Can Ellie Goulding Identify British Holiday Items With Eyes Closed? | Radio Disney

Can Ellie Goulding Identify British Holiday Items With Eyes Closed? | Radio Disney

– Hi. I’m Ellie Goulding,
and I’m going to try and identify some
classic British holiday items blindfolded. So let’s go. Well, it’s crisps. But what– is it Twiglets? Yes. [DING] Nailed it. So this is Twiglets. And they are a very well-known
English like household thing, especially at Christmas. They’re sort of covered in
this thing called Marmite. It’s one of those things you
either love it or you hate it. OK.
I’m just going to close my eyes. I won’t look because it’s
going to ruin my makeup. And I got to keep that
the rest of the day. Um, applesauce? [BUZZ] Ah. Such an English thing. We have scone, jam,
like strawberry jam, and then clotted cream. So it’s good. Can I take these
back home with me? OK. Next. Smarties. [DING] Classic English
candy, as you guys would say. We say sweets. But they– can I have these? Well, these are– this is money. Like they’re gold. And they’re like Christmas–
it’s like Christmas money. Yeah. [DING] There’s no
like one brand, so I can get away
with that, but, yeah. Feel Christmasy. I feel Christmasy. OK. Is it Christmas pudding? [DING] Yeah. Ah, I feel Christmasy. I’m happy. Can I put– I’ll just– OK. Can we do this forever? I love this game. Honestly, this is my
favorite thing all day. Mince pies. [DING] Yeah. OK. Ooh, I feel Christmasy. This is great. Well, it’s obviously a cracker. Yeah, a Christmas
cracker, right? Yeah. [DING] Can I pull it? Want to pull it with me? You do know what this is? – No, I don’t.
– Right. OK.
Help me. Hold it like that. OK. This one or this one? – No, this one.
– OK. – Pull it.
– Pull? OK. What just happened? So none of us got–
well, actually, no– – Is that a present?
– –you got it. So, yeah, that’s your present. That’s– thank you. I’ve always wanted one of these. OK. Yes. What is that? Oh. Is it like a spinning– OK. Yeah. I mean some– but
basically, traditionally, they should have a hat in. – OK.
– And a joke. Is there more? They have a hat
and a joke that you all read round the table. OK. So hat, have you got
your hat in yours? You have it in here. Oh. There’s a hat in here. Oh. How fun.
– All right. There’s you joke. OK. So I’ll read mine. What type of room has
no windows or doors? I don’t know. What type of room, Ellie? A mushroom. OK. How do you make a jacket last? I don’t know. Make the trousers first. Ugh. Waka waka. All right. That’s all we have, Ellie. I’m really sad about that,
because I was ready to keep going with lots of things. But, yeah, anyway. Well, happy holidays, everyone. I’m going to
take my joke home. Gah.


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