C/O Krishna Nagar || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media

C/O Krishna Nagar || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media

Dear, when did he come home last night?
It’s been days since I got to speak a word with him. Hey, wait! Where are you going so early?
– My friends are here, dad. It’s been 2 years since you graduated college.
All your friends are working but you. You won’t even look after our farms and fields.
If you want to start a business, tell me, I’ll help. What is it you want to do in life?
– I want to get into films. – Get into films? But why? Cinema actors
should be tall and fair skinned and handsome. You think you are?
– You still believe in all that, dad? All the top heroes of today
have made it big because of their skills. All of them are good actors.
Talent is what is needed. But still, how can you make it?
– When you got married, all you had was half acre of field. Had you thought you can not make it big,
you wouldn’t have made it this big. Yes, we can make it.
We can make it if we strive for it. I’ve confidence on my abilities! I’ve no idea what you’re saying.
Anyways, your friends must be waiting. Go on. Son, wait.
Would Rs. 10,000 every month do? Yes, dad, of course.
– I don’t mind even if you don’t earn me a penny. But do not spoil my name.
– No, dad, I won’t! – Alright. So, that’s how you ended up in Krishna Nagar.
I like the stories of everyone here. So, what do you plan on doing now?
– I’ve no clue. I don’t know anyone here. Since you’ve been here for a while, help me.
– This reminds me of a guy who once applied for a loan with a beggar.
– I get it. The 2nd schedule would begin on 12th. Hey there!
– Hi! – Let’s see what’ll happen. Who are those guys?
– Friends. Let me introduce you to them. He is my distant relative. He is an actor.
He is a co-director and he is an actor too. Let me know if you’ve any roles.
– There might be a very small role. Stay in touch. Thank you so much!
– But don’t expect any money. Even we hardly get our salaries. But the desire to see my name on the big screen
as the director is what keeps me going. All the best, bro. I’m sure you’ll make it.
– Thank you. – Which films were you casted in, bro? I was casted in many films,
including big ticket ones, like Bahubali, Magadheera Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy and even in a Mahesh Babu’s film.
– I’ve seen all the films you’ve mentioned multiple times. But I don’t remember seeing you in them.
– Remember those 100 soldiers Ram Charan kills in Magadheera? I’m one of those 100. In Bahubali, during the war sequence,
I stand exactly 4 places behind Kattappa. And in Sye Raa..
– I get it, bro! Do you have any lines in the upcoming Mahesh Babu’s film?
– The AD says I’ll have a line or two. We should see. I’m sure I’ll get to say atleast one line on the screen someday.
– All the best, bro. I’ll take your number from him.
We’ll stay in touch. Bye, bro! He must’ve worked in like 25-30 films
but never got to say a single line. That’s how it is. All we want is to have one line in the film.
And even if we get a line, it might get edited out in post. Let’s go.
– Where to? – To the cinema offices. Greetings, Mr Venkateshwar Rao. – Greetings!
– You shouldn’t let your son while away his time like that. I heard he wants to make it in the movies.
Without carrying clout, one can’t make it in movies. There is nothing in the movies but drugs and booze.
But my nephew, he is earning Rs. 2 lakhs per month at TCS. You said a cinema office, but this looks like an apartment.
– Cinema offices in Hyderabad are in apartments. Let’s go. Sir.. – Who are you?
– We both are actors. – Drop your photos and leave. Would we be called if there are any auditions?
– We’ll see. But first, drop your photos and leave. Can we meet the director?
– No, you can’t. – You shouldn’t ask that. Sir, I hope you don’t mind if I say this.
Each copy of a photo costs Rs. 10. We go around atleast 10 offices in a day.
So, we spend Rs. 100 each day just on these photos. And to top this, we’ve the travel expenses.
It is so tough on our pockets. So, keep my photo with you only if you think
I’ll be of any use. If not, please, return my photo to me. Alright, I’ll remember you. ‘You shouldn’t let your son
while away his time like that.’ ‘I heard he wants to make it in the movies.
Without carrying clout, one can’t make it in movies.’ I’m so hungry. Let’s go to our pad and have lunch.
– We ran out of rice last night. We already owe the grocery guy Rs. 3000.
He won’t lend us a grain of rice. Bro, it’s my dad.
– Son, had lunch? – Yes, dad. Are you getting any chances there?
– I met a few people. They said they’ll let me know. Do you got money on you? – Y-Yes, dad.
– Alright. Try to make it then. Take care. Where to? Visiting your hometown?
– Yes. – By when will you be back again? I won’t be back again.
– What are you saying? My dad called me up today.
I never heard him cry but today. I’ve moved to Krishna Nagar some 6 years ago.
You’ll get no chances here, you’ll get insults here. Not only am I not helping my parents financially,
I’m also unable to sustain myself. I’m 30 years old and I’ve to ask dad for money
to even buy the underwear I wear. I doubt even if I’m man enough
whenever I do that. I can’t keep troubling my parents anymore.
I’ll go back to my hometown and look for odd jobs. Atleast, my folks would be happy I’m with them.
– I, from Vemagiri, and you, from Mangalgiri, came here because of our love for cinema.
Shall I tell you a story? There is a farmer. He has a small field.
He decides to dig a borewell in his field. He digs until 200ft but finds no water.
He drills 200ft more but still finds no water. He takes a loan and digs 100ft more but still finds no water.
Disappointed, he sells his field to some other guy for a measly rate. The new owner thinks it won’t be
a bad idea to dig another 200ft. But only 50ft into the digging,
he finds abundant water. So, the moral is,
you can lose after trying but you shouldn’t lose while trying.
You already spent 6 years here. Try spendind another year.
Try working thrice as hard as you’ve been. There is no reason you won’t get chances. Dad! You are here?
– I just arrived. You look so weak and tired. You say you have your meals on time. How are you living here?
Even animal shelters are cleaner than this. All this because of cinema?
You said no to farming, you said no to business. All the money I’ve made is only for you.
When your mom and I hear people say things about you we feel so embarrassed!
Let’s go back to our hometown. Let’s not waste any more time on films.
– Sure, dad, let’s go. But what can I do there?
There is nothing else in this world that I can do. Even if I’m back home,
my mind would be stuck here. I’m not the only one here. There are thousands of people
like me who go to sleep with hunger for food and chances. Like you keep saying, nothing seems tough
while doing what we like. I’m not finding this tough. All it takes is just one break to forget this all.
And about people who say things about me those people keep saying things
about everybody all the time. Assholes! Still, I believe in myself.
I want you too to believe in me. Some day, I’ll make you proud, dad. Everybody has some passion. I’m passionate
about films and you might be about something else. It doesn’t matter if people don’t encourage us
but I don’t want them to discourage us. So, all the best. And I hope you liked this video.
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This is Chandoo Sai as Pakkinti Kurradu!


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