  • Once I thought hey imma ask this cute girl out. But then I thought what if I get rejected so I came up with this idea of me asking her as a “prank” but she knew it was a prank cause she heard it. But she only heard me saying I was going to prank her and not me not pranking her so she said no and now idk if she really rejected me or something this is big smh moment for me

  • when approached by a girl, theres basically only one option.

    they are about to ask for money. whether its for charity or as a cashier or anything…its always money.

    if money isnt involved…its extremely suspicious and you know they are up to no good.

    "no good" in this case definitely being "not good". not naughty or kinky or even interested, just plain and simple…"no good". in a roundabout way…probably based on money. the fact you have and they dont.

    or like that one girl i met… well, she was an actress, and her role was a "bunny boiler". the cute chick that tries to chat up random, obviously attached men. i knew something was up. maybe it was the way her sister and her sisters band members and friends were trying their best to NOT look like they were watching every move intently…

    and ive never, ever heard a girl talk so dirty outside of a private, intimate encounter…

  • Mohamed Saghour says:

    I prefer living with the regret of not doing something than the feeling of getting rejected, that is one basterd feeling

  • Prabhanjan Sahoo says:

    'Ask yourself, 'What a not-weird person would do?'
    -Casually Explained, 2016
    Best advice of the decade award goes to……..

    You know who I'm talking about 😉

  • Ask yourself, what would a non weird person do? Well, what if i'm a fucking weird person? How should i even be able not to act weird? Even if i say something 'completely normal' words get interpreted. And she can find anything weird, if she finds you weird. That standpoint neglects its own premis.

    My advice therefor is: if you're weird, accept it. Learn to scan people for their weirdness. Find a girl with similar/ compatible weirdness. Then just be yourself! Dont do the 'asking yourself' thing to much. It hinders you from being. Be yourself. Enjoy it. And if her weirdness is conpatible, she even likes it. Case closed

  • a couple times ive been approachef by attracrive women
    I was wondering if they were worried about me standing there by myself at an event when they came to talk to me with a smile
    Lucjily for them they got the respect they deserved
    i viewed them as non sexual beings and i replied without bias to their various questions
    i did not go out of my way to ask them questions because they were probably there to confort me as a non attractive person
    I could have easily made the mistake that they were interested in me hahaha good thibg for them im not an idiot!

  • In a world where gender equality is rammed up our behinds. Women still expect men to make the first move…double standards…

  • people with the most problems are giving the best advice and this guy right here is a perfect example although he doesn't have that many problems

  • The most important thing is to have self-respect and do not expect anything from anyone if you your-self consider that you're worthless/stupid/ whatever. Nobody likes negative people so if you want to be happier start thinking differently. The only people that will love you forever are you and your mom, no-one else. If you don't love your-self, the battle is lost before it begins ( don't forget to stay respectful to other people though, humilty is a good thing) .

  • K so I know this is mega late but i need urgent help: with my crush, i’m one of those people who just waits and hopes for a situation to occur where I can smoothly talk to her without having a seizure and fucking it all up (such as being hammered or high enough to not give a shit about what comes outta my mouth), but just thinking about it actually happening makes me have an internal seizure without anything even happening. I reckon I have a bit of a struggle with ‘breaking the ice’. Any online therapists pls? I’m a lovestruck lesbian

  • Girls have only approached me about three times. I'm twenty and most have happened about once a year for the last three years. About the same number of compliments a year. But I have crippling social anxiety so I can't actually ask anyone else out lol.

  • I absolutely adore your sense of humor. You have become one of the two non-music related channels that I turned my notifications for. 💛

  • Hunter Productions says:

    Soo I’ve binged basically every video at this point… and is it possible to be depressed and entertained at the same time?

  • Bartek Siminski says:

    Then what if you meet someone at the bar, you get rejected, and the next day first thing in the morning you find that this girl have been atending your school?

  • 4th grade this super cute girl liked me but I was kinda like weirded out about dating stuff now freshman year comes around and I like the girl. He mentioned that you should ask them out before you regret not doing it and thinking what it could’ve been. He is absolutely right but what about your friends and their friends like shitting on you for getting rejected?

  • I remember the first time a girl ever told me she liked me I thought it was just a scam to get me to like her back and then laugh at me with her friends.

  • A girl walked up to me in college one day and told that we are in the same program and told me that I m attractive and smart. She gave me her phone number, smiled and walked away.
    is she into me?
    No, I can't really tell. I should just focus on school

  • One time I was in geometry and there was this guy I like, right? And he goes I still can’t figure out how to get to the online homework…so I say I could text you how but I don’t have your number…he didn’t say anything so I said “can I have ur number” and he goes “do we have any homework in mrs hanks’ class.”

    And that is the day I died and continued sitting with him for the rest of the quarter.

  • This is such a crazy thing to me because I’ve always been the one to make the first move and approach people and not the other way around, that’s how I got my bf lol. I’ve never gotten approached by a not creepy dude.

  • "What if I get rejected? That would really hurt my ego and lower my self esteem."
    "Well, is that really as bad as living with the regret of not doing anything and wondering what could have been?"

    Holy shit.

  • I actually asked a guy out once and now he's my boyfriend. At the time I felt very self-conscious about it but this video helped me to realize that guys actually appreciate it. 🙂

  • Its okay to hate both the game & the players cuz the game is rigged and players are its enablers. Women are completely privileged in dating and it’s virtually all double standards that favor women because men need to compete for their approval. Feminists need to STFU about male privilege.

  • How do you fix a friendship if you fucked it up by saying something do you think kissing is an act of affection or not

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