100 thoughts on “Carter Page plans to go after FBI agents who spied on him”

  • I can't believe there isn't any patriot to punish the evil media and democRats, all of us are cowards, that's why democRtas are above the law

  • YOU GO GUY!! Enjoy your 5 minutes of Fame!! When Trump is in the trash bin of History, you'll be the equivalent of an period at the end of sentance.

  • Carolina QUANONNE says:

    Leonard peltier American Indian movement USA FBI terrorism foundation hoover closet behavior now too big too control 37 thousand bodies

  • Somebody please grow some balls and do something. So much talk and no action. The Dems are going to get away with this and mark my words, nobody will serve time. I’m starting to believe Epstein killed himself more than the Dems will be held accountable for all the false accusations against Trump.

  • Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.
    What makes these folks so brazen? Sovereign Immunity! Eliminate Sovereign Immunity for all non-elected government employees. Let sovereign citizens pull them out from behind the curtain. Make the government, its agencies, its employees liable for their actions; just like the private sector must do. Citizens are the sovereigns and the government only operates under license from us. Its obvious that the 'best and the brightest' are not nearly as clever as they would have you believe. Eliminate Sovereign Immunity for all government employees. We don't have a government, we have a sea-going rat-ship. The police state must be eliminated, we must eliminate gotcha government, The FBI must be dismantled. The CIA must be dismantled. The IRS must be dismantled. Its amazing that here we are, 242 years later, debating whether or not people can rule themselves as sovereigns. Perhaps even more amazing is that many vote for their own enslavement.

  • Hannity if you don't let him speak there is no actual interview, we just hear the questions you yell out over your guest.

  • Carter is another player on the board. Believe nothing, question everything. Carter is Jesuit trained. Once you understand the Jesuit dilemma, you'll see they play both sides. FBI, CIA, DC are all props in the global plutocratic matrix.

  • I believe Carter Page is a C_A clown. He's part of it ALL. Listen to George Webb on YT. You'll see. Don't fall for his clowning. He's as crooked as the rest of them… He's been an informant for years, from what I've learned.

  • Too funny! No conspiracy theory to support? Lets go after the process! Another Republican cover ups of fact and data. Sean Hannity is the Devils associate watch how he sucks in Carter Page. Carter is not to smart so he is easily sucked in.

  • spying is something you do to another country…investigation is something you do to protect your country from evil doers… why does the GOP twist that? oh yeah Russia, i forgot.

  • Page….Dont give Hannity credit for Judicial Watches work…Its been JW suing fir documents thats outed this Coup and they continue to do so…Nunes and Jordan tried to get documents from the FBI butt they Refused to produce them…anyone remember that?..REFUSED to give Congress what they demanded…They knew the Deep State would protect them

  • His life was destroyed but when he sues the United States and wins he will be set up for life. Sad because it is our tax money but this man deserves it with what he goes through with the media. All the money he gets in return can be blamed to Dems and Hillary for falsely doing this.

  • Sue them now because when Durham indicts them they will go broke with their lawyers fees.They will get a big taste of their own medicine.Throw in the media who helped them with their narrative.

  • That law suite is so much more than money. The only consequences there will be, will come from the outside. Civilians and real investigative journalists. Government will not go after itself. I hope Carter Page attorneys rips these officials to threads….

  • Immunity is granted if libs did it from a safe space with safety pin adorned antifa outfits. They can hide at ABC NBC or CBS

  • [ What you all need is Redemption]
    No one has to worry about what the illiterate insane lying killer thieves may think, say or try to do. They are in the desperate vacancy in their hearts because of the own crimes of lying, deceiving even killings to steal the provisions of the God for the others. Whatever they may think or say they never can be anything other than the Treasonous Criminals against the Wish of the God, to be dusted away.

    The affluent ones who ignored the obvious fact that they are guilty of forcing the massive majority of the planetary population into the poverty for them being humble, honest and gentle. You all shall be dusted out of the Reality, unless you return the stolen wealth to the God and the innocent people forced into poverty by your criminal way of being, and beg for the God's mercy to be pardoned of the crime.

    You should be able to know that nothing worth more than the existence of your own life awareness for yourself. It could not worth anything that your delusion of the possession of anything. But for that, you are to lose the only thing truly belong to you.

    Trillions of words of descriptions of the Reality, never can replace a minutest bit of the Factual Reality. Trillions' of teraBytes of lies, stories, assumptions, theories and opinions has no true value for anyone as much as one Bit of the Truth or False. Trillions of words of illiterate in their heads and mouth, only can amount to a fact of the illiteracy.

    The lie is of the words of the illiterate. The truth is the knowing of the literate without a word. You who ignored "What is Just or Unjust", "What is Fair or Unfair" and "What is Lie or Fact" for the selfish want, to lose the intelligence to care to love yourself and others, shall die out.

    Do you think your praise or worship worth anything for anything? The God, nor the God's chosen One, the Lord God of the planet, does not need your praise nor worship. But You all need to redeem own eternal life's chance, if you do not want to be dusted out of the God's Reality. What is best not to exist for the massive majority of the humble and honest people, shall be dusted away for good. It is the Time of the God's tiding. (tenpage☀net)

  • Carter Page, what a piece of work. He got a PhD from the University of London in 2012, but his doctoral thesis was rejected twice – One of his original examiners later said Page "knew next to nothing" about the subject matter and was unfamiliar with "basic concepts" such as Marxism and state capitalism (his dissertation on the transition of Asian countries from communism to capitalism). He tried to publish his dissertation as a book; a reviewer described it as "very analytically confused, just throwing a lot of stuff out there without any real kind of argument." A year later (2013), Russian intelligence operatives attempted to recruit Page, and one of them, Victor Podobnyy, described Page as enthusiastic about business opportunities in Russia but an "idiot". Yeah, Carter, just go ahead and go after those FBI agents – good luck with that.

  • If Barr does his job, don't let this die like the Benghazi investigation. Remember how fired up Trey Gowdy was? Yeah me too. Hope Senator Graham doesn't let it die .

  • He could at least sue for criminal incompetence. People at that level of power (if they weren't willfully acting maliciously) were certainly grossly incompetent. That is the only explanation. But who believes they just simply "made mistakes"??? There are checks and balances.. rules and regulations to prevent "mistakes." If errors were made at this level, they were absolutely intentional.

  • can we say lee harvey oswald? it looks like all our agencies use the same play book when they need a patsy. come on guys, i know it's hard for you to believe but we're starting to understand where you're coming from but more important we're starting to figure out where you're going to and i don't think you're going to like it. you betrayed the peoples trust and we will not forgive nor will we forget. with or without trump as our president, we will no longer allow you to hide behind the american flag or the agencies you desecrated. you have become more dangerous than those you were to protect us from.

  • Carter Page get every penny that you truly deserve. Sadly, it will be the American people paying for what the Dem's & intel depts did to you… Then, America needs to do away with the democratic party & revamp the Crooked FBI & CIA…

    Per Al Greene, this is going to go on, over & over. A bottomless money pit for the dem's. This is a darn OUTRAGE. Term Limits, is a must or President Trump gets a 3rd term… How about that.

    AG Bill Barr needs to investigate the massive spending, fraud & overreacting of the democrats…

    #1 Target, Fake Media, CNN & MSNBC have plenty of money…

  • On Monday putin vice-gripped Zelinsky, today his dog vice-grips trump..what part of Russian interference don't you understand graham, are you stupid? In fact as I write this pompeo and trump are receiving instructions from lavrov…..

  • cornelia wissing says:

    Mr Page, I don't know who you want to sue, but it should be specific people: Messrs Comey, McCabe, Clapper, Brennan, Rosenstein, etc. May you get out of this Democratic mess a wealthy man! And I hope the same for Messrs Flynn and Papadopoulos.

  • Warren Seawright says:

    How many reports have to come out ? Y’all told me this was the one … it took 2 years and this is it… come on ! Who did this report a never Trumper ??

  • Carter Page is full 'o dookie. He isn't going after the FBI in court. This is just all bluster because they have nothing left.

  • Terrible what they did to you. C I A / FBI sting operation and then turned on you. Sue their pants off. Yes their is a lot of evidence.

  • Carter Page Best wishes in your quest for justice The swamp is slowly coming into focus I believe the entire world is at a tipping point as in 1939.

  • If Trump wins in 2020, the Republicans take back the House and Republicans keep the Senate—the progressive movement is DEAD!!!!! Trump, McCarthy, and Graham will come in with a vengeance and CRUSH everything the progressive movement has and will end it for the foreseeable future in America!!!!!!!!!!!!! The progressive era will be OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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