Carragher swears at reporter and labels him ‘nosey’

Carragher swears at reporter and labels him ‘nosey’

Jamie, one game to go, how are you feeling
about it? People keep asking me but it’s…I suppose the answer will come after the game
really. I just want to concentrate on the game, looking forward to it and get my ticket
sorted and hopefully get a win and I can look back on it and give you a better answer. Have
you at any time reconsidered retirement or has Brendan asked you to reconsider? No, not
really. We had a couple of chats on different things over the season really, not just since
I made my decision but the more I’ve been in the team the more I’ve wanted to stick
with my decision and go out playing. I’ve been quite fortunate with the timing, when
I announced it I kept my self in the side and I can go out playing which is something
I prefer rather than maybe staying another year and being on the stand or on the bench
or wherever it may be. What then is the best moment of your Liverpool career? Istanbul,
nothing will beat that will it? Champions League final, no point in going over the game
we all know what happened that night, it was difficult to ever top that. What was it like
that night to lift the European Cup? I’ve never won the league, that was a disappointment
and if we’d have won that then maybe I could have compared the two but we’ve won FA Cups,
Carling Cups, UEFA Cup but nothing compares to the Champions League. Its the biggest and
best trophy you can win in football and thats what we achieved.
We should have won the league, you know, but you know, you’ve given everything and you’ve
given as much as you can in terms of what you’ve put into it, its a team game, different
managers, coaches helped you along the way and you do your best and I’ve done alright.
You still have big gaps, have you got other
stuff that maybe you want to do, get on the golf course or go scuba-diving? He’s a bit
nosey this fella isn’t he? F**king hell…I don’t know! F**king hell…}


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