Can the police find this man? I Reported Missing – BBC

Can the police find this man? I Reported Missing – BBC

George has just lost his job as a packer in
a distribution warehouse. He hasn’t been seen by his family in 24
hours since he left for the job centre on Monday morning. CCTV control room operators start searching
for George. But with just 11 cameras over Crewe town centre,
and a population of over 70,000, it’s not an easy task. Right, this misper. George Richardson, have you had a chance to
look at this? At Crewe police station, Sgt. Lou Austin is
taking charge of the investigation. So, when we’ve asked “is this behaviour
out of character?” his wife’s saying yes because
he’ll go out be he normally returns within 1-2 hours. He’s told his wife at 9’o’clock when
he’s leaving that his plans for the day are to go to the job centre and find himself
a job because otherwise he gets depressed. Now, it does say that he is on medication. He’s obviously got some mental health issues,
depression. If you’re doing a job you love and you’ve
lost it, can send people down spiralling. Sometimes a job loss could be the straw that
breaks the camel’s back that then, they see no other alternative but to go missing. I’ve got 16 years in the police. This past year the amount of missing from
homes has increased dramatically. People are under more pressure. The first checks we need to be doing are with
the doctors. And the job centre as well, to see if he’s
attended. Then, obviously we’re gonna do the CCTV
enquiries. I’ll get patrol round to look for this bike
and let’s locate him. Ok. Any issues come back to me. It’s hard to read a person’s mind. We don’t know what George is thinking, what
he’s going through. There’s always got to be an underlying reason
as to why. What’s put him on that path in the first
place? I think if someone goes missing and there’s
mention that they’re depressed, then there’s always concerns as to how depressed are they and what are they gonna do? [phone rings and goes to voicemail] Hi George, its PC Birkett of Cheshire Police at Crewe. Just ringing you with regards to Amy ringing us because she’s quite concerned for your welfare. She’s reported you as missing. Obviously we don’t have to tell Amy where
you are if that’s what you’re worried about. Just give me a call asap, thanks. For his phone to still be on… I mean if people were trying to ring mine
all day it’d be dead by lunch. How’s he charging his bloody phone? I did ring him this morning but I’m trying to ring him at different times. At George’s home, his sister, niece and
daughters have all turned up to lend support to his wife, Helen and 18-year-old Amy, who
made the call to the police. I’ve come back at half past 4, the house
is in darkness. So I phoned him again, he didn’t answer. Then next minute he text me. I thought why’re you texting me, why aren’t
you phoning me? He just said like ‘I love you and I love
Amy, but I can’t support you’ and I thought that was weird so I text him back ‘don’t
text me, ring me’ and then he just said ‘bye’. That was the last text I had, and it said
bye on it.


11 thoughts on “Can the police find this man? I Reported Missing – BBC”

  • Saw it,, I wish George and he's lovely family all the best, any problems, talk about it ,George you're a loved man,, stay happy to you and the family..

  • Just saw it I'm going through same stuff been on medication for years and been in some really dark places,especially when not taking my medication, so glad he was found ,it was a cry for help he's a survivor all the best George

  • Did he make it home yet? I understand completely how he is feeling. I am going thru it. You feel worthless,you can't support you or your family. You feel like you're a disgrace and a burden on your family. I'm so glad he does have family though that is supportive of what he is going through. I don't have that. You need a good support group in your life when you have depression and anxiety. I don't have that myself so it very hard,extra hard on me.

  • I understand what has happened he doesn't want to be a burden on his family so to lessen the burden he went away until he could find a job and come back to the family with enough money to support them

  • When I don't know which way to think I always force myself to watch the BBC and then ii becomes clear and I think the other way to what ever propaganda that they are pushing. News ? Try getting out of the studio Mr fake reporter and at least listen to what people think on the streets for once because it's nothing like what the BBC is making out.

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