Caller: My Parents Were Radicalized by Fox News

Caller: My Parents Were Radicalized by Fox News

Who’s calling today from six, eight two. Hi, is that me? Yes it is. Um, so my parents used to be like die hard
Democrats like voted for bill Clinton voted for Jimmy Carter and all that. And uh, when Obama became president, they
start, they stop voting Democrat. I think it has a lot to do with his race,
but they argue that it’s not. But they also started watching like Fox news
religiously. Like, I mean it is on 24, seven. And my argue like, my thing is, is like my
mom used to watch more like moderate people on Fox news. I don’t know if you could say there’s martyr,
but then she stopped because she used to say, Oh, they’re just lying. They, they, they don’t know Democrats or all
these socialists. They’re trying to take our guns, all this. And then now she watches like Tucker calls
then, which she used to complain about how he was to right ring. She’s now watches, uh, uh, she just watches
all these white ones. So why? And then now she watches even like even more
conservative like news networks like American Nutanix. Oh my goodness. Hold on. Let’s back up. This is very interesting. So let me just back up cause this is so fascinating. So your parents were just running the mill
Democrats during the 1990s, and even before during Jimmy Carter and then they’ve been
pulled. Now here’s the question and maybe you don’t
know the answer to this. Did they start becoming conservative because
of something else and then they sought out the right wing media or was it the right wing
media that made them become more radical? Uh, I think it was, um, it was, uh, I remember
she started watching Fox news was because we used to watch the view and uh, the incident
with bill O’Reilly happened where he called like Muslims killed, like did nine, 11, all
that. And my mom was like, Oh she does. She didn’t agree with it at the time, but
she was like, Oh, I want to see what this is all about. Wow. He ended up going into this rabbit hole of
like complete, like, like all of that. And my thing is, is like I keep hearing people
like say, Oh well, you know, like if we get, it just backs up, blah blah blah. But it’s like, no, because like even when
I say stuff like, well, you know, this is this, like I was talking about justice reform
and how like a lot of people aren’t guilty but ended up going to jail and she’s like,
that’s not true. And I was like, okay, well the FBI all this
and she’s like, that doesn’t matter. That’s just not true. That’s a lie. I was like, okay, it’s okay. Now let me ask you this. On social issues, has your, so has your mom
notably like for example, was she, I’m just giving examples, I’m not saying this, was
she not homophobic and now she is or was she not seemingly racist and now she says racist
things? Like have you seen a change even on social
stuff like that? Yeah, I was like, I’m so, I’m so like, um,
before when I was little she say, I don’t care who gets married, blah, blah, blah. But then she, like by like 2016 that I finally
came out, she started to change and was like, gay marriage is only between a man and a woman. And then nothing like that can’t happen. A social like racist thing. She used to be like, like, I mean she’s from
the 60s so like a little bit, but like it wasn’t as bad, but now it’s just like way
worse. Like, like it’s horrible. Wait, so did you say that when you, when you
came out to your mom she became no, it was like she had already started to
like become homophobic and then like now she’s more like, well, I don’t care what you do
with your life, but marriage is between a man and a woman. And I’m just like, okay, so that means you’re
not going to come to my wedding. And she’s like, well, you know, it’s, I just,
you know, so I think it’s more because of Fox news and all that. So like my thing is, is like I hear a lot
of people say like stuff like, Oh, well, you know, if you give them facts it’s like turn
them or whatever. It’s like, no, you’re, you’re correct. When you say like, Trump supporters will not
change. Like, yeah. And we know from behavioral economics that
oftentimes when you beat people over the head with facts, they own, they get defensive and
they believe their preexisting views even more. They don’t change their mind. It seems you’re, you’re saying that’s what
you’re experiencing with your parents. Yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s pretty. Yeah. And my thing is, is like people like, they’re
like, well, it can’t be that bad, but it’s like, yeah. Like I believe Donald Trump murdered somebody
on national television. My mom would say, well, that person went at
him. Right. Well, you know what? Trump agrees with Trump also agrees that if
he killed someone on fifth Avenue, nothing would happen. So it seems that you [inaudible] and Trump both agree about, uh, folks, folks like that. Listen, I’m very sorry to hear about this. It sounds really difficult, but I really appreciate
you sharing it with me and the audience today. Oh, thank you. All right, appreciate that call. Um, on that note, we will go to a break. I apologize buddy. I was not able to get to, I know there are
about 30 people currently holding. I do the best I can every week. We will talk to more folks next week,


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  • I seriously think that fox news is loaded with subliminal suggestion even though that is illegal. I've seen that response with people that I know. They seem to become very aggressively agitated when confronted with actual facts that don't fit what fox has told them. It's almost like their brain has been rewired.

  • internet primed population, corporate media triggered population, but fox and others deliberately radicalized population, please stop the lies for everybody's sake

  • It's funny but this woman never says who radicalize herself a most likely you as the left wing extremism that has control the college campuses. This female caller David packman should be wondering why is she a left wing radical and who brainwashed her to think that way most likely it was some University professor Like a doctor Richard Wolff at the new school socialism in New York

  • The Southern Leftist says:

    My grandma has been apolitical her entire life, never voted once, never saw a point to it. Well she just registered to vote so she can vote for Trump in the general because after listening to Micheal Savage, Mark Levin, Leland Live, and Matt and Aunie, she now believes that all Democrats are evil, they wanna take our guns away, open borders, they wanna steal all our money, and ACO (she means AOC) needs to be killed because she's a dumbass, and if Democrats get elected there's gonna be another civil war. I asked her why she likes Trump so much (especially since her life hasnt gotten any better since he took office), and she said she doesnt know, she just wants to vote for him. I said "okay, what if theres a candidate out there that's better for you, like will make every aspect of your life better, you'll be healthier, you'll have more money in your pocket, you'll never worry about going broke because you need your medicine, every aspect of your life will improve, would you still vote for Trump over that candidate?" She said yes she just has a good feeling about him. She cant name you a single democrat other than Obama and AOC, she doesnt even know who Joe Biden is despite hating Obama with a passion.

  • Lifelong centre left here and Fox is now more honest and less twisted than CNN, the Guardian and the like. Sounds like they got useful woke to the wonky woke.

  • Honey, your parents are racists religious bigots, they have always been so. Many Dems are just like them, closeted racists/bigots waiting for that moment to be their real self.

    Be lucky that you didn't turn out that way.

  • Fox preys on older, retired people. It creates the feeling, that as a viewer you’re privy to the real truth, you’re special, and others either don’t understand or are corrupted by the “other side”. My parents started watching 24/7 after they retired. Now all they do is parrot talking points to me as if it’s the new bible.

  • Not of any political party, I watched Fox news religiously years ago. It started with Hannity and Holmes. They managed to let go of Holmes when he made Hannity look foolish…now its just over the edge sheep channel

  • "Whether it's God or the bomb, it's all the same.
    It's only fear under another name."
    Welcome to mass media. Spreading hatred and fear one sound bite at a time.

  • Uhm, her mom was probably one of these Party Unity My Ass folks, who hated Obama and loved Hillary and who discovered Fox News, bc they wrre 'reporting' negatively about Obama, and who then went down the rabbit hole.

  • I think all those Fox News supporters already had their opinions and beliefs lying dormant inside but were finally allowed to let all their bias and racism out in the open in 2016…

  • It's so bad in my family that for the past few years I have literally stayed home all by myself on all the major Holidays (and frankly, any other family get together too). The alternative would have been to be the ONLY rational person immersed in a sizeable group of rabid and bigoted Fox News Kool Aid drinkers. But it gets worse. Throw in wacky new-age alternative medicine beliefs and angels/spirits beliefs and you have a trifecta of lunacy – Fox News, pseudoscience, and religion! That's what I'm dealing with. But thank goodness for the David Pakman show and a dose of sanity!

  • Liesbeth de Vries says:

    Your mum should know more about narcissistic abuse. Let her watch – wait I'll look it up – got it for a start, and remind her who she used to be.

  • This young woman is where I've been. I had to leave my entire family. No contact. I live as if they all died. It is painful yet liberating. Make your own family.

  • And Fox News had the absolute gaul to agree with President Cheetos to give the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh; but had a cow when President Obama gave to Michael Jordan..

  • I remember when fox news was born. I was a second shift factory worker and bill o'Reilly and fair and balanced was sounding good because not all of what we were seeing on cnn jived with our blue collar midwest reality. Until one day bill said something very subtly (can't recall exactly what)and I was like uh ok that was racist. And then a while later, I watched a live speech and later that night fox had edited it to make the Democrat speaker (cant even recall who) appear to say something he didn't. The next day at work everyone was talking about what this person had said. I was like no I watched it live here is the context. It was strange some people listened and thought that fox shouldn't do that but they still liked them better than cnn and others just straight up didn't care because it supported what they already felt. I am 100% sure those people are diehard trump supporters today. I was in my early 20s and it really shaped how I viewed news and reality.

  • The same thing happened to my mom during the Obama administration. She started watching Glenn Beck and the next thing I knew she was watching Fox News all day everyday. It is scary

  • America is nothing more thana casino. That's the way he's operating and just like Trump Plaza Casino. Abandoned and looking for $$$ to blow up the property. He has even tried to get help funding from the state of NJ.
    Don't worry just push to next generation……

  • All the people that like trump are racists plain and simple that’s why they like him so much. There’s only 3 reasons someone could like trump either you’re a racist you are really dumb very low iq. Or you’re rich. But I think the other two are also racists.

  • I really thought I'd never see the day when my Vietnam Veteran father and life-long Democrat would support a billionaire draft dodger Republican and openly support Putin/Russia because Trump said to. Trump sells everything with incessant fear and anger, which works for my father.

  • The reason why people are pulling to the right is due to Far leftism and right wing propaganda. I was a card carrying member of Sinn Fein (left wing politacal party in ireland) until my brother received a letter from university stating who could not attend a scientific event due to the fact he was male. This then turned me and my brother to right wing populism. Fighting sexism with sexism will result in more sexism.

    The answer to something is never one reason its a complicated mess. I am center left now.

  • Jonathan Antonio says:

    I got this first hand with a co worker. We have so many similar views which was interesting because my co worker voted for trump and still supports trump. Him would lay out facts that trump had said and he would say things like, ohh I did see that but I don't think he meant it that way. Its like dude what other way would he have meant it by? Crazy but there's not arguing someone alike

  • My parents think I’ve been radicalized by channels like yours David lol. And my “liberal college professors” even though the vast majority of them have been conservative. But yeah they get defensive of Fox, say it’s fair and balanced and gets an unfair reputation by people like us, and that it’s so much better than MSM. Complete delusion. It’s very sad

  • Fredrik Dahlberg says:

    She was like, I was like, you know like, that was like, I was like, you know like, she was like, and you know like, like like like like like like…. oh, dear God…… 😂

  • Trump just uses his supporters hatred for everyone but themselves. Who do these people accept? I have a feeling they have self hatred just like their faux news watching dictator. It's time for a big blue wave. Fox news propaganda works on these haters. If they only read their New Testament Bible it would open their minds.

  • The look on David's face throughout the entire segment is so priceless. I've never stared at another man's face so intently before.

  • Matthew Huszarik says:

    It is amazing that the Baby Boomers maybe the most liberal generation ever have gone off the deep end Conservative. I’m a Baby Boomer and I don’t understand them. Liberalism is what made this country great it has been conservatives who have always been on the wrong side of history.

  • My Grandma Fell Hard For Blatant Russian Propaganda [] During The Last Ellection Cycle And The Whole Family Had To Have An Intervention For Her On Facebook!

  • It is unfortunate really. A lot of my friends that I went to school with and grew up with, who I thought were good people, have now shown their true colors because of radicalization of this presidency and Fox News. There was a girl that I had a huge crush on in high school and we were also friends too but now she wants to destroy Democrats permanently and become an "ultra-conservative" president and pretty much turn into a totalitarian basically for the right wing. She's already almost done with college getting her Political science B.A. and is already getting her feet wet in the political shitstorm. On top of that she is pretty much brainwashed thousands and thousands of people to be on her side and be loyal to her and the president. A few others have tried to debate and argue their reasoning across to her truthfully but it all fell on deaf ears to her supporters and ultimately they got pushed out and made to look like amateurs, idiots, and made people with half a brain look like THEY'RE the crazy ones. Unfortunately, this is the Dilemma that we deal with when dealing with Trump supporters. Even if we did have a classroom reunion, I wouldn't show up to it. I'd be going to the beach or go somewhere else. I don't need those negative Vibes in my life that's for sure. 😐

  • yeah my parents are avid trumpers. my dad made a lil cash from apple stock the past few years and gives credit to trump lol. he almost started a physical altercation with me over an impeachment argument.

  • Aubergine Bellen says:

    The older people get the crazier they get. This is why we need to institute Carousel, like in Logan's Run, when people hit 45.

  • My Family is so brain washed – and it's because FAUX NOISE is the only "news source" they watch! They are 2nd ammenders – and that's all they really care about! They love TRump and they hated Obama – (we all know why) and part of their brainwashing is that Obama was coming for their guns! After 8 years of Obama – I asked them about Obama – not passing any bills to take their guns – they now say that it's the agenda of the Democrats to take their guns!! Their hatred and animosity towards anyone not religious, not a Republikkkan, and not a conservative is so out there…that I don't go to most family gatherings……and these people are MORMON!!!! GO figure!!!

  • History Won’t Forget How Obama Was Treated Why Tucker Carlson pretends to hate elites Dubious friends of Donald Trump: the Russians Is Trump a Freemason? Trump Tower 666 – Temple of Baal trump is like alester crawley lady gaga katty perry on crack with his occult hand gestures

  • I wish she had been more well spoken, because that would have been a great example of what is happening on a much larger level if that could have been deep dived a bit more through the call.

  • Denise Clevenstine says:

    Funny because I always watched Hannity and Greta for years, I even listened to Hannity on the radio, until Obama got elected and from day one Hannity started his show with pure hatred for Obama so bad that I stopped watching altogether and I didn't even vote for obama.

  • Tracy DuChien Jr says:

    There is a documentary on Amazon Prime talking about how Fox News brainwashed my dad or something along that title and it is pretty interesting how once they cut the guy off from Fox News he started to become more logical. Maybe you just need to put a parental control on your parents TV

  • Georgitte Singbiel says:

    I've had a nice relationship with my ex. Not anymore ☹️☹️☹️ He supports Trump, right wing conspiracy theories, etc. He had his food stamps cut and still adores Trump. I do believe he's part of Trump's cult! Fueled by Fox news.

  • Not to be age-ist, but this just happens some times as a person gets older. My parents aren't that bad, but they've definitely grown more unreasonably conservative as they've aged and for no real reason otherwise

  • Jessica Oppegard says:

    I really believe that Obama becoming the president brought a ton of peoples hidden racism out and it’s very scary and sick! Obama isn’t a bad person but his success has “upset” many people’s! America has a lot of learning to do!

  • From just my own observations, people that have high levels of cognitive dissonance seem more susceptible to radicalization. High levels of cognitive dissonance are often associated with people who seem to have low to no sense of self and/or lack a fully developed identity. When someone doesn't really have a solid sense of self and a fully individualized identity and dealing with the stress of cognitive dissonance…having someone, especially a domineering and manipulative someone, ease that stress by validating them, telling them even their most uncomfortable thoughts are okay to have can feel really good. If that leader is telling them that those thoughts are actually the right thoughts and there's no need to be conflicted anymore about them…that's when you have the path laid for an escape from choice…where people can avoid the stress of conflict and choice which are crucial in completing individualization—or as Erich Fromm termed it, escape from freedom.

  • I was listening to a conservative radio show and their was an old lady that called in saying its all the fault of the democrats and Obama and then finished with "their all in the Illuminati".
    I was like: "wow, that is crazy talk radio gold"

  • to the caller…I am also a gay woman and the same thing has happened with my mom. except she has been right-wing for a long time (fundamentalist baptist since 1993; watches fox, likes focus on the family, etc). i came out to her in 2015. she understands that i can't help that i'm gay but she thinks i should just choose to be single my whole life. in 2017 she told me if i ever got married she didn't think she would come to my wedding. she has self-brainwashed and idk if she will ever come out of it.

  • The caller was asking for help, for advice. David, it felt like you ran right past that part – just took her story, then dumped the call. It frustrates me when you do that.

  • I know exactly what she is saying. Most of my family did the same thing once they started watching Fox. They have shunned me and my parents because we don't watch Fox and believe T-rump is a god. The last conversation I had with them was when trump got elected and I told them all to go fuck themselves and I haven't spoken to them since. The biggest problem is My mom is very close to her siblings and now she has to keep quiet around them because of this or they will attack and threaten her. This is Louisiana I am speaking of and the people are not very smart there and they wonder why I moved when I finished High school.

  • I've found that the way you slowly turn people over time is by finding issues that you have in common and hammering away on those issues. My father is all about Trump (fuckin kill me) and used to talk mad shit about Bernie (I'm an avid Bernie supporter) and I found issues where he agreed with me and hammered on them, and started pointing out examples of right wingers going against his personal positions and pointing out lies of the mainstream media on fox AND CNN/MSNBC and I've noticed he's softened up alot.

    It won't work with everyone, some are just so far into the indoctrination that its going to take a horrible occurrence to happen to them like a medical bankruptcy before they realize that Medicare For All is what our country needs and deserves. Its sad that some people have to go through something horrible before they wake the fuck up but i guess thats just how it is. I refuse to be a "useful idiot" for politicians that don't give a fuck about me, my family or the people I care about past getting our votes only to turn on us as soon as they take office.

  • All of the so called news stations including FOX are brainwashing people who seemingly cannot think or reason for themselves. It's not about politics as the media is trained to brainwash and manipulate millions of fools whether you're a democrat or a republican truth be told and like it or not

  • Outta PancakeMix says:

    My dad was huge into fox news. He has calmed down a bit.

    But I asked him 1 day if he believed what his son(me) says more than a millionaire on TV.

    He basically chose the ladder.
    Still a hardcore Trump supporter.

  • Faux Fascistic Noise!

    "Why stop there, though?"

    I need to stay well clear of that mess, as I won't turn into a common Drumpfist – I'll become like Cesare Sayoc!

    Once you go Fascist, there is no return. Fascist to the grave!

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