100 thoughts on “Canada Election 2019 Leaders’ Debate”

  • What an annoying video. I guess it was somewhat unfair how so much of it was focused on challenging bernier – but at the same time bernier is just SO annoying. His english is honestly quite bad at times(not just the accent) and he talks over everyone nonstop. His tactic of silencing people by making it impossible to talk and everyone having to raise their voice to talk to him is so terrible.

  • Since trudeau has been in my family has been repededly put in danger of being homeless . My husband is an equipment operator that is a great job but it's too expensive to live any more your killing the people of Canada

  • 1nova Scotia every year 3x the amount of the US 😲. did every one hear that use your brains it's not manageable. PPC repededly tryed to say they do want imagination but not so many that we can't manage .

  • Vladimir Povic says:

    Maxime Bernier got my vote. Him and Blanchet are the only one’s that are truthful with their intentions and are straight forward. No more LibCons

  • A simple question will put Singh in the dock – “ Mr Singh you have in the past supported and attended rallies honouring Talwinder Singh Parmar the mastermind of the worse act of terrorism on Canadian soil – bombing of Air India flight 182. You have also attended rallies which called for violence in Indian state of Punjab for a separate state of Khalistan. Do you Sir, continue to do such acts? and if yes, would it not be declaring war on the largest secular democratic & nuclear country of India? And if not, will you apologize for causing hurt to thousands of Hindu & Sikh families who lost their loved ones to Khalistani terrorists and are now living peacefully in India?”

  • silvana Alejandra says:

    Blanchet c'est le seul qui défend les intérêts des québécois et québécoises. Le reste des candidats (sauf scheer )disent une chose devant le Québec (débat en français) et ne se gênent pas de parler mal du Québec devant les canadiens anglophones pour gratter quelques votes. Bref bravo au Bloc, Blanchet a mon vote!

  • How to take a dump on quebecers… we will remember…. anglos don't understand that we are separating the religion from the state and this is what we did for the last 70 years. We have a long history with it and we just want to cut its influence in our lives. We did it for the women rights, we did it for the rights of the LGBT+… and now we are doing it for our kids…

    The right of an individual will never have precedence on the right of the community, sorry hypocrites.

  • Christian Laforte says:

    wow, the trolls have been busy. Look at their profiles (almost empty but not quite) and who they promote (Bernier), who they are against (liberals). Coincidence? I think not. Either Bernier is knowingly a puppet of Putin or he's just copying Trumpist speeches (socialism socialism! as if we spoke about that much in Quebec!) in the hope he can somehow pull it off.

  • My prediction of what I have seen so far, the next government will be Liberal with a minority, it was a mistake by Trudeau interfere with Quebec politics, Quebecers are pissed off and Trudeau needs Quebec for a majoraty, thank you Bloc Québequois.

  • All they did was team up against Trudeau. they never stated their own ideas. They simply tried to explain how Trudeau's ideas have so called "downsides"

  • the old one
    the old one
    1 minute ago
    I'm an immigrant from Pakistan and my vote is for Bernier. He is the only one standing up for real economic issues, Canadian values, free speech, no political correctness, and pro-Canada immigration policy in focusing on economic immigrants instead of a free-for-all. And unlike the other "leaders'" meaningless-robotic-rhetoric-on-a-loop, Bernier offers actual plans that make sense.

    Mass migration is a killer of countries and cultures as we see in Europe. It is just a tool of the NWO globalists to have more people who they control by handing out free benefits, and who will therefore vote for them without ever caring for what happens to the country. The European experiment has failed miserably, e.g Sweden, Belgium to name just two. In contrast, Poland and Hungary are the ones who have remained stable and sane through all the mess because they refused the imposed EU mass migration requirements. Nations need sovereign rights to protect their borders, and have policies that work for their own people first. When Canada is economically and socially stronger, it can be in a better position to help people in less privileged countries to build up their own countries and stabilize their own economies.
    The debate format was a joke and they were unfair in doing a smear job on one person right from the get go. I found that disgusting and I hope others would agree that it was a blatant attempt at skewing perception.
    I am sick of the climate fear-mongering false science based on false computer models that disregarded 100 years of actual recorded climate data because it didn't fit with their hypotheses. Why is that the prime focus of this debate? Nobody is talking about the letter that 500 real climate scientists wrote to the UN recently refuting all this psuedo-science hot air bubble. The "hockey stick" model has been proved false by real climatologists. It's just a money-making and power-gaining deception – just follow the money trail of the chief proponents and corporations benefiting from it. I believe in being responsible for the environment, not going senselessly ballistic about it. I don't like any fear controlling anybody's life because then you are ruled by fear and you make irrational decisions.

  • anonymous user says:

    These are politicians, all WORDS no solutions. Vote? Wake up and study for yourself, question everything, our oblivion abhors it. Politicians wont solve your problems, they only ambitiously seek to perpetuate themselves as corruptly insolvent and incompetently plundered at expense of meek believers without arrival toward any evidence. Blah Blah Blah…

  • Gilles Milaire says:

    Canadian media and political system is doing a fine job of keeping the electorate uninformed and distracted from their real interests. The electorate sadly, will get what they deserve, elect and regret.

  • Jennifer McLeod says:

    I am not Canadian, but I see if conservative elected, they will form a puppet government for Trump in North! Seriously, their leaders receiving guides every other week from southern border! I never thought some Canadian be naive like this!

  • These guys have no plans, nothing to offer – all others are inexperienced, incompetent, especially Mr. Singh and Scheer! lol

  • Matthew Galligan says:

    4 more years, huh? Should be like should have never had the first 4.

    4 years back, 4 years back. Was a mistake; 4 years back. There we go that's better. 😊

    Edit: Block Quebec, the man should not be PM on one account, he only fights for Quebec, not for Canada that is very Un-Canadian, yes Quebec is apart of Canada, good on them, yet Canada is not just Quebec. Stay provincial with a stance like that.

  • Why is everyone worrying about making money and ignoring that without a predictable climate, we will continue to hemorrhage money on coastly infrastructure repairs due to extreme climate events, loss of crops from unpredictable weather. These are the corner stones of our ecomny, everyone needs somewhere to live and something to eat. These core needs must be addressed by minimizing climate change and with this it will allow us to have a productive and successfull economy. Anyone ignoring this enormous factor is missing the most important factor in protecting and growing our economies.

    I have a hard time listening to what anyone but Elizabeth May has to say. They seem to all be worrying about secondary, tertiary, and further issues. Lets solve the real problem we are out of time to worry so much about less important issues. Everyone else appears to be ignorant to the real problem looming over us. Lets stop bickering and get on this we are out of time.

  • Skirkpatrick Cole says:

    Lol I have always been conservative, but honestly this year I think I will vote for the people’s party (seem somewhat libertarian to me)

  • Skirkpatrick Cole says:

    Canada has way too many immigrants, if they don’t have $$ and skills to bring then they aren’t welcome, so many immigrants just take from society and never give anything back, only those who have money to spend in our country and skills to add to our society should be allowed

  • His turban looks cute but it is focusing on his own culture and origin. By the way, this has nothing to do with race, color, gender, sexuality whatsoever; not a discrimination!
    In order to respect all cultural backgrounds, Canadian working environments should be kept free of any promotion regarding traditional and religious outfits and languages.

  • Scheer calls Alberta oil clean energy. Shame. Is it clean Mr. Scheer? A cloud of noxious particles brewing in the air above the Alberta oil sands is one of the most prolific sources of air pollution in North America, often exceeding the total emissions from Canada's largest city, federal scientists have discovered. The finding marks the first time researchers have quantified the role of oil sands operations in generating secondary organic aerosols, a poorly understood class of pollutants that have been linked to a range of adverse health effects.

  • White_CIS Internet_Males says:

    Nice to see democracy taking place in a nation controlled by plutocrats who hate the historically majority of Canada which is white people. Future China colony in the next 50 years, mark my words. Say goodbye to a high trust society.
    Love from The United States.

  • The Russian troll farm is here (in the comments) in full force pumping up the deeply unpopular ppc. Be wary real Canadian YouTubers.




    ME: Did you vote for green party
    Greta Thunberg: how dare y (looks ar cue cards) ou
    Greta Thunberg: and we w (looks ar cue cards) ill nwver forgi (looks ar cue cards) ve you

  • Scheer  in   the first French debate  telling Quebecers to vote  him because he too was a Catholic was about the lowest ,sleaziest thing I ever heard come out of a politicians mouth

  • You know if any political parties actually had Canada as their focus and making Canadians progress and thrive, they would all sit down at 1 table, throw ideas, listen and being polite, write down all the ideas, go through the pros and cons, and go with the beat ones, regardless of who’s party they belong to. However, I would strongly suggest that the bloc and the Green Party be thrown out!

  • Trudeau is a CHAMELEON… Said a lot of things on 2015 but never delivered it to the people/climate and now he is promising all his lies again on this election time. He is a BIG FAT HYPOCRITE AND A JOKE LEADER IN THE WORLD STAGE… Most disrespected leader in the world now…What a JOKE!!! Laughed at worldwide for his charades….! what about your big pipeline Justin?

  • Another asinine YAP FEST!

    But hey, if people get the tinglies from the FEEL GOOD LYING done by these CRISIS ACTOR PUPPETS, HEY who am i to interject REALITY!!!!!

  • where are the french subtitles? i dont want to listen to the English translation it sounds so bad mixed in with the audio id rather hear the real language and read subtitles or captions also learning french so its better?

  • That was the most painful debate I've ever watched. ..
    If you want each person to have there time to talk. Mute everyone except the person talking. Then open the mic to everyone for open debate.

  • Scheer's response to the very first question asked by 'Regan' was totally disrespectful. He chose not to recognize or answer the question instead choosing to insult the PM. This continued throughout the debate…he lost my vote.

  • Really wish the 2nd moderator would let the leaders finish their piece.. I know they have to stick to the time slots, but I find it kind of rude of her… Really like Max Bernier's policies. Also like what Scheer had to say, but I dont like his immigration policy. The East is just to volatile to be letting others into our country. Its unfortunate, might be bias even, but it is a very real reality. Singh has head in the clouds, no clue how to run a country, has all these cut breaks for families but no clear understanding of who will foot the bill.

  • anna skorupinska says:

    To all Maxime Bernier supporters.
    It breaks my heart to hear so much slander and false accusations against Max.
    Deep state at work without a doubt. We have a true leader with years of experience as minister of foreign affairs, industry and state with banking and finance expertise . He has radical ideas like balancing the budget in 2 years.
    He doesn't pander to any special groups but treats all like canadiens. His ideas will transform our country into safe and prosperous place to live. His declaration that there is no climate emergency is well based in science that the UN agenda blocks from public knowledge. Investigative journalists should get to the bottom of who is driving the Climate Strikes, Extinction Rebellions and so forth .. little digging ..oh the UN . Thanks god they running out of money.

  • Smallstudio Design says:

    I remember in high school, in debate class/ on debate, the structure & rules of order surrounding constructive meaningful debates.
    I was astounded by how this debate was somewhat poorly run/structured. It’s obvious the ill fitting format & bizarre incomprehensible way a number participants over talked others, there’d be a substantial failing grade for constant interruptions, & not actually having an argument for proposal-topic with backup facts/statistics.
    This was especially the case with our Prime Minister Trudeau, who got way to entangled with bizarre bickering with his foe, Andrew Scheer, ( they were equally bad, considering they’re the neck’n neck favourites to win) … Meanwhile … right off the top Max Bernier came off like a total wing-nut waste of time, he really didn’t let anyone answer his quackery … what happened to the moderators?
    I’ll give exception to Elizabeth May & Jagmeet Singh, as they rose above the chaos, as they remained quite composed & focussed on their points with some great one liner comebacks! Not bad for the supposed “underdogs”.

  • Smallstudio Design says:

    FFwd to 03:18:00 basically to beginning of debate proceedings.
    Dear Global, In your description, could you please just put a note where we can scrub forward to the actual debate start? Beyond the long opening with chanting crowds (very tiresome after 5min.), there’s endless empty moments of the museum’s exterior with sound of gushing fountain & chitchat murmurs … Lots of nonessential nonsense with this ( I know it’s a live feed but still … couldn’t there be some on-site commentary, if post-editing not possible?)

  • Rameshan Sivapalan says:

    Bill 21 🖕🏾… I hope the rest of the world knows Quebec is the worst province in Canada, so racist and selfish compared to the rest of us Canadians.

  • I will still vote PC but I don,t like Scheer . I don,t think he is the man to take them to the top. Young people don,t care about things like the debt . They want the government to spend .

  • Altia raj's expressions and cutting over was too rude and annoying to watch but the first moderator did a beautiful job.. pathetic job by mrs raj

  • Daniel Christopher says:

    In the end this entire debate was 5 people saying what they want to do… and 1 person showing he didn't do what he said he was going to do…

    Is this really a surprise to anyone?

  • Stéphane Russell says:

    M. Singh est dans les demi-vérité, puisqu'une loi sur la laïcité ne l'empêcherait pas d'être premier ministre à cause de son apparence, puisqu'il lui suffirait d'enlever son turban pour contourner le problème, mais aussi parce que ce turban est un symbole religieux, un symbole au même titre que n'importe quel symbole comme un drapeau par exemple, qui symbolise quelque chose. Les symboles parlent. Qu'il mette sur sa tête une croix gammée plutôt, pour voir si c'est simplement une question d'apparence. Ou encore, laisserait-on un premier ministre du Canada porter un drapeau des Etats-Unis sur la tête, même si c'est juste parce qu'il aime son apparence, ou parce que nous aimons les État-Unis? Aussi, on ne laisse pas porter une croix gammée à un premier ministre du Canada, car le Canada n'approuve pas les valeurs qui y sont associées. Or, le Canada approuve-t-il les valeurs associées au turban de M. Singh? Personnellement, il ne me dérange pas, mais techniquement parlant, même sans loi 21, il porte à controverse.

  • Spring Is Beautiful says:

    All Candidates, except Maxime Bernier, are globalists and willing to continue, as Trudeau, the same Mass Immigration, the same Climate Change alarmism (not backed by real climate scientists) the same over-spending of our money in foreign countries, and the same Political Correctness and Censorship,
    My family and I have voted for Canada's Laws, Values & Principles and for a Sovereign Canada, not for Sale to the UN. People's Party Maxime Bernier PPC 2019!!! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • Anybody else seriously considering not voting? I know its wrong but I don't feel comfortable with any of these so called leaders. We need new parties for Canada. Parties that aren't tied to corporate Canada or special interest groups, identity politics etc.

  • Canada is falling behind because Ottawa is too inward looking. The Canadian Railways are state of the art in 1960. If any politician saw a bigger picture and ran on a platform of redoing the railways and factoring in the fact that it would all pay for itself in a few years of service. Millions or billions of tons of carbon waste saved by less flights across Canada.

  • I think in the comment section we can have a better debate then this joke of a debate so my question is, who is the best candidate in the running so far? Use the replies to talk

  • Singh is opposed to racism ? He is an unapologetic Sikh supremacist and wasn't allowed entry into India because of who he is in alliance with …. He talks a great game and must have had a successful law practice ..but I think he is a bigger racist than those he points his fingers at

  • If i can vote i would vote for Jagmeet Singh he cares for people he can help family’s that need it my fingers are crossed for you buddy

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