Can You Tell Which Crime Headlines Are Fake? Feat. Yeardley Smith

Can You Tell Which Crime Headlines Are Fake? Feat. Yeardley Smith

hello and welcome to two crimes and a lie the show where we test the true crime knowledge of two true crime aficionados my name is Kevin and our guests today you may recognize from the unsolved episode the haunting of Hannah Williams please welcome Hannah Williams hello is your house still haunted our house is no longer haunted as far as I know because the internet wants you to move the internet isn’t offering to come move my furniture for me though and up against Hannah today is the host of the excellent true crime podcast small town dicks please welcome yeardley Smith thank you so tell us about the new season of the podcast small town dicks is in its fourth season although we’re actually only about a year and a half old on our podcast all of our cases are told by the detectives who actually investigated the case I co-host with my friend zippy Allen and identical twin detectives Dan and Dave we’re really proud of it this is your life now it is my life yeah are you gonna quit your other job yes I’m gonna quit my day job as Lisa Simpson okay okay so here’s how it works I’m going to read you groups of three true crime headlines and you guys have to each decide which two are true and which one is a lie each correct guess gets you a point most points at the end wins okay feel free to play along at home and let us know how you did in the comments first category we’re calling it years later first headline killer Klowns suspect arrested 27 years after bizarre slang second headline German murder victim turns up alive after 30 years disappearance and the third headline Arizona man serves 23 year murder sentence arrested for murder two days after release yeardley since you’re our guest which one do you think is the last true that’s true and that’s a lie so you think number two is a lie that’s what I think Hanna what do you think I’m inclined to believe that three is a lie just because it would take longer than two days to build a case for a new murder unless it was something that was done prior to going to prison but that just seems a little unlikely to me but you say number two and Hanna you say number three Hanna you’re correct nice so that is a point for Hannah moving on to the next category animal tails first we have dead man’s parrot could become key witness in murder trial next local dog faces charges for shooting neighbor in foot and number three serial cat shaver on the loose in Virginia well I think I need to get a parent just in case cuz that is pretty cool and I think that’s true I think number three is so weird that it was put in there as a ploy I’m gonna say number two is the lie I have to agree because I can’t actually figure out how the dog shoots the neighbor also why the dog would face charges the dog’s owner would face charges you charge a dog with a crime I don’t I’ve never heard of that so you’re both saying number two that’s why we’re saying you’re both correct yeah I can’t charge a dog nice congratulations all right I don’t want to be it’s so Lisa Simpson at me oh man girl power yeah next category we’re calling poor decisions first headline Franklin County man drinks invisible juice to hide from police after robbery Northern California man embezzles four point eight million from his employer spends 1 million on game of war which is a mobile game I’m told and then last one is Florida man wearing I have drugs shirt arrested on meth charge we actually covered a case where a dude was wearing the don’t do drugs t-shirt and he was selling meth so that could happen so which one do you think I think the first one you think number one I do okay I feel like I’ve seen that mugshot of the guy with the I have drugs shirt I feel like embezzling four point eight million is really hard to do especially from your employer I think I’m gonna go with number one too as being false you’re both correct no such thing is invisible juice no thanks that’s the point if it was animal headline my question is about number two if you want to spend a million dollars on a mobile game at a certain point you win right there’s nothing else that you can buy and I just don’t know how this game works game of war I think they keep refreshing with new versions kind of like candy crush okay but like 1 million that seems like a lot okay next category we are calling dressed the part first headline police impersonator busted pulling over actual officer Teletubby charged for break-in Chinese food theft Halloween store thief attempted escape by dressing a security guard at police say I think number three is a lie because who would rob a Halloween store you’d be surprised if you think about how bold it would be for somebody impersonating a policeman or policewoman to pull over an actual police officer that seems ballsy so you say number one aunt Hannah what did you say I said number three number three well Hannah you’re right ah oh my gosh so about number one so in 2012 a man impersonating a police officer pulled over a car claiming the driver was speeding as it turned out the driver was a real cop who then pursued the impersonator when he tried unsuccessfully to get away all I do is host a true crime podcast I don’t actually investigate the rules are very vague open to a lot of interpretation yeah you guys are good food our last category is dumb alibis number one burglars snork man’s ashes thought it was cocaine it’s not funny but it’s pres Texas A&M student arrested for killing grandmother claims avoiding midterms was motive and number three Florida man claims dog was driving after the UI arrest good ol Florida man I feel like that is a Florida man this is like uninsurance claims when people say the tree jumped out into the road right right right so that’s probably true I mean the burglars maybe they were high on meth so they snorted the man’s ashes and they thought it was cocaine I’m gonna go with number two okay it’s a lie that was also my instinct number two then I feel like I’m right if Hannah says it’s and it must be true that I’m thinking about number one and I’m like wouldn’t the ashes be in an urn again like context if you’re already hopped up who knows yeah right it’s very true I’m gonna go with number Co as well that’s and I hope it’s not true I think right why I want to pay faster well your faith and he manages restored because it was number two I would just be awful oh I had to meet an interesting tallying up the points here our winner is Hannah Williams I don’t think this is something to brag about I think it speaks to your deductive mind we also both winners because neither one of us was featured in any of those headlines so I think that’s a win matter everyone in this area yeah so Hannah as your prize you get an official BuzzFeed unsolved hey they’re demons it’s your girl shirt I mean it’s already me there we know it’s in your home we know each other well so special thanks to our guests Hannah Williams and yeardley Smith please check out small town dicks wherever fine podcasts are downloaded let us know how you did in the comments and we’ll see you next time on two crimes and a lot [Music]


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