8 thoughts on “Can advertising save the world? | Jeff Rosenblum | TEDxLaSierraUniversity”

  • This would be great, if only we ALL owned huge corporations, run for the sole purpose of making money.

    My idea of a perfect world.

  • How exactly is this going to SAVE the world? Change the world, maybe(though I doubt it myself) but save the world, I don't see it.

    Is better manipulating consumers to make them spend more money what we call saving the world these days? Wow.

    Forgive me, but I don't consider large companies/corporations finding more effective and efficient ways to make more money(that is take even more of people's money) to be saving the world.

    Frankly, I'd say it's more likely to destroy the world, the rather precarious stability of the society we call modern civilization.

  • this system requires a culling of all crappy products. No cheap knockoffs means expensive way of life. Unsustainable. This is, of course, if this way of thinking is mainstreamed adopted. If all the best-their-respective-field work like this, then its great. But it wont work for everyone else.

  • Alessandro Cunha says:

    "better than video games that make you more violent." Yup, in World War II 60k to 85k people died, in the Mongol conquests 40k to 70k died, i can already imagine all these fuckers playing some GTA in their pre. 1950's computers!

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