Camera Talk | Back Workout

Camera Talk | Back Workout

us to meet my second meal of the day today rice steak carrots cranberry juice and while I was eating that the door knock and the package that I was waiting for literally all day today finally came I know exactly what's in there you have literally not a clue what's in there I'm gonna finish this food play with the thing in there and then I'm gonna show you what's in there alright bucket I couldn't wait to show you guys right now the Canon 6d mark 2 now for those of you that don't know I have an extreme de-addiction when it comes to buying camera equipment technology computers literally stuff like that like every time the order and you can try to get a crazy start of inspiration make a few videos and then I time the magic dies away and then a new little camera comes along and then I get it so I'm fully self aware of this continuous and repeating cycle but this time around it's with sixty marks you're basically long story short pretty much the exact same as the 70d mark – I mean the Canon 70d in the terms of it has the flip out LCD has the amazing dual pixel autofocus and the one benefit is is that it's full frame meaning that it's gonna be way better and low like just the colors are gonna look better more dynamic range this is pretty much my camera collection when it comes to Canon bar Sony I'm gonna need my best to just you'll one take ramble about just kind of what do I think about these cameras but I think about Canon bar Sony and just got thoughts on each individual camera so this is my very first vlogging camera it was extremely great that a lot of research and I had ass limited budget so for the amount of money that I had I pretty much got the best option that I could I got this camera with the Sigma 18 to 35 and if you guys saw my original videos back in the day it was pretty much all shot on this now the benefits of this camera and just Canon in general is that the colors out of the camera look really really really good like you don't have to do any car grading correcting adding any contrast it just looks gorgeous out of camera now with Sony you could do things like having flat picture profiles things such as s lock which is pretty much takes all the contrast away takes all the saturation away so the image looks like dogshit it looks horrible but you have a lot more flexibility and when you're grading it in post you make it look how you want this already gives you a finished look that you have extremely limited flexibility and like wiggle room to move around but it looks gorgeous here you have more flatter profiles where you can make it look really nice but here's the issue when you're vlogging variables are always changing so I'm always moving around I'm going in and outside like the white balance of changing on that one the white balance changes on the camera and they can get really really warm or really cold and just your skin tones could look weird and then like let's say there's a bright light behind you the cameras gonna start exposing for that bright light and then your body's gonna look like a shadow so they see what I'm trying to say we're vlogging you can't make the image look how you want if you have extremely limited control you just pretty much have to let the camera make all the decisions and when you do that the image looks nowhere near as good as it could look as if someone was holding a camera filming you and then setting the camera settings perfectly for the shot what I'm trying to get with is that if you have these amazing flat profiles so then you can make your image look really really good and color graded and delicious and post if everything's screwed up the white balance is messed up if the exposures messed up you could sit there and you could grater all you want but it's just gonna look like shit so it's just really not worth it in the sense oh I only like to use like these cameras when I have like extreme control over what I'm shooting if I'm filming in edit for someone else or I'm just in a strict environment where I know where the exposure could be set the same the white balance can be set the same then I'll take advantage of the flat profiles of these cameras but I personally think of logging on the fly cannon is gonna look a lot better because add a camera regardless of the conditions it's gonna give you the best image that it possibly can but start off with the Canon 1dx mark – this thing's a complete beast make the battery lasts forever its weather sealed and it takes amazing pictures it could shoot up to 14 frames a second so it sounds like a machine gun and this shoots 4k 60 frames a second 10 seconds of videos an entire gigabyte so this shoots beautiful video but it just takes an insane amount of space we have the a7 s this thing's just a complete King and low light but the autofocus isn't the best and the screen doesn't flip out otherwise it would be pretty much a perfect vlogging camera you have the a 6500 which is the little brother version of the a7 s just a smaller sensor way better autofocus screen can't really flip out then you have the rx100 which is like the compact camera version form pretty much 4k you do 120 frames a second battery life isn't that good microphone isn't that good because there's no shuttle mic that's what really limits little compact cameras like this what I got now which is the 60 mark 2 is pretty much what I'm gonna be using for pretty much all my vlogs I think and here's the reason here's my thought process behind that the screen should flip out just like the 70d the sensor is bigger meaning that I'm in a better dynamic range meaning that you could see more detail and like the shadows and highlights at the same time the colors are gonna look better because it's always the case basically larger sensor means better image quality this has larger sensor than this other than that they're pretty much the same you guys complain about this a lot and like a lot of people complain about this is that like that auto focus sound in video so if you ever hear that just that sound that's basically your favorite youtuber Sigma lens just a Kraken and weapon away which really sucks because Sigma lenses are great but you run into that problem so I have this 40 millimeter lens that I'm gonna put on this body and I pray this is gonna be the perfect setup because this lens is super tiny it's super light it's an STM lens by Canon STM basically it's a stepping motor which means it's very very quiet when it comes to auto focusing I think that with this setup me holding the camera out like this it should be able to see my face it should have like a good field of view so not it's not too tight it's not too zoomed in and it's extremely light it's flat the cameras gonna be light the screen can flip out so I'm praying that this is gonna be the ideal just like general everyday purpose of logging camera and when it comes to more epic cinematic stuff I'm obviously gonna be using this camera and it may be like the a7 s4 like crazy low-light stuff and yeah just right now all around I think this is gonna be the camera so I'm gonna slap on this lens and then we're gonna see what it looks like alright so this is pretty much it this is that 40 ml lens on the 16 mark – I'm holding in a gorilla pod just all the way away from me so this is the framing and just another thing I want to say is in general I'm personally not a fan of extremely wide-angle lenses I just don't I mean a lot of people like the fisheye look I just personally don't really like it and also it kind of makes your face look really weird there's like a lot in frame it's just not good at all and I think the reason I like that is because more tighter zoomed in shots or more cinematic and I just like more cinematic shots so I think that this lens is probably something like a good balance between being a really tight cinematic look but not too tight to the point where like it looks like that on my face so test it out today when I vlog me no I'm just gonna go to the gym hit a pool workout and yeah hopefully I'm literally praying that this is a good setup because I really like the weight of this and we just go show you guys the setup in the mirror one last thing that I want to say is that like I personally I tend to just get ridiculously ridiculously carried away with camera equipment well he's a little details like for example that rant that I went on I was probably extremely rambling went forever like I could've literally I could have talked someone's ear off for like five hours about cameras getting really into little specific details trying to get the best image possible and I get too carried away with doing that that I actually forget about hey at the end of the day all the matters to making content so if I could sit there have all the best camera equipment like know how to set up everything up right and all this but I'm not actually doing anything I'd rather have I'd rather film consistent vlogs on an iPhone with a super inferior quality then just like have the best camera equipment or just like sit there and like mentally masturbate over it so just a little piece of advice that I want to give you guys which I'm also myself trying to do is not get carried away with like the best camera or anything like that at the end of the day it's like your actual content that matters and you literally with an iPhone you could just do so much so don't get in the trap of just getting completely lost in the infinite downward spiral of just a bunch of camera equipment and the details about that so yeah that's what I want to say are someone go to the chiropractor right now and Dylan's gonna go to cheeto burrito and that's pretty much the chiropractic and she had a reader like two seconds away and then Island Jim it's just one second away so I'm gonna get adjusted be feeling that cheeto so I just pulled up to my chiropractor and one of these days I'm actually gonna go in and show you guys my chest Minh and he's like really really cool that he'll show you exactly what he's doing on me because he has extras on my back and what's wrong with it and he'll tell you all the benefits of chiropractic he's really charismatic so you guys really like when you see him I probably can't film right now but yeah one of these times I'm gonna go in I'm gonna show you guys the whole chiropractor procedure but yeah the cool thing about this chiropractor is you don't need an appointment you just literally show up whenever you want scan your card go in do a few stretches get adjusted and you're good so there he is pulling up in that uh-huh easy cheese yeah it's just looking good camera look at this shit you remember and I sold your laugh I found on eBay maybe that one I found like mad longer I thought I'm not gonna sell this one you left my car but the lantern will chair down ya ever know what it's like that did make you look ugly though because it's like – like now it looks just it seemed in just that look at this it's like a nice little focal length it's not too old why didn't like shitty but it's like it's like some Michael Bay like nice yeah by the way you might ever met Michael man told you that in LA yeah yeah he missed my long getting a breather there big big cheese burrito yes should we tell me about this uh this uh thing cut it now Domino we don't but whoa whoa whoa yo we're gonna keep it suspenseful I'm gonna keep everyone gasp but potentially some time near January first specifically sometime right around that time there could be something coming something real good we can't talk about it right now mr. James all your old unzips this one too doesn't it yes it does James look at this a full-frame sensor that's a 40 mil Prime basically Canon 70d but it's a big ass sensor it's a rode videomic pro with the dead cat did it come with that no I had to get it had to kill a cat skin it and then put it on my microphone did tell me that that's not a pre-workout no this looks like yellow like warning labels just like scary like what is it this is Dupree workouts this is the sleep this is the coin of begin of the pre workout what's in it I wanted James I'm sold how much is it called she with McDonald's what now you want you one for Duncan does what yeah I'm chunky I got a smoothie yeah big cheese let me see what wants to do a smoothie James James double yo can you fact check that's one time is actually Dunkin Donuts nobody knows it there nobody knows this but the more crawlers you eat are you baulkham hard like yeah I'm like 2:30 do I look at fat right now oh no no I'm see the gut now what's the off fat I'm looking it's like I think relatively speaking for myself this is this is fat shit yeah what do you weigh right now right now yeah my eating hasn't been the greatest since coming back in the UK but it is for an excuse what do you weigh I'm gonna me like 193 damn have you yeah Russell yeah I'll fucking be you are you sure yeah I would be 100% 100% yeah we've got me hundred dollars no yeah I'll bet a hundred I'll bet a hundred only that two grand two grand that's it on a pause bench off nope – yeah sure – grandpa's bench all today I just want to shake your hand this is completely mutually exclusive in every oh shit I pulled a real confidence I had chess yesterday I will you scared of that pause bench I'm God's go-to my last video has 170 K views and I beat Dave in a row you know a lot of them probably sold I can't even but yeah do you want to do arm wrestle off today yeah what if you lose twice you wants to dog then you lose to me then you lose to me again like what you have to bring corn here to beat him in something you wanna do I do want to donut but I'm on my I'm on my clean you die so I'm gonna morally posture make you feel like shit for eating a doughnut yeah I'm on the vertical diet – but are you once in long I mean real fuckin horizontal lately I have it you're not even on a graph that's how bad it is like alright so just now off-camera don't try to convince me to drive all the way home to get the Texas deadlift bar because today on the program is one rep max and he wants to pull something heavy the thing is I'm not willing to go all the way back for the bar unless like it's either you see that we're just gonna bullshit he we're just kind of regular working out with a regular bar or we get the bar and he takes it a proper dose of pre-workout and he gets probably psyched up and he pulls something real heavy I need an on-camera confirm contractual signing what pre-workout you're gonna say I don't you don't have a USP your house I've meant that more if it's I don't want you know you don't like you to taste great I don't want to clean now I know but I don't like oh no I just like to I like to eat I like the ESP cuz it's something I've always used and I'm used to and I don't know about as might make me feel he said you're out of your fucking this is something that's 100% in your head it's all the same shit what am I gonna do by fucking ESP I don't they don't even sell it you have samples do they have samples ESP my part-time hobby is prescribing people PRS by pushing their limits on their pharmacological bombardment in their brain in terms of stimulants pre workouts oh no here we go he's gonna back about the bottle when he is serious he's committed and he leaves empty-handed he doesn't have I think a quarter school has a more one-third river scoop so like less than half you going your cards to get the bar yeah why don't you pull sumo today me my sumos shit right now okay I know but it's never gonna be not shit again if you don't pull it again you literally lost how many packets actually you save had in your life I've known ya 100 more more a thousand less it's the thing is that you were properly on the free wagon like just like me and the thing is you know then you were until that one day where you took too much and you just couldn't handle a little fucking panic attack then you have to take them again then you morally posture on their own there was a shit ton times I had panic attacks at micro panic attacks I would like to yo guys yeah I just want to fit in with the crew so I just kind of I died like dumped into full scoop spaghetti guys I kind of dumped half it down the drain you guys are gonna go to the bathroom dump it out in the toilet like I never a trust that was on the bandwagon you know I handled my pre workouts real well but now I'm taking it easy just uh some occasional caffeine pills maybe a coffee only a natural turn if you took a full scoop mesomorph I can't I already took 300 milligrams of caffeine that's just gonna kick in right when we get home once you take that then rock bottom when no one's watching holy shit dude you have to take a full scoop on top of that where I'm not taking a free go we signed we signed a contract see how it looks you think I'm not fat right now honestly yeah I think you are I don't see how anyone can love you my love feel that right there it's pretty fat is it it's all right I mean like I mean how much more than here's the it is really fucking fat but if you could pull some real heavy today and it's justified but if you can you're just a useless fat blob it's just yes is what it is true honestly I gained like 20 pounds in the last fucking seven days from eating Dennis want to raid that Wawa truck steal all their shit yeah honestly I'm strong enough fucking tip that truck over you looking Steve Cal car Steve Kalan got a mercy car did you find out for sure you got a fucking Glock wagon you got a fucking like you got literally the same type of shit as you dude your car is like a grandpa my fila it's like your car's like a sleek like retired grandpa car and literally Steve also got a sleek retired slightly richer grandpa car if you got a Mercedes it's like nobody's got a hillbilly truck no I got a sexy truck I got like I got like a it's like an updated like maybe like good-looking hillbilly type guy like like modern hillbilly watch you sell this truck win a lottery and buy a Corvette because I like this fucking truck Corvettes are I mean Corvettes are fun that I do I do have two of them but I just don't really drive she's keeping your 12th car garage nice and sealed in the world yeah yeah well you just pull sumo pull of 585 here you get stroking again honestly I might the thing is like when I go back to spontaneous sumos its straight-up thirst I mean there's a spectrum with everything but with this there's no spectrum it's either brand new 30 pound PR or I have horrible news for you I watched you fail 585 in LA and I watch you fail it in Toronto you have things remember like when we set up the garage I mean with a home gym when it was in the garage I pulled 585 I don't know whether something was like yeah what the fuck was that and you were like way smaller than like Noah Liddy that's what one just has certain things they're just right in my lower body and like there's a certain pre-workout taken like it's just shit just comes up yeah would you hit it 10 would you try 10k would you do that after a fast I think I could maybe a 24-hour five yeah I'm yeah what you doing on your channel yeah I'll do fuck is this focus fuck could be a comment down below if you guys want to see us do a 10k probably successfully the stuff honestly I will be I can for sure do it like last time I didn't even get to try it because I threw up in the bathroom after because maybe laughs oh yeah now I can fight if I look at you funny this time as a counselor me not letting you try to throw up everywhere like if you look at me funny and I throw all that it doesn't count but honestly I think that I'll be able to do it for sure I want to do one here's my second workout since coming back from UK you guys saw in my last video for the gym chard Black Friday so I was literally just in the UK for a little bit of shooting content and I'm also just getting sick of all this traveling because for me I just want to be home for a prolonged period of time and get my schedule and regimens together I feel like every time I get my shit at least moderately together boom we got a trip somewhere else and we're going to Cali in December 12 and then so yeah that's brutal it was pretty damn brutal but I can't complain you know what I was saying when it comes with me it was like a sumo maxing I know it even goes real good or real bad and I don't see a lot of it has to do with like how my squats going so if I don't really deadlift for a while and my squat get stronger and stronger like my sumo will be good but it's just hard for me to yeah now it's definitely the case I might do sumo today I don't know we'll see how we feel I might take some extra free workout like me I'll take the other third of Dillons men's Oh scoop but fucking focus now Dewey SP straight up vomit cancer it's so funny because if you weren't like if I was in your body if I took this when I get sick like well no if I took this would this be a health hazard you know it wouldn't be a health hazard like you would get anxiety just cuz like it's in your head but if you didn't have that weird anxiety thing like follows in your body and I took that I would fucking pull like 750 guys home taken let me see no that's a fourth we agreed on a third and that's a fucking no it's no just let me see I might up or anything in that's a fourth that's what I want to do I don't care what you want to do we should yep real conservative you won't take it one more night honey yeah big cheap low light how's the shit game in a low light it's like well that lights make it look a little bit oh it looks fucking amazing you just look perfect no huge distance between crop sensor full-frame here come in let me fucking see it let me fuck point it I want to see what's over there something it's at least what the human eye could see if not know it touch more for sure Oh feeling it yeah yeah I feel it but also I took that caffeine did you like my pre-workout I told you guys that a camera addiction it's a pretty workout addiction I'm speaking are you – do you feel it I can feel you know you know what I want to do one of my lifetime goals I want to fly out to LA I'm gonna maybe go to zoo culture we're on it Slater wheels you can just like sit down there just like talk to my like listen Larry I know what you want you like hitting PRS you like getting really strong you're all about things I'm all about that – Larry I understand I want to help you right so I'm gonna sit down with him take out my backpack take out a few things and a little pre workouts and little things right and just create them this beautiful concoction have him drink it right blast a specific type of song literally hire a large man probably the big Tom Cruise slap Larry real hard on the back and have him pull a thousand pounds like that's one of my personal goals in life back in the high school days Dave used to prescribe like everyone like our teachers principal or this students like some of the fuckin like teachers like kids like the mayor at one point like did you you gave it to the UM the congressman teacher I think yeah but fuckin yeah that's his job he prescribes free workouts to people so I could just look into someone's eyes right look deep into their soul where's know exactly what if you had to say right accident you have a look at Larry like that but if you had to say like without looking him in the soul and everything what would you think is pretty worked out he and have to be high it does okay does he decent he's a guy who comes across like very rational doesn't really get much anxiety seems we felt very calm do you think like he currently takes a pre workouts or he goes in if I had to say I don't think he takes crazy fries so what do you think is like a cup of coffee here looking a nice little seat I'd looked like a little sea floor or a little cup of coffee or nothing okay under that presupposition I'd say anywhere from 50 to 75 milligrams of pure one fuck man oh right he's a big boy he can handle it just imagine like literally like what are your list again what are your list like oh yeah Dylan what are you dad look I'm like oh yeah I dealt with 765 okay but Arnold didn't get this I feel so awkward and it's kind of like little small talk social situations when I'm when I'm around people that like don't really lift at all it's kind of like I was like they found that or guys like what are you dead like I'm like oh like 675 it's coming oh okay a car or what but like and then it's even more awkward when I'm also there and then I say like oh I'd love 680 and then it's the Hawkwind that is also even more awkward for me because it's five times words and deeds ever diluted so there's that weird tension and then I'm like up strap doesn't collapse and then I'm like oh like fucking whatever I want to talk about it no one knows your straps are it's all real heavy like Dylan's a little bit bigger stock here like David's old illusional like whatever the conversation is kind of gets dropped all right he's getting the bar this is kind of absurd now that I think about it's been like one or two hours this workouts been delayed it's been off the compensating ash it's on more tonight but you haven't go to my car get my gym bag he's getting the bar one of them douche bags it brings your own bar you don't think the gym bars are good enough for you came in here just to do cardio you're like fucking around some bench you know for a fact by the time you leave you're gonna have a fucking deadlift er nothing on uni or I have a listen Ron me I'm gonna cut it right there I can tell it like 225 that might seem I wasn't feeling that at all I love you get maybe 585 today maybe so I'm just gonna cut it down but it goes national as I secretly figure this inside of time doing this match on deadlift something not to shoot my dog for a while it's probably not the best idea kind of tweaked my back a little bit so I was gonna put them down soon please me but instead me no I'm just gonna do my god 225 deficits for this pie Ralphie like 10 to 20 reps just get some blood flow in the back my back will hurt a little bit while I'm doing it for suits the way to sell that I'm not really gonna do any damage and it's better than just like cutting the dowels completely so that's what we're gonna do then we're gonna go straight to our back accessory work run free in dive until the sky hear the cry a [Applause] [Applause] Oh don't look behind your back please alight when the word is cat and uh her I ever dream who loves the only side so tame mine join the army of the sir Oh and this go away Tony I had a really good workout besides the fact that like the deadlifts just didn't feel great I probably could have hit like 650 675 but there was no way I wanted to try a TR I'd like fuck that on the deadlift and my accessories the rest of my workout was really good just felt a little flat because they eat too much yesterday but yeah within like 2 days I should be like fully recovered fucking car alright so I'm on the way to my mom's house right now normally I go straight home or now prepares some food but my little brother just started watching the Harry Potter movies and he's literally completely obsessed he's on Deathly Hallows Part 1 which is the second to last one he's you literally loves it he's like 20 minutes in the movie right now they started at 8 o'clock it's like a 20 right now so I'm gonna head straight there watch the movie with that my mom has like some buckwheat Turkey onions mushrooms some salad some weird shit like that so I'm gonna eat that watch the movie and then when I come home and prepare like a steak rice mashed potatoes sweet potato all that shit so yeah I'm gonna speed home because I want to make sure I see at least half of this movie because I'm pretty excited I want to vicariously wat like experience a tree experience it through him because Harry Potter is the shit so I don't know yeah it's my least favorite teacher what's your review of the film Lucas what was your opinion on what happens in mr. Dhabi Dhabi Diamond was architect you can't judge it what's her name mrs. Bellatrix Oh she liked Bellatrix you guys are friends you saw that little smirk on her face right before she thought oh she was like yep I clipped him Thomas what do you thinks gonna happen in the next movie howhow is this gonna end Voldemort's full-blown tremble own he's got his like Elder Wand like he's ready to clean up like the goods like we can share just like it's over I don't know do Harry Potter is literally small did you see him get in that Lake he's literally like his fat free mass index is five like he's a little dude hold him or it's like he's got his nose chopped off you got a strong wall and like he's gonna talk in the world I have a nose yeah no no I'm not gonna save him he's more aerodynamic now and get sneak around he's got a big snake so I just got home I pop the SD card from this camera I just skim through all the footage and honestly really really liked how it looks like the focal I think is just perfect like I keep forgetting which is how road much just worked better on canon cameras there's no clipping the audio just sounds really really good and I really really love this setup I'm just making one small modification I wanted to do this like before I left like earlier it's a there when the camera came but I couldn't find this one part but I just found it so i'ma show you guys so instead of using the gorilla pod I'm using this little tripod right here I'll leave a link in the description box to get it on Amazon cause like this is not readily accessible you'd find a real upon it anymore so what I like about this is just small sleek compact so this is pretty much what the setup looks like cool thing about this tripod is that you could take these three legs you twist this bottom piece you see it's a little rusty I'm gonna have to get another one you twist this bottom piece out and then three lights come out and you just set it on here nicely you could also stretch this thick out and overall just a nice clean look can you look over the grill body only downside is is that you can't just like wrap it around like an octopus on shit but I don't really think I'll be needing that and yeah this is pretty much the final setup the only modification that I would do is potentially get a smaller microphone because the shit looks a little weird with the small lens but yeah I think this is gonna be my rig for the near / medium to long – forever upcoming future so hope you guys enjoyed the video if you have any questions about any of the camera stuff or just anything at all leave it down below and read through the comments for probably like one or two hours off so close the video and literally answer everything so yeah see you guys in the next video


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