CACE Radio  – Spring Registration

CACE Radio – Spring Registration

– [Announcer] Number one for today’s hits and all time favorites. – [DJ Advisor D] Welcome
back to 97.5 CACE Radio, your host here, DJ Advisor
D coming at ya’ live. Before we get back to the music, let’s do a little bit of spring cleaning. It’s almost time for registration folks and you cannot register without being approved by your advisor. First-year students, you
know what that means. You must either take part
in a group advising session or schedule a meeting
one-on-one with your advisor. Upper classman, don’t even think about it. Meet with your faculty
advisor to get cleared and look at class options and
bring a list to the meeting to see what you can register for and you can only be cleared
by your assigned advisor. Now you may be asking, what do I get for being cleared as a first-year student to register? Besides being cleared to register, you get one of these handy dandy I got cleared by CACE stickers that you can use to rep around campus. Now you may also be asking, when do I register? Here are your dates. Registration is organized
by your anticipated completed credits by the
end of this fall semester. (bright music) Thanks again for tuning in guys and remember, if you see us, we will chase you. See y’all next week. (bright music) Now back to the music. (bright music)


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