35 thoughts on “Campus Argument Goes Viral As Evergreen State Is Caught In Racial Turmoil (HBO)”

  • The missteps of these youths has helped to foundationally undercut the leftist movement in the United States. They gave a huge voice to Brett weisntein, made an enemy of many previous allies, and emboldened the right wing and even helped shine white Supremecy in a slightly Less negative light. Do not get mad at the kids if you're on the right. Get mad at theae kids of you're on the left, as their antics have shown just how extreme the left has become. The center is pulling back towards the right.

  • Robert Taylor says:

    Of course they have a clue about where they're going wrong…the same as any small child does when they're being taught grow into up! This is the way criminal gangs operate. They have a clue alright, but choose a path to get what they want… free will allows both, in any decision in life! Free will doesn't fly in a gang. Go against em and see what happens, even to one of their own!

  • Danson Saldanha says:

    Do you want more conservatives and republicans?
    This is exactly how you get conservatives and republicans.
    (leftist cunts like this is what brought me to the right from left.)

  • The new generation of the human race are dumbed down and mentally challenged. The future of America is going down the toilet. Thanks to this snow flake generation. Actually this Jellyfish generation.

  • The students harassed him and and the school with nonsense

    Sure his speech isn't more important, he's a fucking teacher

  • Trumps Plans says:

    Democrats are the most uneducated aggressive people. All they do is to blame racism on everything. They don’t make sense. Having these people in America is like having cancer. Let’s cure them out of this world because they are the true racist devils that warship the evil. #wakeupamerica

  • The thing was it wasn’t voluntary, they threatened a certain race of people and attempted to force them off campus. Seams like something the Klan in the deep south would do. It amazes me I can hear all these stories of ooo the south is so racist but then all the college kids are really rein-acting the things that a few very bad groups would do in the past. And here we are siting in the diner with all different races all making fun of them. So thank you for helping to bring a diner full of strangers together in a common goal. Now let’s try to all ignore skin color and act on how small it maters.

  • Mountainy Mountain says:

    Calls anyone who disagrees with them a racist/nazi and then proceed to say free speech is crap if its against what they say and bully/disrupt any event with different political opinions. What a bunch of racists brownshirt brain washed assholes.

  • Meghan Dipple says:

    1995: George Orwell's books are read in school as a warning.

    2017: George Orwell's books are read in school as textbooks.

  • Dam I can't believe this is last thing I watch before bed. I'm so pissed and this guy that runs the school is a lil wus for putting up with this shit from these brats

  • These students should all be kicked out of school and arrested and the guy that runs this school should be fired

  • anthony esparsen says:

    the college principle is a great coward guys , he was so afriad to say truth that he keep his mouth quiet

  • these flowery kids with their colored hair have NO idea what theyre talking about. This is why we need a purge.

  • Joseph Thaete says:

    Gee, I never heard of a Jewish man insiting white suppremasists and nazis. This girl is literally a racist fucking idiot herself.

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