Cancer Patients Forced To Delay Treatment Over Coronavirus Concerns | NBC Nightly News


37 thoughts on “Cancer Patients Forced To Delay Treatment Over Coronavirus Concerns | NBC Nightly News”

  • MasteR BlasteR says:

    This is fake news I'm in a hospital for cancer treatments right now. The news must be shut down. They are creating fear with their lies.

  • A globally crumbling healthcare infrastructure can't survive a pandemic. Our corrupt politicians should spend our money to save our lives instead of buying weapons.

  • As a Cancer Survivor who just barely made it through, i find this absolutely WRONG, this is disgusting. Why leave people with dangerous diseases to die.

  • um,, no … she better get the treatment now,,, dont wait… period…. its her life your playing with… cancer is far worse

  • This Virus Already Proved we need More Hospital More Doctor More Nurses More Medical Treatments Hey God plz forgive us & Help Us

  • Broke Socialite says:

    This is getting out of control. People who all ready have a serious illness can't get regular treatments. That's going to cause more life or death issues. God Bless ??. Covid19

  • so sad ! Not fare at all ! this shouldn't be happening right know ! they should have specialist just for this …its your fault if they die my opinion …so sad ..

  • Please minister Jesus to this woman & tell her about Essiac Tea ? (8 ingredients from Optimally Organic), CBD oil & tincture, & apricot kernels (contain laetrile from Optimally Organic) if she is not taking it already.

  • American Paisa says:

    Exhaustion, confusion, paranoia, fear of the unknown has stressed out many of the medical field employees. Doctors, nurses and hospital staff are running on fumes. It’s moments like these that pose the most risk of human error from the doctors.

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  • She should be back on schedule soon Just want to highlight that several Norther European hospitals have ADMITTED they exaggerated the “ To capacity “ situation something that’s dangerous and also happening in the US and worldwide I visited my local hospital twice ( 12 hour visits both times) within a 10 day period and the hospital was very busy but no with Corona one day and almost empty the other day and the hospital was fully staffed and stocked and really on top of things but a few staff members were stressed very understandable Overall all hospitals ARE not at all near full capacity Manipulation of heath data kills people !

  • Those cancer patients gonna have to just grow a pair of balls and take some Tylenol while we deal with real disease outbreak

  • All cancer patients should come first period but at the same time do cancer patients want to go into a hospital where they have very low immune systems
    It’s a gamble either way

  • They should still get their treatment. Are other countries doing this. We need more hospitals. Meanwhile trumps says, "Not my responsibility…the governors can handle it." Keep partying kids.

  • This is a GOOD THING because those cancer treatments lower or completely destroy your immune system and would make you even more susceptible to the virus and death as the underlying health issues. It is sad and I hope it does not cause any death to amy any cancer patients, I just think you really need your immune system right now maybe I am wrong. Anyways God bless all Peace & Blessings all

  • GuyWhoCameInFromtheCold says:

    Shows we live in more of an unilateral authoritarian country than we re lead to believe. This is horrible

  • May God protect us all with your sons holy blood from head toe from covid19 and all evil deceases, I give all the glory in advance to you God for you say that anything we need ask in prayer and supplication , I love you God and trust in you . There is nothing you cannot do lord. You are the reason I’m living lord and you put us in this world to praise you and worship you that is the true meaning of life and to love one another .Amen!

  • Cancer patients need to realize that their treatment is a luxury the health system can't handle at the moment.
    This is life and death for so many others.
    Do the right thing and postpone your treatment for a few months.

  • Ilisabel Paganrivera says:

    Outrageous. USA, the most powerful nation ever, is unable to create alternatives so that cancer and other high risk patients get the treatment they need w/o delay. Meanwhile, troops are being sent overseas to Europe, w/o concerns about how they might be affected.

  • Same for me, I was pushed back for my bone marrow transplant to Monday 3/31/20. I have glasses, gloves, mask, my Dr said were ready and prepared but I was in the ER 2 times this year for a simple cold and pneumonia. I can’t get this virus ? on top of that my asthma cannot handle this extra load. I’m praying for the all the patients who are waiting or are scared. Everything will be OK. Fadi_Set_Go

  • I am a stage 4 cancer patient who still works as a nurse while going through chemotherapy. I can’t go on leave because I don’t think I am qualify since I just came back to work and the fear of losing my job and losing my insurance . I wish we had a government and a society that is more compassionate with people like me because quite frankly nobody ask to have cancer.My heart breaks for other cancer patients especially those with young kids.

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