Can Hert Get Redemption After Breaking His Car at Final Bout??

Can Hert Get Redemption After Breaking His Car at Final Bout??

– [Guy] Like 36 mirrors. – [Guy 2] It might be. I think they are. (car engine) – [Hert] So you could fit a nice big seat in here, too. – [Kelly] Yeah, I was thinking about doing bucket seats in the back. – How about this guy right here? – [Kelly] People have been
trying to talk me into it. – [Hert] You got some
thump? You got some thump? – Got some thump in the back, yeah. – [Hert] So a lot of people, I don’t know if people know this, but from the factory,
they come with a subwoofer and you can just buy a 10 or a 12. – It’s a 12. Yeah, and I literally
just slid it right in. – [Hert] Yeah, 12’s just drop right in. – [Kelly] Yeah, drop right in. – [Hert] So you literally have a factory subwoofer box built into your car. – Literally, yeah. – [Chris] That’s what we rolled out. – [Hert] I think the JZS161 has it, too, a subwoofer in the back, I don’t know. – Yeah, yeah. – [Hert] Yeah, so that’s what– Imma do that shit, too. – Even SE’s and stuff like that. – [Hert] Yeah, I used to have one of these a long time ago, so that’s
also why I’m really stoked on seeing this car cause
this is– it’s too good. – [Kelly] They’re getting more. – [Hert] What– what transmission is that? – RM54 with an ORC-559 twin plate. – [Hert] Okay, okay, so you– you got the sauce in this thing. – I got the sauce in this thing. – [Hert] You’re not playing. – It took me a long time,
but I got the sauce in it. – [Chris] It doesn’t just look cool. (laughing)
– [Hert] Damn man. Well nicely executed. – And it probably boogies
with 400– the wheels. – [Hert] I mean, I–
I heard him boogieing. – Yeah. – [Hert] Imma have to
get a ride in this thing just to– just to see it from the inside. – It needs some backseats
so we can all roll in there. – [Hert] (laughing) Yeah. (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (static) (“The Star-Spangled Banner”) – (singing) That’s America! (laughing) – [Hert] Sexy nice. – Sexy nice, yeah. – Yeah. – [Hert] Yes, yes. – Yeah. – [Hert] Thank you–
Thank you guys for coming. – I came here to battle with you. (in slow motion) I came
here to battle with you. – Today is the day, Final Bout has begun. – Literally running
out, Hert just took off. He’s ready to go. (engine revs) (engine revs) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (engines rev) (engine revs) (distorted beep) – I broke something. – [Videographer] You broke something? – In the back. – [Videographer] Yeah, you can see that right there is the problem. (clunking) – (in slow motion) I came
here to battle with you. – [Hert] My Final Bout dreams are ruined. (static) (hip hop music) (hip hop music) – Welcome back to VHS. We just hopped off a plane,
red-eye, California to Chicago because your boy’s gonna get a
little Final Bout redemption. So the Final Bout guys were kind enough, or they just felt bad for me because literally every
time I’ve gone to Final Bout my car is broken. So they invited me out
to come and drive one of the Sexy Knights cars. To get to drive one of those cars is kind of an honor and
hopefully I fit in it. So, we’ll find out when we get there but we are on our way
to USAir as you can see. Street cars on street cars. Street cars, oh. Street cars and of course
the Daddy of the street cars. (beat music) (beat music) (beat music) (beat music) (beat music) (beat music) – [Hert] You guys like
driving in the rain? – [Group] Yeah
– [Leigh] No (laughs) – Felt great. – I was okay. – I was miserable. (laughs) – I was pretty comfortable – [Hert] Oh yeah see– (laughs) Are you the adult of the group? (static) – Huh? – [Hert] You’re the adult of the group? You decide the– – Yeah, I had to – [Hert] Take the easy way out – My helmet doesn’t even fit in my car. I had to put my helmet in his tool truck. (laughs) – [Ilia] This is what a full interior FD with two wheels inside looks like. – [Hert] What? You just–
Just hit us with the spares. – This car can fit two wheels
and a fire extinguisher. That’s it. – [Hert] So– so when
we talked at Final Bout you weren’t kidding, you
literally drive this thing. – Every day. – [Hert] Absolutely every day. – When the clutch fork
broke, I was on my way to pick up a girl to
go to a movie (laughs) I had to cancel the date. – [Hert] Why didn’t
you just get a new car? (laughs) Super refreshing and super sick to see these things cruise on the street, but apparently this is
the place we need to eat? – Yeah Timeline BBQ. This is the place where we need to tour a pirate ship, pet
some animals and then eat. In that order. – [Hert] Pet the animals and then eat? – Yeah. All right let’s go– let’s
go do a little facility tour. (hip hop music) (hip hop music) (hip hop music) (hip hop music) (hip hop music) (hip hop music) – [Group] Oh! (laughs) (hip hop music) (hip hop music) – That is 100% a pirate ship. Look at the titties on that girl. (laughs) – [Hert] Oh my god. – [Guy] She looks kinda
like Cardi B a little bit – [Hert] Ohh, man (ding) – [Guy] There is an exotic bird! – [Hert] Whoa! It’s a Pokemon – [Guy 2] (laughs) It’s a Pokemon – [Hert] That’s a Pokemon. I’ve seen a Pokemon before. – Welcome to the midwest,
where we know three things. Really thick pizza, street
drifting and exotic animals. (laughs) – [Guy] He’s kinda got
the Donald Trump haircut. (laughs) – Hert do you think the
alligators are real? – You’re from Florida right? – [Ilia] Hert you should
touch the alligator. – [Eric] You’re from Florida,
can you tell if it’s real? – [Hert] Hmm– – [Guy] Can you go touch him? – [Hert] That’s not a real gator. – [Ilia] Bro, like look,
he is not smiling anymore. (laughs) – [Guy] Touch it Mike, come on! – [Guy 2] Why are you on? (everyone gasps) – [Guy 3] I told you, it’s real. – [Guy 2] He is not having that shit. – [Guy] Like this is like– – Like this is where we go
to have dinner every time. – [Hert] Well hopefully the food lives up to the rest of the acoustics. – No the food sucks. (laughs) (group talking) (traffic noise) (traffic noise) – Beautiful day in Shawano, Wisconsin. Got here yesterday, ate a little barbecue. Now we’re headed to the
track to check out the cars and get a little Final Bout redemption. (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (static) (disco music) (disco music) (disco music) – [Computer Voice] USAir
Motorsports Raceway opened in 2005. The track sits on 40 acres of land once occupied by an amusement park. Located outside of Shawano, Wisconsin. Originally, the 1.1 mile road course was intended to be a
premier karting track, designed by World Karting Association Hall of Famer, Kenny Venberg. The course includes
multiple configurations, combining long straights, high-speed sweeping
corners, tight hairpins and rolling elevation changes. Because of this undulating layout and its former life as an amusement park, the track is often called
the “Rollercoaster of Love” This world class racing
facility hosts a wide range of events including
SuperMoto and UTV races, Legends, Sprint and
Oval Kart competitions, and my personal favorite: Drift events. USAir has welcomed the drifting
community with open arms, the track hosts many iconic
events like Final Bout, which attracts drivers and drift fans from across North America and the World. (static) – This is actually a little more than Final Bout redemption for me because they’re actually giving me a chance not to drive Chris Miller, but to drive one of the Sexy Knights cars which is absolutely mind-blowing. – If you have ever looked up JDM drift or JDM RX7 in
like, YouTube or Google this is it, like ones– – [Hert] Creme de la creme and then we got Ilia and Simba acting very natural. (laughs) – Yeah natural! – [Hert] So I was just telling the people that you guys said you know– sucks that your car broke but come and drive a Sexy Knights cars. And then I come to find out that you guys are getting rid of these cars? – We are, we are. We’re gonna do a giveaway. First Daigo’s car. – [Hert] With everything–
wait with everything in it? Like– Define giveaway.
– [Ilia] Everything in it. – All right so here’s what happens. You go to the website. You can do whatever you want to enter. We got a ton of product on the site. You can pick up whatever
and you automatically get entered into our giveaway. With delivery, exactly as it is. Ready to drift, knuckles, SR, clutch, diff, wheels,
coilovers, the whole deal. – [Hert] So what– what
gave you the idea to let me drive it before
you gave it away? Like– – Well, Tamoya knows how
to build a tough car. – He does. – I’m pretty sure that these
two will be absolutely fine. – So what he’s saying is
those cars ain’t no bitch. They can handle a little hurtin. That’s what I’m talking about. (beat music) (beat music) – Can you reach the seatbelt– for me? Thank you, appreciate it. (engine idling) (engine idling) (engine revs) (engine revs) – Popped into Rio’s car,
Ilia’s gonna show me the ropes and then I think he’s gonna
let me try this bad boy out. I don’t have a lot of
experience with riding a drive but I’ve done it quite a few times. (engine revs) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (engine revs) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (engine revs) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (engine revs) (tires squealing) – It’s weird, it’s– it’s almost like an intake
pipe came off or something. (engine revs) Yeah you feel that there’s a– (engine revs) (engine revs) – [Hert] You don’t really
hear the gauge the same either (engine revs) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (crashing sounds) (engine revs) (laughs) – [Ilia] God damn it. – [Hert] God damn it. (engine revs) – That wasn’t so bad, front
bumper’s still intact. Rear bumper took a little hit, but he’s gonna take it for a few runs without me in it to make
sure it works before we do any more damage. (engine revs) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (engine revs) (engine revs) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (hip hop music) (hip hop music) (hip hop music) (hip hop music) (engine idling) – [Hert] Yo (engine idling) – Sick – [Hert] This thing is ridiculous. This thing has got too much sauce man. (laughs) Sup dude.
– Wassup dude. – How you doin? Let’s introduce yourself
to the camera again now the rotary’s off. (laughs) – All right so I’m Kelly Palfi. This is my 93 GS 300 that I’ve had for the better part of the last four years. Basic 1J, I guess not basic. – [Hert] Oh yeah, I was gonna say. Pump the brakes on those words. There’s nothing basic about this. – [Kelly] Guess we can
start off with the goods. – [Hert] Like out of
the– all the cars here this one stands out to me the most. – I bought the car with a non-VVTi 1J Blew it up in Arizona
swapped it to this setup. – [Chris] It’s not a factory turbo – [Kelly] Non-factory turbo. It is a Cummins Diesel Turbo. – [Hert] That is– which is a
popular turbo in the 1J world. – Yeah they last really well. – [Hert] Yeah, that one looks cleaner than all the ones I see though. – The whole under base is pretty clean. – [Hert] It– it sounds good.
– Thanks – [Hert] I heard you
ripping a little earlier. – Yeah the exhaust is custom made by a friend of mine in RCM Motors. It’s like half, full and four inch. – [Hert] Ah so that’s–
cause it sounds not quite JZ. Cause I’m like, man there’s something different about this car. I know what 1J’s sound like. (engine revs) I know what Miata’s sound like and that’s not a Miata (laughs) So when you bought this car was it styled like this already? Or did you–
– No. I bought the car actually as a 270,000 mile rusty chassis. – [Hert] Okay. – And I work at a body shop for a living so I turned it into this
slowly over the years – [Hert] Oh so you did the
paint and everything yourself for the most part?
– Yeah I did paint everything. – [Hert] Damn! That’s the thing about
like, being a car dude, It’s like pretty much the best
– So many advantages – [Hert] Yeah it’s– – You need a body guy after every event. – [Hert] That gives you a huge
advantage over everyone else cause not many people could
take this and turn it into this. This is– this is dope and– – [Chris] Or keep it looking like this. – [Hert] I mean, yeah
boy– little boy’s eatin That means you’re doin it right though. Don’t let anybody tell
you anything different. (laughs) – [Chris] Here’s a simple
trick you can do at home (thuds) (laughs) If your fingers go in there just stop. – [Hert] Yeah just– – [Kelly] Yeah, inside– go for it. Got the Buddy Club P1 seats. – [Hert] The seats are tight but– look at the– – Yeah the brown and black, yeah. It’s actually just rattle-can dye – [Hert] Oh what? All right well– – Does the job pretty decent. – [Hert] That’s a good trick. – [Chris] Those aren’t factory
mirrors either are they? – [Kelly] No they’re–
– [Hert] Definitely not. – [Kelly] They’re just
some eBay shit honestly. – [Chris] They’re pretty cool man – [Hert] I– I like it though– the chrome The chrome mirrors kinda– They add quite a little
bit of taste to this. – Yeah especially when I have
the full set of those on. It kinda ties it all together. – [Hert] Right, right, right. I knew– I don’t think
I’ve ever seen the factory cause that’s a factory strut bar. – [Chris] Yeah I was trippin on that– – [Kelly] Yeah actually a
factory– Arista strut bar and the wing as well. A lot of people ask about the wing. – [Hert] Yeah that wing is hot man. Let’s– let’s peep that. I like thi– I like both of them too. This is nice and– – [Kelly] Yeah that was just
a little eBay piece too. – [Hert] Dude that’s clean. – Yeah the wing is OEM Arista wing. – [Hert] That’s– That’s
one of the main things I wanted when I had these. This thing is good. Can we hear it? – [Kelly] Sure, yeah. (engine revs) (engine revs) (engine revs) (engine revs) (engine revs) – [Hert] Oh yeah. (engine revs) Oh yeah. (engine idling) – [Hert] Yeah that thing’s spicy. Car sounds good, looks good. – Thank you man. – [Hert] Now it’s time to go
out and shred a little bit. Imma have to hop in and get a ride. – Definitely. – [Hert] All right ♪ Give it up! ♪ (hip hop music) (hip hop music) (engine revs) – [Kelly] There any cars?
– [Hert] Yeah yeah (engine revs) (engine revs) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (tires squealing) (tires squealing) (engine revs) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (tires squealing) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (tires squealing) (tires squealing) (tires squealing) (engine revs) – Yo this thing seems so smooth. So smooth and so much forward vibe. – Yeah. – Thank you sir. – Yeah, no problem. – This is a sick ride. This thing’s dope. – Thank you for coming on. – Yeah man. ♪ Give it up! ♪ (hip hop music) (hip hop music) – The seat’s a little wet from the rain but I put a towel down so it should be– – [Chris] Okay that’s fine. – [Hert] You about to go
for a little ride along? – Yeah, yup sh– (laughs) What? – [Hert] Nothing (laughs) You’re about to go for a ride al– Oh– Oh you got it? You got it? All right. – Let me see this thing. All right so I’m gonna go
for a ride in Leigh’s car. It’s a Mark 3 Supra. This is actually the first car
that I’ve ever seen drifting. (ding) Sick. (engine revs) (engine revs) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (tires squealing) Woo hoo hoo! (tires squealing) (tires squealing) (tires squealing) (tires squealing) (engine revs) (engine revs) (tires squealing) Woo hoo hoo! (tires squealing) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (tires squealing) (drill) – I guess now it’s time for me to experience my first FD drift car. (engine idles) It doesn’t seem as if
I’m built for FDR X7’s (laughs) and I have one. – That seat does sit quite high. – [Hert] Okay. – Relative to mine. – Okay, so that’s good. That’s a good sign. All right so I’m riding with Team Proceed aka Final Bout goliaths. (engine revs) (engine revs) (engine revs) (engine revs) (engine revs) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (tires squealing) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (tires squealing) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (tires squealing) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (tires squealing) (tires squealing) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (engine revs) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (engine revs) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (engine revs) (engine revs) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (tires squealing) (engine revs) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (tires squealing) (tires squealing) (tires squealing) (tires squealing) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (engine revs) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (tires squealing) (wind blowing) (wind blowing) (wind blowing) (engine revs) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (tires squealing) (tires squealing) (tires squealing) (engine revs) (engine revs) (tires squealing) (engine revs) – All right got some solid ride alongs with these guys to get
reacquainted with the track. Now I’m about to take this
bad boy out for a ride. Like we said earlier, they’re literally giving this car away. So I’m not sure why
they’re letting me drive it but I’m not gonna say no and I’m gonna have myself a good, safe time. (static) This is– this is– – [Chris] You fit – Uh, no. I don’t fit in this car. My Final Bout redemption
dreams are ruined. (laughs) Cause I can’t drive this. – [Chris] You fit. – I literally cannot drive this. (engine idling) (mock crying) – [Ilia] All right I’ll
just pretend to be you, man. (grunts) – [Chris] You totally fit. – [Ilia] Yeah, right? – And that’s a wrap for
Final Bout redemption. Where they invited me out to come and drive one of
these Sexy Knights cars and I literally do not
fit in either one of em. Should I be surprised? No. Should I say that I expected it? Maybe. But I had hoped. They said they moved the
seats back et cetera et cetera but your boy gotta big frame so– unfortunately for me no redemption but we’re gonna head back down to Chicago and maybe cry a little bit also. (static) – So you guys wanna learn about premix. You got a eight ounce bottle. One ounce of premix per one gallon of gas. (disco music) (disco music) (disco music) – [Computer Voice] Premix is
as common in the rotary world as those tired Flaming Hot Doritos memes. In the simplest terms,
premixing is the introduction of oil to gasoline to reduce wear. But why pre mix a rotary? Rotaries operate much
like a two-stroke engine. A rotary’s combustion stroke
happens more frequently and at a much hotter temperature range than a conventional four-stroke engine. The increased apex seal movement
also causes premature wear. Mazda rotaries come from the factory with an OMP, or oil metering pump. This device injects oil
in the rotor housing, to both lubricate and prevent wear. OMPs cannot handle the increased load and RPM made by high horsepower builds. An OMP delete coupled with a premix allows the fuel injectors to better
lubricate the rotor housings. Premix oil also burns
cleaner than traditional oil, thus reducing deposits. Premix ratios are hotly
debated among rotards. A premix of up to three ounces of oil for every gallon of
gasoline is not unheard of, but there is a potential
to clog your injectors. Remember, with great premix
comes great responsibility. – [Hert] This makes me feel unsafe because I don’t buy my premix from a gas station. – [Guy] Yeah, yeah, yeah (laughs) – The key is to– to get the
cheapest premix money can buy. Whatever the lowest priced premix is– that’s what you wanna put in your rotary. I guarantee it. – [Hert] Oh yeah? – One ounce of premix, one gallon of gas. You’re good to go. – [Hert] Only if you’re running pump gas. – Tell em– tell em Final Bout sent you. – [Hert] Only if you’re running pump gas. (laughs) If you’re not running pump
gas, don’t listen to that man. All right? (laughs) On that note, we just got back from USAir. Now Ilia is gonna show us some of the finest cars that Chicago has to offer. Back in my early days when I used to have a street car and stuff, we would always go to the Boba Tea spot park our cars for long hours for no reason like idiots and drink boba teas. So Ilia’s going to take
me to do that tonight. – Yeah. (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) – [Hert] Ilia
– What’s up – [Hert] Where are we? – We are in Chicago. We’re in the suburbs in
a discreet parking lot and we’ve decided to gather some drift and drift related cars here for you guys for your viewing pleasure. – [Hert] You wanted to show us
the car culture a little bit? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’re gonna show you guys
what Chicago looks like. – [Guy] That fender flair. – [Hert] You gonna start with that 300 GX? – [Ilia] I think we should. I think we should. It’s the greatest 300 ZX in the world according to me and the
third greatest 300 ZX in the world according to the owner. – [Hert] The owner. (laughs) Show us. (laughs) – [Ilia] Yeah show us.
– [Hert] Show us. – [Brian] There it is. (laughs) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) – [Hert] Are those 17’s? – [Brian] 17’s, yeah – [Hert] Dang, you don’t see that often. – [Brian] Check out that RB. (laughs) (laughs) – [Hert] So is– is– what is– It’s not a VG, what is it? – It is a VG. – [Hert] It is a VG. – [Brian] Where are all the cams though? – [Hert] So it’s a single cam VG? – Yeah – [Hert] But a dual so you know– a dual single cam VG or– (laughs) Does it make horsepower? – [Brian] Yeah a little bit. – [Hert] Treadstone intercooler,
stock turbos or turbo? – It’s a 3071R. – [Hert] 3071, so you got some juice. You’re lyin. How much juice? – 350 – [Hert] 350 squirrels, that’s tight. – [Brian] 350, 380 torque. – [Hert] Tell me about
all the special stuff. – [Brian] Shaved doors
– [Hert] Oh no door handles. – [Brian] Custom hood.
– [Hert] Custom. – [Brian] Custom rear wing. – [Hert] This thing is cleaner than I think any 300 ZX I’ve gazed upon. – [Brian] Oh come on. – [Hert] No I mean it! I mean it. – It’s the best 300 ZX in the world or the third best, either way. – [Brian] That’s gonna
get so many people angry. – [Hert] I was hoping
it had lambo doors too. (laughs) Can I hear it or is that too much? – [Brian] Let’s see if it starts. (engine starts) (engine idling) (engine idling) (engine idling) (engine revs) – [Hert] All right not bad. That sounds good. – For real this is
actually one of the cars that was like the original Chicago exciting drift car that got all of us to actually give a shit
about making our cars like stylish and like good looking and like the panels fit and whatever. – [Hert] So he’s the OG OG. – Sometimes I drift it. (laughs) – He’s drifted it. I sat in it one time. – You only have to drift once and you’re– – [Hert] And then you’re a drifter. (laughs) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) – [Hert] Oh man. Chicago nights. – Yeah it was fun, right? – [Hert] Yeah, no good times. – Hell yeah
– [Hert] Lotta cool cars here. So we’re just wrapping up here in Chicago. We’re outta here. Hope you enjoyed VHS. Hope you enjoyed the
Final Bout redemption. I didn’t fit in the cars so– Shit happens for people my size. (laughs) But we’ll be back with my car. Hopefully not cursed
and hopefully will work. But don’t forget these
guys are giving away a car. So go to Check it out. They supported this rad video so support that little giveaway, yeah? – Yeah, thank you
– [Hert] Yeah – Have a good night guys. (static) – So if you’re gonna work on an FD you gotta stand like this. Gotta get the squat, straight legs. You can’t bend the knees. You gotta keep em
straight, locked, butt up. We’re showing em the power stance. – [Hert] Damn. (laughs) Can I just live? (laughs) You don’t gotta power stance? – [Chris] It’s not as good as yours (laughs) (engine revs)


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