welcome to rebuilder we break is brought
to you by dinotrux today is the night or designing an
incredible I sculpture it’s Stephen and I are designing an even more incredible
way to destroy it a wild grody that’s cold ice cold
destruction is about to hit sub-zero on we build it we break it okay Izzie what should we make out of
ice hmm nice donkey yeah not a nice cat oh
how about an ice Engel I think that’ll look awesome with wings
and a face that says I eat animals that can’t fly cuz I’m a meaning you’ve got a
lot of our Eagles okay um I seagull it is I wonder what they’re making out of
ice how do we destroy an ice sculpture complement it I’ve always been told that
my compliments can make anyone know melting isn’t a bad idea but I want to
break it hmm skya you know how skya can lift
things with her crane avalanche you think that’s bad take a look at this
maybe if we put the ice sculpture in a bucket and then lift it up on a crane
and then we could have a button to make it drop and it’ll look so cool yeah and
it’ll drop on a metal floor of debt with spikes that split the ice in a million
pieces I don’t think that’ll be necessary since gravity okay so does the
tricks of the trade we’ve got professional ice Carver Rex
Rex has been carving ice for over 30 years and he’s made some unbelievable
works art well see you guys ready to make a masterpiece oh yeah let’s get
carving okay so this is a shape we’re gonna do it’s me so we got to do is draw
this shape on the side of the ice you guys want to try it yeah sure all right
take this off and go over those lines and if you need to
look at that so this is actually the most important part is drawing the shape
on the block of ice cutting it out it’s easy then I’ll trace these lines with
the chainsaw and we’ll be ready to cut it out neither of us have used a
chainsaw so we’re gonna watch Rex lose magic all right that’s pretty much the start
whoa keV almost looks like the evil you got your chisels all right so we’re
gonna round this head so we’re gonna kind of like like make this were like no
you can actually work on the swing okay and just round this a little bit Cayden ice me I got you all right guys it’s looking great I
think we’re done here oh this looks amazing I just gotta say
my favorite part just probably the eyes I wonder what Stephen and Brody have
planned all right remove the wall serious and the Eagles going in that yep
all the way up here and then it’s gonna fall on – no way that is great
goodbye eagle yeah see you later it’s everywhere
well we built it broke it we keep our word thanks for watching
Oh Izzie where are you I’m up here on the list I don’t know how to get now oh
okay oh well come up and help you hey yeah hey guys the wing survived want to
carve another animal there sure where are we about to do something you know
what I can’t remember let’s go get our two little guys guys to see more we build it we break it
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